Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 3 Important Questions Discovering Tut the Saga Continues by A R Williams and poem the Laburnum Top by Ted Hughes for academic session 2024-25. Get extra practice question answer and Extra Revision Questions updated for CBSE and state board class 11 English chapter 3 from reading skills section.

Why and how mummies were preserved for thousands of years in Egypt?

The Egyptians strongly believed that there is life after death. The Egyptians believed that the mummified body was the home for soul or spirit. If the body was destroyed, the spirit might be lost and could not make its entrance to its afterlife. This is the reason they used to keep daily needs items along with the deceased person. Preserving a mummy includes removing moisture from a deceased body and using chemicals or natural preservatives, such as resin, to desiccate the flesh and organs. Once the moisture is out, bacteria will not form.

What was the atmosphere like when King was taken for a CT Scan?

When King Tut was taken for CT Scan, there was strange sight in the desert. Where no one ever saw clouds, people saw dark clouds covering the sky of Arabian Desert. These winds also gave birth to that myth that is associated with mummies that anyone who disturbs the mummy of an ancient Egyptian, especially a pharaoh will bring bad luck, illness or death be it a thief or an archaeologist.

People gathered there in huge numbers from all over the world to see how their young King looked like and some wanted us to see the veil of truth falling, which was buried since 3300 years. When the scan was about to begin, the scanner stopped working because of sand in cooler fans. However, the substitute fans had done their work. Although till date only speculations are being made about King Tut’s death and no new information has been found from the scans.

Three hours later when the scan was finished and King was taken back to his tomb and technicians completed their tasks, those strong winds that were blowing so far suddenly stop. And surprisingly, the team of technicians sees a constellation of stars in the sky, which has great recognition in Egypt. This constellation is called “Orion constellation” which Egyptians believe it as “God of afterlife”. So many such things happened which were strange which normally do not occur on this part of desert.

Did CT Scan find information about king’s death?

No, the X-ray and CT Scan done so far have not revealed the exact cause of King’s death. However, after the scan was done in 2005, now even better technology like MRI has come and can solve many old mysteries but repeatedly taking out and scanning the mummy can also be like playing with a precious thing.

King’s body does not have any marks of injury or anything to show that he was murdered. There is also a possibility that when the mummy was buried, after that the evidence was removed from there, but all this can only be speculated nothing can be said with certainty.

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 3 Important Questions
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