Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 5 Important Questions the Adventure written by Jayant Narlikar updated for CBSE session 2024-25. The study material for reading skills in English class 11 chapter 5 Extra Questions are given here with better practice during the exams.

What ‘adventure’ does Jayant Narlikar narrate?

The adventures of Professor Gangadharpant are not real. He is a historian by profession. He wanted to know what would happen if the Marathas lost the battle of Panipat. He didn’t remember until two days later; visited new Mumbai and had a bitter experience at Azad Maidan.

Who is Professor Gaitonde? What are the plans in Mumbai?
Professor Gaitonde is a historian. He wrote five volumes on history. But research work is still going on. He decided to go to the big library and consult a history book on Bombay to see how things were now.

What was Gangadharpant’s experience on his way to Bombay?

Gangadharpant traveled by Jijamata express on Pune-Bombay route. The plan is to look at some history books in the library. At Sarhad station an Anglo-Indian checked the permit. This is where the British Raj began. He was given the company of one Khan Sahib in the train. He felt that this city was not what he thought.

What did Professor Gaitonde not want in Bombay?
Professor Gaitonde expected many upheavals, but he did not expect that Bombay would be ruled by the East India Company. The history books say the company disbanded after 1857, but they were alive and thriving there. They found various shops and department stores and large banks as in England. This is something you don’t want in Mumbai.

What is the professor doing in the town hall library?

The professor asked for a history book that he had written himself. Nothing changed in these events till the death of Aurangzeb. There have been changes in the last volume. He read the account of the battle of Panipat. Abdali was defeated by the Maratha army led by Sadashiv Rao Bhau and his nephew Vishwas Rao. This incident led to a power struggle. It established control over the Marathas. The British company was only present in the area near Bombay.

What do professors want in history books?
He wanted to find an answer to his question of how the Marathas could win the battle of Panipat. He found a clue in a history book called Bakhars. Vishwasrao narrowly escaped being killed by a bullet that flew past his ear. This boosted the morale of the Maratha army and they fought bravely.

What bitter experience did the professor have from the Azad Maidan meeting?

The lecture was in progress when the professor arrived at Azad Maidan. When he saw that the president’s chair was empty, he quickly filled it. People protested loudly, but when the professor began to address the meeting, he was removed from the podium.

How is Bakhar’s account of the Battle of Panipat different from other history books?
All the history books state that the Maratha army lost the war. Vishwasrao was hit by a bullet and fell down. This destroys the morale of the army. This is not what Professor Bakhar himself said. Vishwas Rao is said to have escaped when a bullet went through his ear. The professor wants to know the truth.

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 5 Important Questions
Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 5 Extra Questions
Last Edited: September 5, 2023