Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 1 MCQ the Third Level with explained answers and important question answers for new session 2024-25. Get here multiple choice questions of class 12 English Vistas chapter 1 the third level with answers. Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 1 Solutions.

Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 1 MCQ


How many levels did Grand Central Station have according to Charley?

[A]. Four
[B]. One
[C]. Three
[D]. Two

Which physician was charley’s friend?

[A]. Neurologist
[B]. Radiologist
[C]. Obstetricians
[D]. Psychiatrists

What did Sam have to say to Charlie about the third level?

[A]. Third level does not exist, it’s just his walking dream wish fulfillment
[B]. Charley must work hard to find third level to fulfill his dreams
[C]. Charlie needs immediate treatment
[D]. Charley needs a short break from office routine

According to Charlie what does everyone want to run away from?

[A]. Fear
[B]. Insecurity
[C]. Worries
[D]. All of the above

Which habit of Charlie proved that he tried to run away from reality?

[A] His habit of searching third level
[B] His habit of collecting stamps
[C] His habit of day dreaming
[D] His habit of reading mystery books
[B] His habit of collecting stamps.


According to the author, which US President had habits like his?

[A]. Donald Trump
[B]. George W Bush Sr
[C]. Roosevelt
[D]. Abraham Lincoln

Why did Charlie decide to take the subway to Grand Central Station one night?

[A]. Because he was in hurry and buses took a lot of time
[B]. Because he wanted to search third level at night time when crowd is less
[C]. Because he had made a complete plan to leave his city
[D]. None of the above

Who is Louisa?

[A]. Ticket clerk
[B]. Sam’s wife
[C]. Charley’s wife
[D]. Charley’s grandmother

For where did the train leave from Grand Central’s second level?

[A]. Urban areas
[B]. Suburban areas
[C]. Intercity
[D]. Subcontinent areas

Why Charley compared grand central station with a tree?

[A] Because the terminals and roads leaving that station were spread like tree branches
[B] Because the shape of that station was like a tree
[C] Because now it was as bad as an old tree
[D] Grand central station’s branches were like tree leaves
[A] Because the terminals and roads leaving that station were spread like tree branches.


Did Charlie get to see the third level before?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. Not mentioned
[D]. None of the above

What does Charlie hear initially while walking in the third level corridor?

[A]. Sound of steam engine
[B]. Voice of people talking
[C]. Sound of his own footsteps
[D]. No sound is heard

What did Charley find different on the third level from the other 2 levels?

[A]. Bright lights
[B]. Big rooms
[C]. Too many ticket windows
[D]. Information booth was made of wood

How did the men at third level look like?

[A]. They had big mustache
[B]. Had applied green eye shade
[C]. Wearing long sleeve protectors
[D]. All of the above

How did the women at third level look like?

[A] They wore a gold watch
[B] They wore a derby hat
[C] They wore dress with leg of mutton sleeves
[D] They wore long skirts of 1890’s
[C] They wore dress with leg of mutton sleeves.


What did Charlie do to make sure he was on the third level?

[A]. Looked at the scrap newspapers for date
[B]. Checked old currency at ticket counter
[C]. On his way he asked for date to a nearby man
[D]. All of the above

Which newspaper did the author see on the third level?

[A]. The Boston Globe
[B]. The World
[C]. Washington Post
[D]. The Hartford Courant

Where did Charley want to go with his wife after buying ticket?

[A]. Edinburgh
[B]. Hamburg
[C]. Galesburg
[D]. Johannesburg

Why did Charlie like Galesburg?

[A]. Because of huge lawns
[B]. Because of greenery
[C]. Because the city was peaceful
[D]. All of the above

Why Charley was not able to buy two tickets?

[A] Due to currency mismatch
[B] His mood had changed
[C] He was denied at ticket counter due to his psychic disease
[D] He lost his wallet on his way to third level
[A] Due to currency mismatch.


How much money does Charlie withdraw from the bank to match the old currency?

[A]. Thirteen cents
[B]. Two hundred dollars
[C]. Three hundred dollars
[D]. One hundred dollars

How many dollars of old currency could he match with three hundred dollars?

[A]. One hundred dollars
[B]. Four hundred dollars
[C]. Three hundred dollars
[D]. Two hundred dollars.

What was the reaction of his wife after knowing about his visit to third level?

[A]. She was disturbed
[B]. She was pleased
[C]. She was scared
[D]. She was shocked

According to letter, Sam was invited for?

[A]. Lemonade party
[B]. Cocktail party
[C]. Marriage
[D]. Outstation travel

What did Charley find in his stamp collection?

[A] Six cents
[B] Old currency of granddad
[C] First day cover
[D] Old letters
[C] First day cover.

What is a First day cover?

[A] A gift wrapper
[B] Old letter of Charley’s grand father
[C] Old letter from Post Office
[D] New stamp with date on envelope
[D] New stamp with date on envelope.

Why clerk refused to accept the money?

[A] He knew Charley is a psycho
[B] Due to currency mismatch
[C] No trains were available for Galesburg
[D] Ticket counter was closed by the time Charley reached
[B] Due to currency mismatch

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