Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 5 The Pronoun. A Pronoun is a word used instead of a noun. The noun that is substituted by the pronoun is called the antecedent of the pronoun. There are seven types of pronoun. In this chapter you will learn about personal and relative pronoun. There are so many examples of each type of pronoun are given so that students can understand easily all the concepts.

Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 5 The Pronoun with Examples

Class: 7 English Grammar
Chapter: 5The Pronoun

Class 7 English Grammar How to use Pronoun

Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns are written in the first person, second person and third person. Personal pronouns take the place of words for people, animals and things. They are I, we, you he, she, they, it, me in the subject form and me, us, you, him, her, them, it in the object form.

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Points to be remembered
    • A Pronoun which is used as Subject is in the Nominative Case.
    • A Pronoun which is used as Object is in the Objective Case or Accusative Case.
    • A pronoun which shows possession is in the Possessive Case.
    • A Nominative of address is known as Vocative Case.
Use of Personal Pronouns
He is brushing his teeth. They are brushing their teeth.
She is learning her lesson. They are learning their lessons.
You love your parents. You all love your parents.
It is wagging its tail. They are wagging their tails.
I always help the poor. We always help the poor.
The possessive pronouns

He is a friend of mine.
The idea of yours is fine.
That dog of yours often barks at night.

Relative Pronouns

The Pronouns which refer to a noun previously mentioned and start a new clause are called Relative Pronouns. The pronouns (who, those, them, which, that) are used to join sentences.

Pronoun Used for
who, whompersons
whichanimals and things
whose thatpersons and things
Main Points

When the Relative Pronoun stands for the Direct Objects, it may be omitted.
This is the old man (whom or that) we saw yesterday.
This is the car (which or that) I bought yesterday.

With a Preposition whom or that
a. The girl to whom I spoke. (This is formal but quite often used.)
b. The girl that I spoke to. (used in spoken English)
c. The girl I spoke to. (much used in spoken English)

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