NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 2 MCQ of The World Population Distribution, Density and Growth for 2023-24. Multiple Choice Questions for exams of 12th Geography part 1 Fundamentals of Human Geography chapter 2 are necessary to revise during the revision.

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What is the annual growth rate of population in India?
[A] 1.54 %
[B] 1.64%
[C] 2.99%
[D] 0.87%
[B] 1.64%

Class 12 Geography Chapter 2 MCQ with Answers


How many countries constitute 60% of world’s population?

[A]. 6
[B]. 10
[C]. 100
[D]. 11

Which is the second most populous country of world?

[A]. China
[B]. Canada
[C]. India
[D]. United Arab Emirates

Density of population is measured in

[A]. Per sq km
[B]. D = M/V
[C]. Kg/m3
[D]. g/cm3

Landforms falls under which category of population distribution?

[A]. Clumped
[B]. Uniform
[C]. Random
[D]. Geographical

How long did it take for the Earth’s population to reach 1 billion?
[A] Twelve years
[B] Hundred years
[C] Over a million years
[D] One thousand years
[C] Over a million years

Class 12 Geography Chapter 2 Multiple Choice Questions


Why Mediterranean regions were inhabited since early periods of history?

[A]. Because of better health infrastructure
[B]. Because of better technology
[C]. Because of better education system
[D]. Because of pleasant climate

Which continent is least populated in the world?

[A]. Antarctica
[B]. Australia
[C]. Africa
[D]. North America

Population explosion worldwide is a result of

[A]. Better technology
[B]. Pleasant climate
[C]. Better medical facilities
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

Crude death rate is calculated to measure

[A]. Ratio with Crude birth
[B]. Number of deaths each year
[C]. Reason of deaths in each year
[D]. Both [B] and [C]

The pull factor of migration will be called as
[A] Emigration
[B] Immigration
[C] Refuge
[D] Colonization
[B] Immigration

The growth of population is ______ in developed countries?
[A] Low
[B] Stagnant
[C] High
[D] Very high
[A] Low