Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 6 Important Questions of This is Jody’s Fawn. Practice here with Class 8 English Chapter 6 Extra Questions with suitable answers for the preparation of exams and unit tests. All the question answers are applicable for new academic session 2024-25. 8th English Chapter 6 Important extra questions ensure scoring a handsome marks in all exams.

Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 6 Extra Questions

Class: 8English (Honeydew)
Chapter: 6This is Jody’s Fawn
Contents: Important Extra Questions with Answer

Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 6 Extra Question for 2024-25

Class 8 English Chapter 6 Important Extra Questions Set – 1

What happens to Jody’s father? And what did Jody do?

Jody’s father has been bitten by a rattlesnake. He quickly kills a doe, uses its heart and liver to draw out the poison.

How did Penny feel when he got up in the early morning?

Penny was feeling good in the morning. As he said that “Just fine, son. Old Death has gone thieving. elsewhere”.

When and why does Jody’s father need a remedy?

Penny, Jody’s father, is bitten by a poisonous rattlesnake. Instead of going to a doctor, he kills her deer and uses her liver to draw out the poison.

How does Jody react to the cruelty of his father?

Jody, the small boy, tells his father that he had left the fawn alone and defenseless to die. So it is their moral duty to save the innocent and hungry young one of the doe.

Why did Jody see only vultures and kites feeding on the dead body of the doe?

The sand showed large footprints of tigers or leopards but they did not eat up the dead doe. The reason was that the big cats killed an animal themselves to eat its flesh. Vultures and kites are birds of prey. They also feed on dead bodies.

Class 8 English Chapter 6 Important Extra Questions Set – 2

How does Penny take his son’s argument?

Penny agreed with Jody’s argument that it would be ungrateful to leave the fawn to starve.

How did Jody feel as he touched the fawn’s skin?

Jody found the fawn’s skin very soft and clean. He stroked its sides gently as though it were made of clay and would break soon.

What did Doc Wilson say about Jody’s suggestion?

Doc Wilson said that they had to pay the price for everything. He justified the plan of Jody and Penny about the fawn.

How did Jody approach and win the trust of the fawn?

The fawn shook with fear as Jody drew near. It lifted its nose and scented the visitor. Jody moved forward on all fours and put his arms around its body.

How did Jody feed the fawn?

Jody decided to give away his share of milk to the fawn. He poured the milk into a small pot. Then he dipped his fingers in the milk and put them into its mouth. The fawn sucked slowly until the milk vanished.

Class 8 English Chapter 6 Important Extra Questions Set – 3

What message does the story of the fawn convey to the readers?

The story highlights two things. It is not fair to kill an animal for its use as a cure. Secondly, one should have pity and love for the animals.

With whom Jody went to bring Fawn?

Jody went with Mill-wheel to bring fawn. They went through riding on a horse.

Why was Penny feeling proud?

Penny was feeling proud because his son Jody saved his life by treating him when he had been bitten by a rattlesnake.

Why fawn might be hungry?

Fawn was a baby dear whose mother sa.ves the life of penny. As the fawn was too small to feed himself he, light is hungry and scared as well.

Why was Jody unwilling to have Mill-wheel with him?

Jody was unwilling to have Mill-wheel with him. Because if the fawn was dead, or could not be found, he could not have his disappointment seen. And if the fawn was there, the meeting would be so secret that he could not share it.

Class 8 English Chapter 6 Important Extra Questions Set – 4

How did Jody and Mill found doe’s fawn?

They saw the spot in a line that remarks on the presence of fawn.

Describe the meeting of fawn and Jody in your own words.

The meeting of fawn and Jody is not easy to be described. It was so loving. Jody reached out one hand and laid it on the soft neck. Its skin was very soft. He rose slowly & lifted the fawn from the ground. Slowly fawn accepts him and he follows him after that.

What happened to the dead doe?

Buzzards sat in a circle around the carcass of the doe. The sand showed large cat prints but the big cats kill fresh so they had left the doe to the carrion birds.

Where did he find the little fawn?

He found the spot where the fawn had emerged and dropped on all fours, studying the sand for the small hoof prints. At last, moving directly in front of him he tumbled backward.

How did Jody host have to fawn?

Jody brings morning’s milk from the kitchen to fawn. And then he dipped his fingers in the milk & thrust them into the fawn’s soft wet mouth. Fawn sucked greedily and this is how feeds fawn.

Class 8 English Chapter 6 Important Extra Questions Set – 5

Describe the feeling of Jody when he met fawn.

Jody was very happy to meet fawn. He was feeling like how he can serve to baby fawn. As he loses his mother in curing Jody’s father Penny, he brought fawn to his home.

Why did Ma Baxter not want to bring fawn at home?

Ma Baxter didn’t want to bring fawn because she was worried about how they would feed him. As they had no milk for him.

Why did not Penny want to leave the fawn alone?

They used doe’s liver to draw out the poison. So it would be ungrateful to leave it to starve. So he. didn’t want to leave the fawn alone.

Why was Jody afraid of carrying the fawn through the clearing?

Jody was afraid that the fawn might see or smell the carcass of the doe & begin to bleat & get out of his control.

In This is Jody’s Fawn, Jody’s father uses a ‘home remedy for a snake bite. What should a person now do if he or she is bitten by a snake? Are all snakes poisonous? With the help of your teacher and others, find out answers to such questions. Then write a short paragraph on – What to do if a snake chooses to bite you.
Snakes are the most feared wild creatures. That is why we use sticks to kill them. There are many poisonous snakes. Green snakes or water snakes are poisonous. Nevertheless, we cannot be sure of this. Therefore we do not take any chances. We called a snake charmer to get the cobra out of the house. A snake bite can kill a victim within a few minutes. But the victim can be saved if he or she receives first aid at the anti-poison and bleeding serum farm.
Snakebite medicine is made from snake venom. If I have been bitten by a poisonous snake, first of all, I will tie a tight bandage over the bitten area. Then I will use a blade or knife to make a small cut in the cut area and remove the poisonous blood. Then I will go to the hospital for medical help. I will not sleep until I feel better and confident.

Class 8 English Chapter 6 Important Extra Questions Set – 6

What does Jody suggest to feed up fawn?

Jody said that he is now a grown-up boy; his share of milk could be given to the fawn. Also fawn starts to eat leaves and acorn, so nothing much would be required to raise him.

Why does Jody want to bring the fawn home?

The fawn becomes an orphan because its mother was killed by Jody. He wants to bring the fawn to return the obligation because he was the one who made the fawn an orphan.

What had happened to Jody’s father?

Jody’s father had been bitten by a rattlesnake.

How did the doe save Penny’s life?

The doe’s liver and heart were used to draw out the poison from Penny.

Penny said ‘you are smarter than boys of your age’. Why did he say so?

Penny was killed by a snake and put her life in danger. His son killed a doe and used his heart and liver to prolong his father’s life. Second, he did a clever trick; He went into the forest in search of dawn because he knew he would have to take care. He sent with the mill but did not want to inspect his weakness. He dared to raise the fawn to protect it from bushes and vultures. It is becoming increasingly difficult to feed through the pumpkin; they used their finger and fed it. Therefore Penny rightly told her son that he was more intelligent, smart and responsible than the other children.

Class 8 English Chapter 6 Important Extra Questions Set – 7

How does Jody know that the fawn is a male?

Jody’s father told him that in a male fawn the spots are all in a line and females are randomly arranged. This knowledge helped him recognize it as being a male fawn.

How did Jody bring the fawn back home?

Jody picked up the fawn into his arms and proceeded towards his home. After some distance, he kept the fawn down and took rest. Later on, the fawn followed him. Thus he brought the fawn back home.

Jody didn’t want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. What were they?

Jody didn’t want Mill-wheel to come with him because of two reasons: If fawn was not there Jody didn’t want Mill-wheel to see the disappointment on his face. If the fawn is alive then Jody did not want to share this happiness with anyone.

Why was Mill-wheel afraid to leave Jody alone?

Mill-wheel was afraid to leave Jody alone because he was scared if Jody got lost or got bitten by a snake too.

Do you think Jody was compassionate and conscience-stricken? Why do you think so?

A rattlesnake bites Jody’s father. He quickly kills a doe and uses his heart and liver to extract venom. However, he was aware of the loss when he was weak and humble. He knew that if he was left alone in the forest, he could not survive. So he kicked her out and fed her. His conscience gained from the damage he had done. But you don’t have to bring it home. He could send her to a zoo, where they could take care of her. He was kind; He avoided the route where Doe’s body lay. They took him in his arms and fed him to prevent him from hurting himself.

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