NCERT Solutions in Hindi and English medium guides all students to understand the concepts and theory covered in NCERT textbooks.
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NCERT Solutions in Hindi and English

NCERT Solution prepared by experienced teachers will help you accurately solve all the problems covered in the NCERT textbooks. We at Tiwari Academy offer complete and brief explanations of the answers to NCERT questions in PDF format. The NCERT Solutions are available in English and Hindi languages that are easy to access and use. It helps students of all Classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

The candidates who are studying under the CBSE board searching the NCERT Solutions approach that embraces the goal of the NCERT textbook to explain the information thoroughly. Under the CBSE curriculum, we provide NCERT Solutions for all students of classes 1 to 12 by highly experienced and qualified teachers. So, these solutions help the students to clear all their doubts and score good marks in the examinations.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 to 12

Get Free NCERT Solutions for Class 6 to 12 which are given below are free of cost. Here you can download free NCERT Solutions for all subjects without any registration and login. The main goal of the Tiwari Academy is to help students to provide all subject solutions under their NCERT ( curriculum. The below mentioned NCERT solutions are so beneficial for all the students who are using NCERT textbooks for their academic year 2022-2023 exam. Just click the following links to get detailed and well-described solutions available online and offline.

What is NCERT?

NCERT (The National Council of Educational Research and Training) was established in 1961. In last 50 years, NCERT is supporting the school education through its educational programmes on a wide range of areas. It build curriculum as well as prepare teachers and teaching tools. NCERT was registered as Society under Societies Act (Act XXI 1860) on June 6, 1961. Its main objectives are to promote and coordinate research in all branches of education.

What is NCERT Solutions?

In school education, most of the states in India are following NCERT Books as a course books. NCERT Provides so many solved examples with answers as in text questions and some questions for practice also. These questions may be in between the text and notes or given at the end of the chapters. Answers or solutions of these questions are generally referred as NCERT Solutions of the particular subjects.

How are NCERT Solutions Beneficial for Students?

There are so many benefits of NCERT Solutions. It includes conceptual questions, MCQs, Long and short answer type questions, etc. Which clear all doubts and make your base strong.
Strengthens Your Base: NCERT Solutions are well designed and developed by the experienced professionals, Student can get chapter-wise comprehensive question and answer mentioned in the NCERT textbooks for all classes. These NCERT solutions will clear the fundamentals. NCERT textbook Solutions play an essential role when you are preparing for your exam.
Provide Correct and Reliable Solution : All the subject question answers for all classes are well descriptive by the subject expert. All solutions are 100% authentic. This solution is best for students who are miss guided by the wrong answer before. NCERT Solutions are more accurate and Reliable.
Develop Your Skills to Solve Questions: NCERT Solutions are well explained with examples using related problems which help the Student to clear doubts or queries. And also there are practice questions on the end of the all chapter help student to get exam question idea. After practising these practice questions, the Student can able to solve the problem easily. It also saves your preparation time as well.
Helps You the Preparation of Competitive Exams: NCERT Solutions clear all the basic fundamental Maths and science concept for all early classes. So the Student gets the chance to pass the Competitive Exams like SSC, NTSE, CAT, KVPY, SSC JE, and more. You can able to clear the undergraduate and graduate-level competitive exam in future.
Strictly Adhered CBSE Board: Both secondary and higher secondary all classes syllabus and NCERT books strictly adhere to the CBSE syllabus. NCERT Solutions followed by the CBSE Board pattern officially.
Help You to Score more than 80% Marks Exam: If the Student gives proper time to practice NCERT Solutions, then they score more marks about more than 80% Marks in the final exam. It all depends all upon you how serious about your practice.

Why Choose Tiwari Academy for NCERT Solutions?

Nowadays, many reference books are available in the market. These reference books are full of concise notes that can confuse students to reach their target. So students should practice NCERT Books and Exemplar problems to pass the exam with high parentage.
Tiwari Academy provides correct and reliable NCERT Solutions for new session all subjects. We provide quality and free education to all. The NCERT solutions PDF will give chances to the students to learn effectively and revise the chapters easily. All the solutions are step by step solutions and chapter-wise. Excluding these benefits, there are more other reasons Why Choose our Tiwari Academy for NCERT Solutions.

Reasons For Why us:

  • All question answers are well checked and reviewed by the experienced respective subject teacher.
  • Deliver easy and correct CBSE solutions.
  • The given solutions are designed in an easy language.
  • Chapter wise solution for better understand.
  • Clear your in-depth understanding of concepts.
  • Cover all syllabus.
NCERT Solutions for all Boards

NCERT Solutions are now applicable for most of the boards in India like CBSE, UP Board, MP Board, Gujrat Board, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Tripura, Kerala, etc. Different states are now using NCERT Books in English Medium or in regional language, but the contents are same in all languages. Most of the common languages of NCERT Textbooks and Solutions are English and Hindi.
We are providing NCERT Solutions in the form of Online and Offline Apps, PDF format to download and image format to view online on website without downloading. Our team is continuously updating the solutions and other education contents as per the latest CBSE Curriculum 2022-2023. All the solutions are made available free for the students as well as parents. If you are facing any difficulty regarding download or study only, you can get help from our side directly via call, message or through mail.

Facts about NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training)
  • NCERT stands for (National Council of Educational Research and Training) was founded on 1st. Sept. 1961.
  • NCERT is considered as an autonomous organization of the Government of India.
  • The head quarter of National Council of Educational Research and Training located at Sri Aurbindo Marg in New Delhi.
  • And the director of the council is Dr Hrushikesh Senapaty.
  • The Government of India’s Ministry of Education established the National
  • Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
  • NCERT formed by merging seven existing national government institutions.
  • Central Institute of Education, the Central Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance, the National Institute of Basic Education, the Directorate of Extension Programmes for Secondary Education, the Central Bureau of Textbook Research, the National Fundamental Education Centre, and the National Institute of Audio-Visual Education are the seven national government institutions of NCERT.
  • NCERT provides curricular and instructional materials for students for many years.
  • NCERT also offer for both National Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary Education.
  • National Curriculum Framework Connecting knowledge to life outside school.
  • NCERT helps the overall development of children with beyond textbooks.
  • NCERT make examinations flexible and let the student integrating.
  • The logo of NCERT is derived from an Ashokan period relic.
  • The motto NCERT logo is life eternal through learning.
  • NCERT works three aspects such as Research and development, Training and Extension.
  • The main objectives of NCERT are: promote and conduct educational research, innovate the ideas and practice.
  • NCERT provides teaching-learning materials and kits for the students.
  • NCERT also serves teacher education and the national and state level.
  • NCERT not only collaborate with state, national but also with international organizations.
  • NCERT is officially prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and published Textbooks for classes I to XII.
  • Students can download textbooks for free from the e-pathshala website online.
  • NCERT Textbooks are least expensive books in Indian bookstores.
  • NCERT Book is available in various language.
  • The constituent unit of the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training), New Delhi is Regional Institute of Education (RIE).
  • NCERT books also contain sample question papers which are mostly used in government and private schools all over the India which are followed CBSE curriculum.
  • Among all NCERT also offer advice and support for the improvement of school education.
  • CBSE Board questions are picked from NCERT books.
  • NCERT books are considered to be the best study materials for every CBSE board student.
  • NCERT books help the student score more marks in competitive exams also.

What Does NCERT Solutions Stand for?

NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training. In India, NCERT is the biggest contributors to the growth and development of the educational system. All textbooks for all classes which follow CBSE syllabus and pattern. CBSE Syllabus and NCERT books provide a complete and detailed knowledge. The NCERT Solutions is the explanation and solutions of the textbooks provided by NCERT.

Are NCERT and CBSE Solutions same?

CBSE is a board which is the governing body which stands for “Central Board of Secondary Education”. And where NCERT stands for “National Council of Educational Research and Training” is the counsel. Almost every school affiliated from CBSE follows the NCERT. All CBSE schools in India follow and use textbooks published by the NCERT.

What is the main aim and objective of NCERT Solutions?

The main objectives of NCERT are to assist and advise the Ministry of Education and Social welfare in the implementation of its policies and major programmes in the field of education. NCERT aims to promote the use of educational technology and improving and spreading education in India. The main aim providing NCERT Solutions is to assist the students who are facing difficulty during the solutions of questions given in NCERT Textbooks.

Is NECRT Solutions also Helps in JEE Entrance exam?

Yes, NCERT Solutions Helps in JEE Entrance exam in more extent. Most of JEE toppers recommend studying the basics from NCERT books. The chapter summaries in the NCERT Solutions are more beneficial as it clears the foundation of each subject in JEE can be strengthened. NCERT Solutions helps you pick up some of the most important concepts of JEE Entrance exam as well.

Is NCERT Exemplar Solutions Useful for CBSE Exams?

NCERT Exemplar are well designed that include additional questions of a higher level and are meant for aiding detailed learning. These are kind of practice-books for the preparation of CBSE Board exams. Students who are preparing for the entrance exam JEE mains and JEE advanced exams can get the advantages from this NCERT Exemplar.

Are NCERT Solutions Sufficient for the CBSE Board Exam 2022-2023?

The NCERT books are the official books for CBSE. It means all the chapters are designed keeping CBSE syllabus 2022-2023 in mind. So you no need to take stress if you miss any chapter of the textbook, as the CBSE board itself prescribes all books. Moreover, if any change occurred in the curriculum, it will be automatically updated in NCERT books. So NCERT Solutions sufficient for the CBSE Exam.