Class 9 Science Chapter 5 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of The Fundamental Unit of Life. All the questions are important and useful for clearing the doubts in chapter 5 of standard 9 science. These questions provide a perfect practice for the preparation of school unit tests or terminal exams. These questions take less time to revise and provide maximum result in exams. So, practice here with MCQs and get good marks in exams.

Class 9 Science Chapter 5 MCQ Online Tests for 2022-2023

Class: 9Science
Chapter: 5The Fundamental Unit of Life
Contents:MCQ Online Tests with Answers

Class 9 Science Chapter 5 MCQ with Answers for 2022-23

Class 9 Science Chapter 5 MCQ Online Test contains about 75 questions in all with answers and explanation. New questions will be added time to time to increase the question bank. All the questions are taken from NCERT Books for 9th Standard Science issued for academic session 2022-2023.


Consider the following statements and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. Stroma are stacks of membrane bounded flattened discoid sacs containing the molecules of chlorophyll.
[B]. Granum is the site of light reactions during photosynthesis, while stroma former is the site of dark reaction during photosynthesis.
[C]. Chromoplasts impart various colors to flowers to attract insects for pollination.
[D]. Leucoplasts store food in the form of carbohydrates (starch), fats and protein.

Priya is writing some statements, choose the correct statement and help him:

[A]. Lysosomes serve as intracellular digestive system so it is as called digestive bags.
[B]. Lysosomes are also known as suicide bags of the cell and works as a kind of garbage disposal system.
[C]. During the transformation of a tadpole into frog, the embryonic tissues such as gills and tail are digested by the lysosomes and utilized by other body cells.
[D]. All the above.

The only cell organelle seen in prokaryotic cell is

[A]. Mitochondria
[B]. Ribosomes
[C]. Plastids
[D]. Lysosomes

Cell arises from pre-existing cell was stated by

[A]. Haeckel
[B]. Virchow
[C]. Hooke
[D]. Schleiden

In a science quiz competition, Rubi are asked a question where she had to choose the statement which was/were correct?

[A]. Most animal cells require a high internal concentration of potassium ions for the proteins synthesized by the ribosome and for certain enzymatic functions.
[B]. Endocytosis is the ingestion of material by the cells through the plasma membrane.
[C]. Phagocytosis is a common method of feeding among the protozoa and lower metazoan.
[D]. All the above.

Cell wall of which one of these is not made up of cellulose?

[A]. Bacteria
[B]. Hydrilla
[C]. Mango tree
[D]. Cactus

The cell organelle involved in forming complex sugars from simple sugars are

[A]. Endoplasmic reticulum
[B]. Ribosomes
[C]. Plastids
[D]. Golgi apparatus

The undefined nuclear region of prokaryotes is also known as

[A]. Nucleus
[B]. Nucleolus
[C]. Nucleic acid
[D]. Nucleoid

Following are a few definitions of osmosis. Read carefully and select the correct definition:

[A]. Movement of water molecules from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration through a semipermeable membrane.
[B]. Movement of solvent molecules from its higher concentration to lower concentration.
[C]. Movement of solvent molecules from higher concentration to lower concentration of solution through a permeable membrane.
[D]. Movement of solute molecules from lower concentration to higher concentration of solution through a semipermeable membrane.

Which of the following can be made into crystal?

[A]. A Bacterium
[B]. An Amoeba
[C]. A Virus
[D]. A Sperm

What do understand by Hypertonic solution?

If the medium has a lower concentration of water than the cell, meaning that it is a very concentrated solution, the cell will lose water by osmosis. Such a solution is known as a hypertonic solution.

What is Plasmolysis?

When a living plant cell loses water through osmosis there is shrinkage or contraction of the contents of the cell away from the cell wall. This phenomenon is known as plasmolysis.

Why are Lysosomes known as suicide bags?

During the disturbance in cellular metabolism, for example, when the cell gets damaged, lysosomes may burst and the enzymes digest their own cell. Therefore, lysosomes are also known as the ‘suicide bags’ of a cell.

How does Mitochondria make their own protein?

Mitochondria have their own DNA and ribosomes. Therefore, mitochondria are able to make some of their own proteins.

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