NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 7 MCQ Mineral and Energy Resources are useful for CBSE and State board students in academic session 2024-25. Get here important questions along with multiple choice questions of chapter 7 class 12 Geography to be confident in exams.

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 7 MCQ with Answers


The mineral resources provide the base for ______ industry to a nation?

[A]. Agricultural
[B]. Industrial
[C]. Pharmaceutical
[D]. Space

In how many parts minerals are classified?

[A]. Three
[B]. Four
[C]. Ten
[D]. Two

Where do you find the most metallic minerals in India?

[A]. Northern plains
[B]. Coastal plains
[C]. Peninsular plateau
[D]. Gangetic plains

Which of the following state is rich in iron ore?

[A]. Andhra Pradesh
[B]. Haryana
[C]. Punjab
[D]. Sikkim

The best potential for tidal energy lies in which part of India?
[A] Southern
[B] Northern
[C] Coastal
[D] All of the above
[C] Coastal

______ energy is pollution free?
[A] Wind energy
[B] Solar energy
[C] Coal energy
[D] Both [A] and [B]
[D] Both [A] and [B]

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 7 Multiple Choice Questions


In which state of India will you get the most manganese?

[A]. Haryana
[B]. Kerala
[C]. Goa
[D]. Odisha

Which non-ferrous metal is used in making of aluminum?

[A]. Copper
[B]. Lead
[C]. Bauxite
[D]. Zinc

Which metal is used widely is making of wires and cables?

[A]. Aluminum
[B]. Copper
[C]. Zinc
[D]. Iron

Which mineral is known as Liquid Gold?

[A]. Petroleum
[B]. CNG
[C]. Mercury
[D]. None of the above

Metallurgical industries get its strong base from
[A] Precious minerals
[B] Non-ferrous minerals
[C] Ferrous minerals
[D] Non-metallic minerals
[C] Ferrous minerals

Gold, Silver and Platinum are examples of
[A] Precious metals
[B] Non-ferrous metals
[C] Ferrous metals
[D] Non-metallic minerals
[A] Precious metals

Class 12 Geography Part 2 Chapter 7 Important MCQs

In which year ONGC was setup?

[A]. 1946
[B]. 1957
[C]. 1956
[D]. 1996

When “Gas Authority of India” was setup?

[A]. 1956
[B]. 1984
[C]. 2001
[D]. 1047

Thorium is mainly used in

[A]. Electronic industries
[B]. Space exploration needs
[C]. Electrical items manufacturing
[D]. Nuclear applications

Which one of the following is a conventional source of energy?

[A]. Bio energy
[B]. Dried dung
[C]. Tidal energy
[D]. Energy from urban waste

India’s petroleum production mainly comes from
[A] Gujarat
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] Mumbai High
[D] Assam
[C] Mumbai High

Which deposits are found in the northern edge of the Chota Nagpur plateau?
[A] Coal
[B] Copper
[C] Manganese
[D] Mica
[D] Mica