NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 13 The Longest Step in English Medium updated for new session based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2024-25 free in PDF. In this lesson, students will learn to calculate the distance between two objects and determine the length using tools and a palm. These concepts are covered in detail in this chapter. You can download these solutions for in PDF format by clicking on the link given on this page or downloading the Tiwari Academy app.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 13

The Longest Step: Characters of the Story

This story has three characters one is elephant another one is rabbit and third is deer. We have already studied so many kind of love stories in this book. Have you tried to tell these stories to your friends and siblings and maybe to your grandparents. These are the stories where you will surely discuss with them once you find out the answer to the questions in the story. This story is about the animals in the jungle that happened in the completion but what in the story is for you to find out.

How many such stories do you remember in which the animals are the main heroes of the story?


If you remember all the stories I suggest you read such stories to your friends and siblings and make a list of the stories that you remember properly and with all the characters in it. Once you complete the story mark one. If you remember the complete story with the characters in it mark two points. Check how many marks you can get and it will be a competition for you to play. By now you might have already got the answer to the question given the story what do you think is the reason for the winning of the animal and did you have any moral of the story? If yes, what it is? If No, discuss with your friends and teachers to get help.

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Hand and Finger:

What do you do when you have to measure some of your things? Using scale or ruler you measure it? if the thing is too big you use measuring tape? Yes, pretty much the people in the world use these things but have you ever had such difficulty measuring the thing that you want to measure and you don’t have your measuring tape or scale to measure with?
This story in this chapter will tell you how you can solve this problem and once you practice the way to measure this way you might not ever face the problem.

Check Your Guess

Guess the length or height of the things shown below. Find the length to check your answer. Table given below show my guess and actual result.

Name of the thingMy guessMy result
Glass5 fingers7 fingers
Bucket3 handspans2.5 handspans
Your hand4 matchsticks5 matchsticks
Teacher’s table5 handspans6 handspans
Your nose5 fingers4 fingers
Water bottle10 fingers12 fingers
Your hair1.5 handspans2 handspans

Do you think chapter 13 of class 2nd is entertaining?

The chapter started with the friendly competition between different animals. Now the challenging part of the competition is to decide the competition that suits every animal. How they came up with the idea and their unexpected result was the entertaining part of the story.

What are the important topics that can be done easily in chapter 13 of class 2nd math?

I think the best and important topic in chapter 13 of class 2nd maths is “hands and fingers” and “Is that so” that can cover the entire chapter as the chapter is all about measurement.

What do you suggest is the best way of completing chapter 13 of 2nd standard maths?

The core of the chapter is to provide knowledge about the measurements and different activities given in the chapter that help the kid to cover the chapter. However, I suggest is to complete the outside activities with students so they can catch the core knowledge.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 13 The Longest Step
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Last Edited: March 7, 2024