Class 12 English Poem 5 MCQ Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Extra important question answers for new session 2024-25. Students can get here class 12 English poem 5 multiple choice question answers without any login. Class 12 English Poem 5 Solutions.

Class 12 English Poem 5 MCQ


What are tigers doing in this poem?

[A]. Dancing
[B]. Jumping
[C]. Sleeping
[D]. Hunting

…….. are free from oppression according to poet?

[A]. Married men
[B]. Married women
[C]. Tigers
[D]. Children

What’s the meaning of the word ‘denizens’?

[A]. Massive
[B]. Timid
[C]. King of forest
[D]. Forest citizens

What’s the problem of Aunt Jennifer?

[A]. She is worried about her illness
[B]. She is leading a bad life after marriage
[C]. She wants to live a life away from cities
[D]. She is unhappy with her earnings

How Aunt Jennifer wants women to live life?

[A] With innocence
[B] With confidence
[C] With patience
[D] Stay apart
[B] With confidence.


Where are these tigers?

[A]. In imagination
[B]. At home
[C]. In books
[D]. In forest

Why she is comparing women with only tigers?

[A]. Because both are of same age
[B]. She loves tigers
[C]. To show infinite disparity in the lives of both
[D]. Both did not live according to their pride

What’s the reason behind fluttering of her fingers?

[A]. Because she is scared of tigers
[B]. Because of fear of her husband
[C]. Because she is ill
[D]. Because of age factor

Why wedding ring is so heavy for Aunt Jennifer?

[A]. Because ever since she wore this ring she is getting tortured
[B]. Because she’s been sick since she’s wearing this ring
[C]. This ring weighs too much for the skinny Jennifer
[D]. Because she is buried under responsibilities since this ring is worn

What is the reason for Jennifer’s bad life after marriage?

[A] Her nature
[B] Her behavior
[C] Her husband
[D] Her interest for tailoring
[C] Her husband.

What does wedding ring represent?

[A] Beauty of women
[B] Symbol of marriage
[C] Post marriage responsibilities
[D] Wedding bond
[C] Post marriage responsibilities.


Does poet feels that her aunt will be free from all bondages post death?

[A]. Yes
[B]. No
[C]. Little
[D]. Not mentioned

What is Aunt Jennifer loaded with?

[A]. Responsibilities
[B]. Work
[C]. Cruelty by her husband
[D]. All of the above

What’s the meaning of the word ‘chivalric’?

[A]. Civilized
[B]. Rude
[C]. Humbleness
[D]. Humility

How are tigers depicted in this poem?

[A]. King of forest
[B]. Master of their own accord
[C]. Cowardice
[D]. Both [B] and [C]
What is the reason for not being able to put thread in the needle?

[A] Her mental tension is taking over her body
[B] Because of heavy weight of wedding ring
[C] Thread is too thick
[D] Because of her poor eyesight
[A] Her mental tension is taking over her body.

What message does this story give to the next generation?

[A] Everyone should live like a life tiger
[B] Everyone should have equal rights in the society
[C] Everyone should live fearlessly on their own terms
[D] Both [A] and [B]
[D] Both [A] and [B].

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