Class 6 Science Chapter 5 MCQ

Class 6 Science Chapter 5 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Separation of Substances. These MCQ tests are prepared taking questions from NCERT Textbook of Class 6 Science Chapter 5 and Exemplar books.

All the Objective questions are explained well with proper answer and giving reason behind the answers.

Class 6 Science Chapter 5 MCQ for 2020-2021

Class: 6Science
Contents:Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ Tests

Class 6 Science Chapter 5 MCQ with Answers

Class 6 Science Chapter 5 MCQ with answers and explanation are given below. These sets of MCQs are the collection of Objective Questions from Class 6 Science Chapter 5. Practice these questions to buildup confidence and score good marks in tests.


Consider the following statements and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. Rice flour mixed with kidney beans, separated by sieving.
[B]. Lady’s finger mixed with French-beans, separated by hand-picking.
[C]. Salt mixed with water, separated by evaporation.
[D]. None of the above.

In which of the following statement is or are incorrect?

[A]. The clear liquid that remains above the sediments is called supernatant.
[B]. The process of separating insoluble components from a mixture using a filter paper or cloth is called filtration.
[C]. The process of adding of alum in muddy water which loads the mud particles and speeds of sedimentation is known as loading.
[D]. None of the above.


Paheli is writing some statements but she confused to know whether the statements are incorrect? Would you help her?

[A]. The ability of a substance to dissolve in water to form a solution is known as solvent.
[B]. A substance in which others materials dissolve called solute.
[C]. The substance that is dissolved in the solvent to form the solution called solubility.
[D]. All the above.

Paheli wants to write the reasons for separating mixtures into their compounds:

[A]. To obtain useful component.
[B]. To remove undecidable component.
[C]. To obtain the pure sample of a substance.
[D]. All of the above.


A transparent bottle, half filled with water is left outside in sun for a few hours. After some time, some water droplets are observed on the inner upper surface of the bottle. Which processes do you think, are the cause of these droplets?

[A]. Condensation and saturation
[B]. Boiling and condensation
[C]. Evaporation and condensation
[D]. Evaporation and saturation

Consider the following statements and choose the correct statement(s):

[A]. Separating funnel is used for separation of immiscible liquids.
[B]. Centrifugation is used to removal of dissolved solids of different densities from liquids.
[C]. Loading is used to increase the size of impurities so that they settle down fast.
[D]. All the above.


Boojho appeared in class test where he wrote some statements but he confused to know the incorrect statement. Would you help him to know that?

[A]. A mixture of iron fillings and rice flour can be separated by magnet.
[B]. A mixture of wheat grains and wheat flour can be separated by sieving.
[C]. Water can be separated from salt by evaporation.
[D]. A mixture of oil and water can be separated by filtration.

During summer, Boojho carries water in a transparent plastic bottle to his school. One day, he left his bottle in this school. The bottle still had some water left in it. The next day, he observed some water droplets on the inner surface of the empty portion of the bottle. These droplets of water were formed due to:

[A]. Boiling and condensation
[B]. Evaporation and saturation
[C]. Evaporation and condensation
[D]. Condensation and saturation


Boojho’s grandmother is suffering from diabetes. Her doctor advised her to take “Lassi” with less fat content. Which of the following methods would be most appropriate for Boojho to prepare it?

[A]. Filtration
[B]. Decantation
[C]. Churning
[D]. Winnowing

Consider the following statements and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. Filtration is used for separating insoluble substances from a liquid.
[B]. A mixture of chalk and water is separated by filtration.
[C]. Filtration can remove any solid substances which are dissolved in a liquid.
[D]. A mixture of sand and water can also be separated by filtration.
More Questions for practice
    1. What do you mean by classification?
    2. Name two natural materials and two man-made materials.
    3. What is a magnetic material?
    4. Name four substances which flow or sink in water.
    5. Give two examples of each of the following—transparent, translucent and opaque.
    6. Name two good conductors and two bad conductors.

What are soluble substances?

Substances like sugar and common salt dissolve completely in water. They are called soluble substances.

What do you understand by metallic lustre?

Metals like silver and gold have bright metallic luster because when light falls on the surface of these metals, the surface gives a shining appearance which is known as metallic lustre.

What are insoluble substances?

Certain substances which do not dissolve in water are called insoluble substances.

Which type of substances are called transparent substances?

Object which allows light to pass through it completely is called transparent. Example: glass, air.