NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 1 MCQ of Human Geography Nature and Scope with answers and explanation for 2024-25. Get all the practice multiple choice questions of 12th Geography Part 1 Fundamentals of Human Geography for extra practice in exams.

Class 12 Geography Chapter 1 MCQ with Answers


Which branch of geography does not belong to Human Geography?

[A]. Physical Geography
[B]. Economic Geography
[C]. Population Geography
[D]. Social Geography

Who proposed the concept of Neodeterminism?

[A]. Ellen C Semple
[B]. Paul Vidal
[C]. Griffith Taylor
[D]. Huntington

Which element is called Mother Nature?

[A]. Cultural environment
[B]. Physical environment
[C]. Political environment
[D]. Industrial environment

Who said Human geography is the study of the changing relationship between the unresting man and the unstable earth?
[A] Ratzel
[B] Ellen C Semple
[C] Paul Vidal
[D] Griffith Taylor
[B] Ellen C Semple

This type of interaction between primitive human society and strong forces of nature was termed as
[A] Environmental determinism
[B] Possibilism
[C] Nomothetic
[D] None of the above
[A] Environmental determinism.

Class 12 Geography Chapter 1 Multiple Choice Questions


Which of the following is not a field of human geography?

[A]. Urban geography
[B]. Population geography
[C]. Economic geography
[D]. Rural geography

Which phenomena are described in metaphors using symbols from the human anatomy?

[A]. Physical phenomena
[B]. Human phenomena
[C]. Both [A] and [B]
[D]. None of the above

Who termed the word Neodeterminism?

[A]. Griffith Taylor
[B]. John Adams
[C]. Diogo Abreu
[D]. Arnold Henry Guyot

Which of the following is not a sub-field of human geography?
[A] Behavioural Geography
[B] Medical Geography
[C] Cultural Geography
[D] Population Geography
[D] Population Geography

Who said “human geography is the synthetic study of relationship between human societies and earth’s surface”?
[A] Griffith Taylor
[B] Ellen C. semple
[C] Paul Vidal de la Blache
[D] Ratzel
[D] Ratzel