The Tech industry is one of the most demanded industries in the 21st century. In the modern world where the tech industry is booming then recruiters also recruiting full-stack developers for top MNCs to small & middle-class businesses.

Skills required to becoming a Full Stack Developer

Full Stack developers are also required at many startups companies to maintain their website & to upskill the companies. There is no doubt that Full Stack developer has high scope in future. However, some jobs are evergreen & Full Stack Developer is one of them. If you have the right skills then no one can stop you to become a full-stack developer. The candidate should have a keen interest in Science and Technologies to grow in their sector. To get to know what a full stack developer does and what are the skills required we have covered all in this article.

A full-stack developer should have a deep knowledge of frontend & backend skills. And the profession of the full-stack developer is increasing day by day & the demand is getting high across over the world. Before we know what skills need first we should see what is a full-stack developer. To get to know what a full stack developer does and what are the skills required we have covered all in this article.

Full-Stack Developer

The ‘full stack’ term means the ability to do work both with Front end & Back end parts. In full-stack, the design part and the development part are both interlinked in the position of Full-stack developer. If you have the required skills set and you are passionate about Developing skills then your growth in this field going upward. The average salary of a Full Stack Developer is INR 6.23 Lakhs it can increase if you worked for top MNC companies and if you having the right skills to crack the interview.

What are the required skills for a Full Stack Developer?

1. HTML/ CSS – HTML is used for web content & CSS is used for designing part.
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language & it is mostly used for web content. HTML is easy to understand as a beginner and it is not considered a programming language because it can’t create dynamic changes. By using HTML you can create paragraphs, structure sections, links, and many more.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets & it is mostly used for designing the style for web pages. Mainly CSS is used for including layers, colors, fonts & presentation of web pages. There are three types of CSS internal, inline & external. Without the use of CSS, it looks boring.


Javascript is the most demanded language in this era & it is also used for Full Stack Developer. The object-oriented language is used in both the server-side and client-side. Javascript advantages are Speed & Efficiency, Add on extensions, Interface Development, Simplicity, and many more. Javascript is used for the Drop-down menu, displaying animations, and shows more or less information while clicking the mouse, Javascript allows users to interact with web pages.

Back-end Languages

We have covered the Front end languages, HTML/ CSS & Javascript and now the main part is Backend. In Backend, the developer should maintain the database, server & application of the website. To make the full website the Backend Developer use languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Java & .Net to build an application & SQL, Oracle, MySQL for Server-side
The Backend developer works includes:

    • API & Cloud computing integration
    • Uses of Backend frameworks to develop server-side software
    • Backup and restore technologies for the website
    • Server-side programming languages

Basics Design Skills

As a Full-stack developer, we have been told to learn front end & back end they must also know the design skills. To become a successful Full Stack Dev then you must also obtain the skills of Designing. Thus, the candidate must know the basic design skills including UI/ UX, prototypes, design, etc. The knowledge of design is get benefited while making the frontend of the website. A website with a simple design and user-friendly always interact with the user.

GIT and GitHub

GIT is a source code tool that is used for Computer Engineer Devs. It is a free and open-source version controls system that handles small projects to large projects. GIT is used to change the source code of the project & enables multi-developer to work on the same project and they can access it.

GITHUB is a GIT repository hosting service. GITHUB provides a web-based interface. It allows multiple people to make separate changes in the web pages at the same time.
If you are working in any companies then a GITHUB profile is compulsory because every developer will be working in a team.


NPM means Node Package Manager which is used for Javascript of Node.Js programming language. The default package manager for the Javascript runtime environment is NPM. NPM allows the developer to place the node to find them and manage the depends conflicts. NPM is mostly used for applications, development, and installation of Node programs.


The HTTP protocol is used for client communication. REST is used for both Frontend & Backend. REST is used for HTTP requests to access & use the data. Well HTTP & REST both is used for client-side & server-side. So developers should master both skills.

Database Management

All the applications need a database where all the data will be stored. So developers can access the database later to make applications user-friendly. Database management is mostly access for full-stack developers should know relational database & non-relational database. Developer should know SQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, and knowledge of Varnish, Redis & Memcached is a plus for developers.

Soft Skills

After learning all the skills of a full-stack developer the candidate must also have soft skills. Besides having a hard skill you should also balance the soft skills to perform well in the interview.

    1. Learning Curiosity
    2. Maintain Patience
    3. Good at managing time
    4. Creative thinker
    5. Good in communication
    6. Team Leader
    7. Multi-Tasking
What are the Stack Developer responsibilities?

Full Stack Developer responsibilities:

    • Developing APIs
    • Designing Front end website
    • Write clean & clear code for front end & back end so any other Web Developer can also understand easily
    • Debugging & testing the software for high performance.
    • Learning the advanced technology so you can implement it in the projects.
    • You should also focus on scalability, maintenance & security.
    • Developing frontend structure
    • Working with graphic designers for better web design features.

Full Stack Developer Skills:

    1. Having a degree in Computer Science.
    2. Knowing Browser, Database, and server site.
    3. The Front end skills required: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, XML, Bootstrap, Angular, React, and many more.
    4. The Back end skills required: PHP, MongoDB, REST, Sass, SQL, and many more
    5. In full-stack dev the overall technologies include Front end, Back end, API & Server.
    6. Knowing design, security, testing, Data structures & Algorithms will give any advantage at the time of Interview preparation.
Full Stack Development Project

Top 6 Full Stack Development Project Ideas:

    • Login Authentication
    • Food Delivery application
    • Grocery Delivery application
    • Content management system for a blog
    • Project Management Application

Published by: Ashish Jha

Last Edited: January 27, 2022