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Why did Mrs S keep her valuables with Mrs Dorling?

Mrs Dorling was an old acquaintance of author’s mother. Although they had not met for a long time, but for some time now both were meeting frequently. Mrs S had wished on her to keep all her valuables with her because it seemed to her that during the war, her house could be stolen and the robbers would leave nothing. She believed that after the war she would take back her belongings from Mrs. Dorling.

Why does the author return to Mrs Dorling’s house after first attempt?

Even though Mrs. Dorling may not have treated the author well and returned her in despair, the writer feels that she should try once after coming back to the station. Maybe this time she will get a positive response and she will return her mother’s belongings. She feels it necessary to make an effort before giving up. Her mother’s love for those items and author’s love for her mother drag her to Mrs Dorling’s house.

How did Mrs Dorling treat Mrs S’s daughter when she went to get her mother’s belongings?
Mrs Dorling was a woman with nefarious intentions who would have decided never to return the precious household items when she brought them home. When Mrs S’s daughter reached her house, she at first refused to recognize her. When the author caught sight of the knitted cardigan she was wearing, she hid herself behind the half open door because the cardigan belonged to Mrs S. When the author wanted to take the matter forward, Mrs Dorling said that now is not the convenient time to talk and she should come later.

What does Mrs S’s daughter finds when she visits Mrs Dorling’s home for the second time?

After being treated unpleasantly by Mrs Dorling on her very first visit to the house, the author developed an eerie impression of Mrs Dorling. She suffered a mental setback from which she needed time to recover. On her second visit, the author was welcomed by Mrs Dorling’s daughter, who, unlike her mother, asked the author to come in and even offered her a cup of tea.

The author, while running her eyes around the house, saw a few things her mother had left with Mrs Dorling like silver fork and spoons, other precious cutlery sets and other decorative items of living room. In a few moments, Mrs. Dorling’s daughter was about to show more items to author but author interrupted and left the place without seeing anymore. This is because if she’d see more items in such miserable condition it would have made her feel angry and sad even more.

Give character sketch of Mrs Dorling.

Mrs Dorling was a selfish woman. She betrayed with her friend who had blind trust on her. Mrs S had bestowed her belongings to her. Mrs S would never have imagined that after her death, Mrs Dorling would turn away from her words and would treat her daughter this way. Mrs. Dorling was an extremely rude person who refused to recognize her friend’s daughter in her tough time. Overall we can say that Mrs Dorling was rude and ill mannered person who knows very well how to seize the opportunity.

What difference does the Mrs S’s daughter note in her house? Does that surprise her mother?
In the first half of WW1, Mrs S’s daughter was at home due to some work and she felt certain household items missing and when she asked her mother, she got surprised to see girl noticing so soon and then the daughter was told by her mother that she had given the household items to her friend Mrs. Dorling to keep them safe.

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