NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 5 MCQ Land Resources and Agriculture updated for session 2024-25. All the multiple choice questions of 12th Geography unit III chapter 5 of part 2 India People and Economy are given here to help the students during the exams.

How much irrigated land India lost to Pakistan after partition?
[A] One third
[B] Two third
[C] Half
[D] Three fourth
[A] One third

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 5 MCQ with Answers


For which of the following things humans do not use the land as resource?

[A]. Residence
[B]. Production
[C]. Population control
[D]. Recreation

Desert lands and ravines will fall under which land use category?

[A]. Forests
[B]. Barren and wastelands
[C]. CPR
[D]. Culturable wasteland

Buildings, shops and industries come under which land use category?

[A]. Culturable wasteland
[B]. Non-agricultural land
[C]. Grazing lands
[D]. Other than current fallow

The land which is left without cultivation for one or less than one agricultural land is

[A]. Current fallow
[B]. Fallow other than current fallow
[C]. Barren land
[D]. Culturable wasteland

What does alkalization, salinisation and water-logging do to soil?
[A] Affects soil fertility
[B] Improves soil fertility
[C] Kills pesticides
[D] All of the above
[A] Affects soil fertility

In which sector youth do not get employment throughout the year?
[A] Tertiary
[B] Primary
[C] Secondary
[D] Both [B] and [C]
[B] Primary

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 5 Multiple Choice Questions


Which activity influences the land-use in a region?

[A]. Political activity
[B]. Geographical activity
[C]. Social activity
[D]. Economic activity

Net sown area is

[A]. Total cultivated area in rural sector
[B]. The physical extent of land on which crops are sown
[C]. Total fertile area
[D]. Net irrigation land

Which of the following land has shown an increase in last four decades in India?

[A]. Non agricultural land
[B]. Area under forest
[C]. Current fallow land
[D]. All of the above

Which of the following land has shown a decrease in last four decades in India?

[A]. Fallow lands
[B]. Current fallow lands
[C]. Area under pastures
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

Which crop was introduced in baba budan hills?
[A] Maize
[B] Tea
[C] Rice
[D] Coffee
[D] Coffee

In which decade HYV seeds were introduced in India?
[A] Fifties
[B] Sixties
[C] Seventies
[D] Forties
[B] Sixties

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 5 Important MCQs

Pasture lands, village water bodies and public spaces are examples of

[A]. Rural regions
[B]. Common property resources
[C]. Culturable wasteland
[D]. Administrative area

Which of the following is not a cropping season of India?

[A]. Rabi
[B]. Zaid
[C]. Kharif
[D]. Kharifa

April to June is the cropping season of

[A]. Rabi
[B]. Kharif
[C]. Zaid
[D]. None of the above

Which type of crop are Boro, Aman and Aus?

[A]. Maize
[B]. Rice
[C]. Wheat
[D]. Sugarcane

Which one of the following crops is not cultivated under dryland farming?
[A] Jowar
[B] Groundnut
[C] Sugarcane
[D] Ragi
[C] Sugarcane

Which one of the following price is announced by the government in support of a crop?
[A] Minimum support price
[B] Maximum support price
[C] Average support price
[D] Free value
[A] Minimum support price