Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 6 Important Questions of Who I am? and the poem 6 The wonderful words. These extra questions are the collection of all the questions extracted from each paragraphs. The set of Class 6 Extra and important questions answers provide a perfect practice for all the 6th standard student. These practice questions are helpful in the preparation of periodic tests as well as class test. It will take hardly 30 to 40 minutes to revise the entire chapter of grade 6 English chapter 6. Prepare through these important extra questions to get good marks in the school exams.

Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 6 Important Questions

Class: 6English
Chapter: 6Important Questions

6th English Chapter 6 Important Questions for 2024-25

Class 6 English Chapter 6 Important Extra questions are good to understand the complete chapter. These question answers reduce the time of revision and provide a confidence in the chapter. All the questions are taken from Latest NCERT Book for Class 6 English issued for academic session 2024-25.

6th Class English Chapter-6 Important Questions Set – 1

What is visual intelligence?

Visual is concerned with seeing. Painting, cinema, theatre are the visual arts. A person who enjoys looking at pictures, videos and movies can create mental images of ideas can be said to have visual intelligence.

What is verbal intelligence?

Verbal is concerned with speaking. A person who is good at language- speaking, reading, writing etc. can be said to have verbal intelligence.

What is interpersonal intelligence?

Interpersonal is concerned with relationships among people. Understanding others and their point of view and being cooperative are indicators of interpersonal intelligence. Let students to talk freely and frankly about themselves and others to discover their interest and talents.

What does Dolma want to become?

When she grow up, she wants to become the Prime Minister of India.

How can Dolma become a good prime minister?

Dolma would make everything better for everyone she would arrange good hospitals, roads and schools. She would encourage scientists to make new inventions.

Why Peter’s favorite day is Sunday?

Peter’s favourite day of the week is Sunday because the whole family goes to the cinema hall to watch a film.

How does Radha feel when she was sitting on the tree?

Answer: Although her mother says it is not sensible for girls to climb trees, but she feels very good. Once her mother climbed up too with her and they both sat there and eating raw mangoes. She feels like she can rule the whole world when she was on the tree.

6th Class English Chapter-6 Important Questions Set – 2

What does Nasir want to become?

Nasir when grow up, he wants to become a seed collector.

Which fields Nasir have in their village?

Nasir have cotton fields in their village.

What does Nasir wants to learn?

Nasir wants to learn how to preserve seeds so that we can use them again instead of spending money every year.

What is Radha’s favourite activity?

Radha’s favourite activity is climbing trees. She used to sit on the branches of a mango tree which is just outside their house.

What did Nasir’s grandfather told him?

His grandfather told him that many years ago, he could collect the seeds from his own plants which could be sown to grow new plants during the next year.

What does Rohit wish to have?

Rohit wish to have huge amount of money.

Why does Rohit want huge amount of money?

Answer: Rohit want huge money because he want to travel different places , want to see mountains, sail down the amazon river on a raft, want to live on beaches of Lakshadweep, wish to visit Konark temple , and the pyramids of Egypt too. He wants to enjoy the nature.

6th Class English Chapter-6 Important Questions Set – 3

What Serbjit make angry?

When people don’t believe Serbjit even when he is telling the truth that makes him angry.

What does Serbjit do to hide his anger?

When he is in anger he look down his shoes and count to ten to hide his anger.

How did Peter enjoyed the film?

Peter loved to sit in the darkness of the hall eating peanuts and watching the film.

How peters family are a happy family?

On Sunday after watching the film, everyone is in a good mood and they all feel very lucky.

List out the instances that make Serbjit angry?

Answer: The following are the instances:

    • When he tell his teacher that he couldn’t do his homework because his friend borrowed his book and forgot to return it.
    • When he tell his parents that it wasn’t he but his little brother who started the fight.
    • When he tell his teacher that he really did study for the test even if he have got bad marks.

Important Questions of Poem 6

The extra question answers of poem 6 The Wonderful Words are given below. More questions will be added later during the examinations.

6th Class English Chapter-6 Important Questions Set – 4

What do people want to listen and welcome?

People want to listen new ideas and new thoughts. They welcome something new.

How can you free you thoughts from your brain?

We can free our thoughts from our mind by expressing them. We need words for that.

How can we express our thoughts?

We can express our thoughts through words.

What is Prison here?

Brain is the Prison in which thoughts are imprisoned.

Why do bright ideas often die?

Bright ideas often die due to lack of vocabulary.

What are imprisoned in the brains?

Thoughts are imprisoned in the brain.

What does these lines means? “For many of the loveliest thing have never yet been said”

Through these lines, the poet says that there are so many beautiful things that have never been written. It is wrong to perceive that everything that is good, has already been said by someone or the other

Why the poem is named “The Wonderful Words”?

Answer: Words are the food and dress of thoughts. Our thoughts can be expressed only through words. In the absence of proper words, we can’t say what we want. The poem tells us the secret of word power. So it is properly named.

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