NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 3 MCQ of Population Composition updated for academic session 2024-25. The multiple choice questions answers of 12th Geography Fundamentals of Human Geography chapter 3 are good tools for both CBSE and State board students.

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Class 12 Geography Chapter 3 MCQ with Answers


Which of the following is not a component of population composition?

[A]. Sex
[B]. Age
[C]. Ethnicity
[D]. Food habits

Does more women in society guarantees better status?

[A]. No
[B]. Yes
[C]. To some extent
[D]. Not mentioned

________ age of people are put under ageing population.

[A]. 59
[B]. 60
[C]. 62
[D]. 65

What is the purpose of construction of population pyramid?

[A]. To get birth-death ratio
[B]. To examine literacy level
[C]. To show age-sex structure
[D]. To understand economic condition of a state

In European countries, a deficit of males is due to
[A] Better status of women
[B] Low birth rate
[C] High death rate
[D] Better status of men
[A] Better status of women.

What will a pyramid with narrow base, tapered top with low birth and death rates will reveal?
[A] Population composition
[B] Expanding population
[C] Constant population
[D] Declining population
[D] Declining population.

Class 12 Geography Chapter 3 Multiple Choice Questions


Which factors discourage women to migrate to urban areas in countries like India?

[A]. High cost of living
[B]. Climate
[C]. Housing shortage
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

What is the minimum age to be a literate in India?

[A]. 18
[B]. 7
[C]. 16
[D]. 11

Communication Services falls under which category of occupational structure?

[A]. Quaternary
[B]. Primary
[C]. Tertiary
[D]. Secondary

The sex ratio in urban areas of _______ is male dominated?
[A] Africa
[B] Asia
[C] Europe
[D] Australia
[B] Asia.

A fall in which category of occupational structure will be a good indicator of economic development in a country?
[A] Quaternary
[B] Primary
[C] Tertiary
[D] Secondary
[B] Primary.