Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 26 Paragraph Writing. A single paragraph is a group of sentences dealing with only one theme or subject. The very first sentence tells you what the paragraph is going to be about, and the rest of the paragraph merely explains in more detail. A paragraph should deal with only one topic. Every sentence in the paragraph should say something about the topic. After writing the paragraph, it should be rechecked to correct all errors.

Dive into the nuanced world of paragraph writing with Chapter 26 of the Class 7 English Grammar curriculum. A paragraph, at its core, is a cohesive cluster of sentences, meticulously revolving around a single theme or subject. The initial sentence, often termed the topic sentence, sets the stage, providing a glimpse into the paragraph’s central idea. Subsequent sentences then delve deeper, furnishing details and shedding more light on the introduced theme.

Class: 7English Grammar
Chapter: 26Paragraph Writing
Contents:Topic detail and Revision

Paragraph Writing – An Aeroplane

Eighty years ago nobody believed that people would one day be able in fly in the air. The invention of aeroplane has made it possible for us to fly. In an aeroplane we can travel at a very great speed. We can travel at the rate of eight hundred kilometres an hour or evenmore.

The aeroplane travels far faster than any bird or motor-car or railway train. We can now fly from India to England in twelve hours. But this most wonderful invention proves to be a curse in the days of war. The aeroplane brings about the greatest destruction. In the second World War, the German aeroplanes loaded with tons of highly explosive bombs wiped out in a few hours so many big cities of Europe. This is what the aeroplanes do in war time.

The essence of an effective paragraph is its unwavering focus on one topic. Each sentence should resonate with the theme, ensuring a unified and coherent flow of ideas. After crafting a paragraph, it’s imperative to review and refine. By eliminating errors and polishing the content, writers ensure clarity and precision, enabling readers to grasp the intended message effortlessly. Embrace this chapter to master the art of writing impactful paragraphs, a cornerstone of eloquent communication.

Paragraph Writing – Our Bazaar

The bazaar of our town is very narrow. It is lined on either side with shops of every kind. The shops are very small. They are just small rooms all-open to the street. The shopkeeper sits on the floor and weighs out the goods to his customers. The bazaar is very dirty. It is full of smells and noise. Naked children play about and make a noise. Bullock carts and tempos ply about the whole day. Some times it is so crowded that it is difficult to pass through the street.

Paragraph Writing – Computers

A computer is a machine that can process, store and retrieve information. It can perform three basic functions (i) add, subtract, multiply, divide (ii) compare values; and (iii) store, search and retrieve. It possesses no intelligence of its own. Only the user can determine what tasks a computer will perform.

A computer can only perform tasks that human beings can. The difference is that computers perform these tasks with unthinkable speed and accuracy. In a computer, a disc called floppy is inserted which holds a programme. A programme consists of several thousand typed pages. A computer can scan through this disc in a matter of seconds and can perform accordingly.

Paragraph Writing – The Rainbow

Why do we enjoy the sight of a rainbow? Because it does not come very often. The rainbow is uncommon, so we look at it when it comes. And a rainbow is a very beautiful sight, worth looking at. It appears in the sky when the rain is falling and the sun is shining. As soon as it appears we cry out with joy and wonder, “O look! what a beautiful rainbow!” It is semi-circle of light consisting of seven lovely colours-violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. And when the rain stops the rainbow fades away.

Paragraph Writing – An Accident

What a nasty accident I had yesterday evening while returning home from school! I was walking on the road, with a satchel under my arms. When I came near the Post Office, I just stopped to watch a horse raising its forelegs high into the air. Just then a cyclist coming up from behind ran into me, in trying to avoid the frightened horse. I was thrown head over heels in space. All the stremgth was knocked out of my body. I lay there almost stunned and unconscious for about five minutes. When I came back to my senses, I staggered home, my whole body aching with pain.

Paragraph Writing – The Doctor

All of us at one time or another need the services of a doctor. That man is indeed, very fortunate who has never fallen ill. The doctor’s is a noble profession. It is his duty to cure the sick and for this reason we all hold him in honour and respect. He comes like an angel of mercy to a sick bed. He is the messenger of hope and joy to the sick. So a cheerful doctor is of greatest service to his patient by helping him to face his illness with cheerfulness and courage. He parhaps does more to cure the disease than the best of medicines can ever do.

Paragraph Writing – My Favourite Game

Cricket is a favourite game with boys. It is played in all parts of the world. The game is played by two teams, each consisting of eleven players. One side bats while other side fields. Two batsmen come in, one to each wicket. The bowler then takes the ball and bowls it at the wickets. The batsman hits the ball with his bat and drives it far into the field. He then runs to other wicket and scores a run. This goes on till the bowler knocks the wicket or the batsman is caught out. Then the other batsman comes to the bat and scores runs for his side. The side that scores more runs during the game wins the match.

Paragraph Writing – A Trip to Dam

During the Dussehra holidays our school arranged a trip to the Bhakra Dam which is the highest dam in the world. We went there by bus. We reached there at about 10 o’ clock, after four hours’ journey. There was a guide at the dam who took us around. There was a road on the top of the dam and we walked from one end of it to the other. On one side, we saw a vast lake of water. On the other side, we saw the spillway. From the spillway the water flowed into the canals. At the end of the dam there was a big powerhouse which provided electricity to Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. In the evening, the lights were switched on. How beautiful the dam, the adjoining gardens and the various buildings looked in the green, blue, yellow and red lights! We had a nice trip and returned home at about eleven o’clock at night.

Class 7 English Grammar Paragraph Writing
Class 7 Grammar Chapter 26 Paragraph Writing
Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 26
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