Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 5 MCQ the Adventure written by Jayant Narlikar updated for new CBSE session 2024-25. The study material for reading skills in English class 11 chapter 5 Multiple Choice Questions are given here with extra practice questions.

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Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 5 MCQ with Answers


For what reason did the professor go to alternate world?

[A]. Because of time travel
[B]. Due to accident
[C]. To experience parallel world
[D]. None of the above

Who was Rajendra Deshpande?

[A]. Head master
[B]. British officer
[C]. President
[D]. Physicist

How long did he stay in the other world?

[A]. One day
[B]. Two days
[C]. Three days
[D]. Four days

Who was Mr Vinay Gaitonde?
[A] Son of Gangadharpant
[B] Rajendra’s cousin
[C] Librarian
[D] Witness of Panipat’s battle
[A] Son of Gangadharpant

Which lease was expiring in 2001?
[A] Allowing British to occupy Bombay as sole outpost
[B] Modified gross lease
[C] East India Company to colonize India for 99 years
[D] None of the above
[A] Allowing British to occupy Bombay as sole outpost.

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 5 MCQ Explanation


According to which of the two theories did the incident with Professor Gaitonde happen?

[A]. Theory of relativity
[B]. General relativity
[C]. Special relativity
[D]. Catastrophe theory and lack of determinism in Quantum theory

What did Professor find in the fifth volume of ‘Bhausahebanchi Bakhar’?

[A]. India never been colonized
[B]. Marathas won the Battle of Panipat
[C]. British only seized Bombay in Indian subcontinent
[D]. No such book written on Panipat’s battle yet

Why did professor go to town hall?

[A]. To attend seminar
[B]. To become volunteer
[C]. To check certain history facts
[D]. To meet Rajendra Deshpande

What did Professor Gaitonde feel differently on Hornby Road?
[A] A changed India
[B] Glimpse of an English town
[C] Presence of Professor Rajendra Deshpande
[D] Less Indians, more Britishers
[B] Glimpse of an English town

Why East India Company suspended its expansionist programme?
[A] Due to INA activities of Subhash Chandra Bose
[B] Because of Quit India Movement
[C] Because of rise of Marathas post their victory over Abdali’s forces
[D] The Second World War
[C] Because of rise of Marathas post their victory over Abdali’s forces.

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 5 Multiple Choice Questions

What was Professor Gaitonde by profession?

[A]. Historian
[B]. Physicist
[C]. Archeologist
[D]. Doctor

The train carriages were then called

[A]. Rail wagon
[B]. Freight car
[C]. Greater Bombay Metropolitan Railway
[D]. East India carriages

Where did Mr Gaitonde went before visiting Azad Maidan?

[A]. Deshpande’s house
[B]. Library
[C]. Physics lab to understand catastrophe theory
[D]. Battle ground of Panipat

Who dispelled the misconceptions of misunderstood the history of Professor Gaitonde?
[A] Deccan Queen
[B] Khan Sahib
[C] British officer
[D] Professor Rajendra Deshpande
[D] Professor Rajendra Deshpande.

Who did Professor Gaitonde met in train?
[A] Professor Rajendra
[B] Khan Sahib
[C] British officer
[D] Vinay Gaitonde
[B] Khan Sahib

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