NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 Exercise 10.1 Circles in Hindi and English Medium.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 Exercise 10.1

Class 10 Maths Ex. 10.1 solutions download in PDF Hindi Medium and English Medium updated for 2022-23. View in Video Format free to study online or download to use it offline. All the NCERT Solutions Apps and NCERT solutions 2022-23 are updated as per the new CBSE Curriculum 2022-23 for CBSE, MP Board, UP Board (High School) – Secondary Examination. Join the discussion forum to ask your doubts and answer the questions asked by other users.

Class: 10Mathematics
Chapter: 10Circles
Contents:Exercise 10.1
Medium:English and Hindi Medium

10 Maths Chapter 10 Exercise 10.1 Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 Exercise 10.1 Circles in English & Hindi Medium download to use offline or use as it is online. These solutions are free to use for all the students of CBSE, UP Board, MP Board, Bihar board, Uttarakhand board and all other board using NCERT Books 2022-23 as a course books.

Class 10 Maths Exercise 10.1 Solution in Hindi Medium

Class 10 Maths Chaper 10 Exercise 10.1 Solution in Video

About 10 Maths Exercise 10.1

In Exercise 10.1 only basic concepts about Chord, Tangents, Diameter, Number of tangents on a circles, parallel tangents, etc. are given. Here, in question number 4, we will learn how to draw a parallel tangent to a given tangent of a circle – One which is intersecting the circle and other which is not intersecting the circle. We know that the TANGENT is perpendicular to RADIUS, in most of the questions only this concept is applied.


1. Circle: A circle is a collection of all those points in a plane which are at a constant distance from a fixed point. The fixed point is called the centre and fixed distance is called the radius.
2. Secant: A line which intersects a circle in two distinct points is called a secant of the circle.
3. Number of Tangent: Infinitely many tangents can be drawn on a circle.
4. Number of Secant: There are infinitely many secants which can be drawn on a circle.

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How many questions are there in exercise 10.1 of class 10th Maths?

There are 4 questions in exercise 10.1 of class 10th math. Question 1 is one word type question, in question 2 students have to fill the blanks and question 3 is a MCQ type question, In question 4 students have to draw a circle and two lines parallel to a given line such that one is a tangent and the other, a secant to the circle.

Which sums from exercise 10.1 of 10th Maths are student’s favourite questions and why?

All questions of exercise 10.1 (class 10 math) are student’s favourite questions because these questions are very easy and students solve these questions without any difficulty.

Can questions from exercise 10.1 of class 10th mathematics come in Board exams?

Yes, questions can come from exercise 10.1 (chapter 10) of class 10th mathematics in Board exams. This exercise contains very good and easy questions. Basically, 1 mark questions can come from this exercise like one word type questions, fill in the blanks type questions, true or false type questions, MCQ etc.

How much time students need to complete exercise 10.1 of class 10th mathematics?

Exercise 10.1 of 10th math is very easy and short exercise. If all concepts related to exercise 10.1 are clear to students then students need maximum 15-30 minutes to complete exercise 10.1 of class 10th math. This time depends on student’s speed and capability also.

10 Maths Chapter 10 Exercise 10.1
10 Maths Chapter 10 Exercise 10.1 in english medium
10 maths ex. 10.1
10 maths ex. 10.1 in hindi