Class 9 Science Chapter 5 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of The Fundamental Unit of Life. All the questions are important and useful for clearing the doubts in chapter 5 of standard 9 science. These questions provide a perfect practice for the preparation of school unit tests or terminal exams. These questions take less time to revise and provide maximum result in exams. So, practice here with MCQs and get good marks in exams.

Class 9 Science Chapter 5 MCQ Online Tests for 2023-2024

Class: 9Science
Chapter: 5The Fundamental Unit of Life
Contents:MCQ Online Tests with Answers

Class 9 Science Chapter 5 MCQ with Answers for 2023-24

Class 9 Science Chapter 5 MCQ Online Test contains about 75 questions in all with answers and explanation. New questions will be added time to time to increase the question bank. All the questions are taken from NCERT Books for 9th Standard Science issued for academic session 2023-2024.


Select the odd one out:

[A]. The movement of water across a semi permeable membrane is affected by the amount of substances dissolved in it.
[B]. Membranes are made of organic molecules like proteins and lipids
[C]. Molecules soluble in organic solvents can easily pass through the membrane.
[D]. Plasma membranes contain chitin sugar in plants

Priya is writing some statements, choose the correct statement and help him:

[A]. Lysosomes serve as intracellular digestive system so it is as called digestive bags.
[B]. Lysosomes are also known as suicide bags of the cell and works as a kind of garbage disposal system.
[C]. During the transformation of a tadpole into frog, the embryonic tissues such as gills and tail are digested by the lysosomes and utilized by other body cells.
[D]. All the above.

Cell arises from pre-existing cell was stated by

[A]. Haeckel
[B]. Virchow
[C]. Hooke
[D]. Schleiden

Lipid molecules in the cell are synthesized by

[A]. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
[B]. Rough endoplasmic reticulum
[C]. Golgi apparatus
[D]. Plastids

Recently, in a science class test, you are asked a question where you have to say whether the statements are correct or not?

[A]. Cell wall permits the plant cell to become turgid.
[B]. In plant cells, there occurs a rigid cell wall which lies outside the plasma membrane.
[C]. The plant cell wall, thus, consists of tiny cellulose fibres called microfibrils.
[D]. The cell walls of adjacent cells are glued together by the plasmodesmata.

Which of the following statement is or are incorrect?

[A]. The shell of an egg is made up mainly of calcium bicarbonate which is a thick outer skin, called cell membrane.
[B]. Unicellular freshwater organisms and the most plant cells tend to gain water through osmosis.
[C]. Absorption of water by plant roots or by root hairs is an example of osmosis.
[D]. In diffusion semi permeable membrane is required.

Rahul is doing his homework which is given by his teacher. Would you help him to choose the incorrect sentences?

[A]. The prokaryotic cells usually range between 1 to 10 micrometers (μm).
[B]. The largest size of an elephant is due to the larger cells present in its body.
[C]. Amoeba proteus is biggest among the unicellular organisms.
[D]. The smallest cells are those of mycoplasma gallisepticum, an organism intermediate between virus and bacteria.

Pooja is completed her science chapter where she wrote some statements. She wants to know whether the statements are correct or not? She wants to take help from you:

[A]. Human heart has a special type of muscle cell called cardiac muscles.
[B]. Stomach has a special cell such as mucous cells.
[C]. Skeletal muscles are voluntary muscles i.e. their contraction depends on our will or control.
[D]. All the above.

Which of these is not related to endoplasmic reticulum?

[A]. It behaves as transport channel for proteins between nucleus and cytoplasm
[B]. It transports materials between various regions in cytoplasm
[C]. It can be the site of energy generation
[D]. It can be the site for some biochemical activities of the cell

A cell will swell up if

[A]. The concentration of water molecules in the cell is higher than the concentration of water molecules in surrounding medium
[B]. The concentration of water molecules in surrounding medium is higher than water molecules concentration in the cell
[C]. The concentration of water molecules is same in the cell and in the surrounding medium
[D]. Concentration of water molecules does not matter
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