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Class 12 English Chapter 7 Question Answers

Think as you read (Page No. 69)

What are some of the positive views on interviews?

Interviews are best source of communication. From over a century now, they are implicit part of journalism. It is often considered as an art and a source of truth. It enables interviewer to get detailed assessment of interviewee. Whether the interview is from print media or electronic media, it works to connects people across the globe. It is best in understanding one’s culture, civilization and language.

Why do most celebrity writers despise being interviewed?

Most celebrity writers despise being interviewed because they think it is a violation of their privacy. They feel victimized because they are asked such questions which they do not want to answer and they are forced to answer. Sometimes they have to pay the price of being a celebrity because several stories are being made for even a single word that comes out of their mouth and is presented to the world in twisted manner.

What is the belief in some primitive cultures about being photographed?

Some primitive cultures believe that photographing a person is like stealing his soul from the body. Just as the soul leaves the body, it becomes useless; it does not have its identity. Similarly, when a person is photographed, he loses his true identity because photographer can tamper the photo according to his wish.

What do you understand by the expression “thumbprints on his windpipe”?

Celebrity writer Saul Bellow envisages giving interviews by strangulation. This is the moment when a pressure and discomfort is being felt by an interviewee. It’s the same pain that a person feels when someone puts pressure on one’s throat and he faces difficulty in breathing.

Who, in today’s world, is our chief source of information about personalities?

In today’s world, the chief source of information about personalities is interview. When the interviewer puts all kinds of questions, the interviewee becomes more inclined to answer them. By listening and understanding every aspect, we know more about him/her and can easily decide right and wrong. Whether the interviewee is a religious teacher or a criminal, only an interview helps us to know about him.

Writing (Page No. 75)
If the interviewer Mukund Padmanabhan had not got the space in the newspaper to reproduce the interview verbatim, he may have been asked to produce a short report of the interview with the salient points.
Write this report for him.
[The teacher should be able to help the pupils in what to include and what can be omitted. We could also provide a short report of an interview as a sample.]

Last week, I interviewed Mr Umberto Eco, a famous professor at University of Bologna, Italy. He is scholar in semiotics and medieval aesthetics. His success can be gauged from the fact that his novel “The Name of the Rose” has sold 10 million copies. The success of his novel “The Name of the Rose” remains a mystery even to himself. It is often said that how he can do so many things. His answer to this is that he only writes articles and he always talks about peace and non-violence. Umberto considers time as precious and does not consider appropriate to waste a single moment. Behind his success, he considers a big hand in the right use of time.

Understanding the text (Page No. 73)

Do you think Umberto Eco likes being interviewed? Give reasons for your opinion.

Umberto looked very positive during the interview and he had no problem with the interview. He answered all the questions very politely. He also shares secret about his work along with his philosophical interests. Had he objected to the interview, Mukund’s many questions were enough to bother him.

How does Eco find the time to write so much?

Eco explains how he utilizes time and does not sit idle for even a single minute. He tells that if somebody takes certain amount of time in reaching third floor from first via elevator, he, in the mean time keeps on writing without wasting a single minute. This was Eco’s way of utilizing his time and energy. He also says that people have a perception towards him that he writes on different subjects but it is not true; he always writes on similar themes which are peace, non violence etc.

What was distinctive about Eco’s academic writing style?

Eco’s academic writing style was distinctive in a way that his writing was clear, concise and could be understood by a layman. His academic style was simple and interesting and kept readers abide by it.

Did Umberto Eco consider himself a novelist first or an academic scholar?

Umberto Eco consider himself an academic scholar first and a novelist later. In response to a question, he said that he participates in academic conferences and not meetings of Pen Clubs and writers. He prefers to write novels only on Sundays.

What is the reason for the huge success of the novel, ‘The Name of the Rose’?

The reason behind huge success of novel “The Name of Rose” is mystery till date. But it was such a novel written in that era that touched the hearts of the many people though it was one of the very serious novels. Even the author himself did not expect this massive success. Apart from being a mystery novel, it also has a mix of metaphysics, theology and medieval history.

Talking about the text (Page No. 74)

Discuss in pairs or small groups.
Talk about any interview that you have watched on television or read in a newspaper. How did it add to your understanding of the celebrity, the interviewer and the field of the celebrity?
Recently I watched the interview of Anupam Kher on a famous TV show. He was interviewed for his latest super hit film “The Kashmir Files”. This film is not a biopic on Anupam Kher, but from the true incident on which this film is based, he himself has also gone through a few years ago. That’s why the film is very close to Anupam’s heart. He exclaimed “The first and greatest tragedy of the Kashmiri Pandits was that they were forced to flee their homeland”. The cultural, poetic, and mystical ties that once bound the Pandits to Kashmiris of other faiths were brutally sundered by Islamic fundamentalists. Now, only their memories, mostly bitter memories, remain. In this interview we see some part of their pain because only they know what has happened to them. Kashmiri Pandits have achieved great success by going to other states of the country after being expelled from Kashmir. In this interview of star actor Anupam, we get to know about the tremendous turmoil and pain in his personal life.

The medium you like best for an interview, print, radio, or television. Discuss.
According to me the best medium of interview is television. Print and radio interviews have been able to extract some accurate information but not completely. We can see the expression of the interviewee from the “live interview” going on TV. There are no cuts or retakes in this, nor there any editing according to the journalist. Interviewee can openly present his point in detail in front of the country. We consider TV interviews to be the best in every respect.

Every famous person has a right to his or her privacy. Interviewers sometimes embarrass celebrities with very personal questions. Discuss.
This happens all over the world. No country is spared from this. Interviewers have asked such personal questions during their interview, which is not only difficult to answer, but celebrities do not want to give because it violates their privacy. The interview should be strictly related to their work, if they want to question off the track, then you should take consent first before asking. If they are not willing to or not comfortable or they think they’ll land into controversy, any such questions must be avoided. Interviewers should take care of their personal life in any case and should not bring it in public.

Things to do (Page No. 76)

Interview a person whom you admire either in school or your neighborhood and record it in writing.
I have interview with a bank manager who works in government job. I have seen him how passionately he helps people. To help people, he leaves his lunch in the middle many a times, as I have never seen in any private or public organization. I have a great respect for this government servant.
Me: Good Morning Sir
Mr. Basu: Good Morning
Me: In today’s time, everyone accuses government servants for their poor work, how come you are managing so well and taking your branch forward in a far better way than any private bank?
Mr. Basu: Well..You know it comes from within. My father was also a government servant and was in the railways. I learned from him from childhood that work is worship and till today I am walking on the path shown by him.
Me: Does your strictness bother those working under you?
Mr. Basu: No, now they too have become used to it. We all live like a family. Here we only talk about work and after leaving here we only have party and fun on weekends.
Me: Tell us something about your personal life.
Mr. Basu: My father mother lives in our ancestral house in Kolkata. They don’t like living in the city. I am here with my wife and 8 year old son.
Me: Would you also like to live the same life like your father is living post retirement?

Mr. Basu: Absolutely no doubt about that. I love living in mud house of the village. I like to be close to nature.
Me: There must be nationalized bank in your state too, how did you get the job opportunity here?
Mr. Basu: My wife works with NTPC, and they transfer in every 10 yrs. She got a job here so I too took my transfer to same city.
Me: Thanks a lot for giving your valuable time to me.
Mr. Basu: Welcome and my best wishes for your wonderful career.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 7 the Interview
Class 12 English Chapter 7 the Interview
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Chapter 7
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Flamingo Chapter 7
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