Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 6 MCQ Memories of Childhood with answer and explanation for new session 2024-25. All the questions of multiple choice answers are given here to help the students in school test and terminal exams. Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 6 Solutions.

Class 12 English Vistas Chapter 6 MCQ


How was Zitkala-Sa’s first day in school?

[A]. Good
[B]. Average
[C]. Bad
[D]. Not mentioned

Why did Zitkala-Sa find it difficult to understand the modus operandi of the dining room?

[A]. They were in another language
[B]. She had trouble in understanding
[C]. No prior training was given
[D]. None of the above

How did Zitkala-Sa feel after the lack of harmony in the dining room?

[A]. She was cool
[B]. She was angry
[C]. She was broken
[D]. She got scared

Who was looking at Zitkala-Sa when she was struggling in dining room?

[A]. Paleface woman
[B]. Judewin
[C]. Classmates
[D]. Bama

How was the outfit of girls in that school?

[A] Tight
[B] Loose
[C] Casual
[D] Traditional
[A] Tight


What name did Zitkala-Sa give to the discipline of the dining room?

[A]. Horrible
[B]. Racial discrimination
[C]. Madness
[D]. Eating by formula

Who warned Zitkala-Sa to cut hair?

[A]. Paleface woman
[B]. Bama
[C]. Judewin
[D]. Class mate

Why did she consider cutting of hair as sign of cowardness?

[A]. She read such things in books
[B]. She was told since childhood
[C]. Such things were believed in her religion
[D]. All of the above

Where did Zitkala-Sa hid for not getting her hair cut?

[A]. Under bed
[B]. In woods
[C]. In cupboard
[D]. In basement

Does Zitkala-Sa panic when she saw many faces cutting down her hair?

[A] Yes
[B] No
[C] Little
[D] Not mentioned
[B] No


What did the cutting of long hair of Zitkala-Sa symbolize in her autobiography?

[A]. Modern look
[B]. European modalities
[C]. Boyish looks
[D]. Working under rulers

Who was Bama?

[A]. Zitkala-Sa’s classmate
[B]. A protester
[C]. Dalit tamilian
[D]. Native American

Why did Bama take so long to go home from school?

[A]. She used to go tuition in between
[B]. The distance was too much
[C]. She walked slowly
[D]. Market’s view used to draw her towards it

What had hurt Bama in the society?

[A]. Practice of untouchability
[B]. Different houses of rich and poor
[C]. Keeping Tamilians away from good jobs
[D]. Political plays

Who advised Bama to study well?

[A] School teacher
[B] Elder brother
[C] Father
[D] Friend
[B] Elder brother.


How did the thoughts of untouchability ignite Bama?

[A]. She worked for upliftment of society
[B]. She went to confront the mighty people
[C]. She was empowered to fight evils
[D]. All of the above

What effect did Anna’s words have on the younger sister?

[A]. Growing up, she thought of fighting against the evil practices
[B]. She started hating herself
[C]. No effect
[D]. She worked hard and came first in class

What did the man was carrying whom Bama saw?

[A]. Banana
[B]. Pakoras
[C]. Vadai or green banana bhaji
[D]. Dosa

What’s the meaning of the word “dawdle”?

[A]. Delay
[B]. Hurry
[C]. Walk
[D]. Wiggle

Zitkala-Sa was a victim of

[A] Caste discrimination
[B] Racial prejudice
[C] Acid attack
[D] Religious discrimination
[B] Racial prejudice.

What was the name of the school where Zitkala-Sa studied?

[A] City Charter High School
[B] Carrick High School
[C] Carlisle American school
[D] Carlisle Indian school
[D] Carlisle Indian school.

Why did the Landlord’s man ask Bama’s brother on which street did they live?

[A] To know his address
[B] To know his paternal information
[C] To send parcel
[D] To know his caste
[D] To know his caste.

The story-“Memories of Childhood” is based on

[A] Real life story
[B] Artistic play
[C] Imaginary world
[D] None of the above
[A] Real life story.

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