Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 4 Important Questions Albert Einstein at School by Patrick Pringle updated for CBSE session 2022-23. Students of Class 11 English can take help in Supplementary Reader Chapter 4 Extra Questions using the practice material and solutions.

Why Mr Braun was awestruck at Albert’s answers?
In response to a question asked from history book by Mr. Braun, Albert finds no point in acquiring bookish knowledge or to remember the dates of history and this is not the correct definition of education. He never expected that a child would tell him the true meaning of education. This is the reason why Mr Braun got very angry with him. Albert was only interested in creative learning but history teacher thought otherwise.

Why Albert was not interested in learning dates and facts?

Albert Einstein was an intelligent student and was studying in Munich school where he did not like the teaching methods. Einstein clashed with the school authorities and resented the school’s regimen and teaching method. He later wrote in his book that the “spirit of learning and creative thought was lost in strict rote learning”. He was strictly against parrot learning and according to him books could be referred at any time for old dates and facts so they should not be a part of curriculum in schools.

What was history teacher’s way of punishing students in German school?
As such, the story does not give much detail about the punishment system of the school, but for not being able to answer a question to Albert, the teacher ordered him to sit in extra class on that day in school. This is because Albert had little or no interest in traditional method of studies of his school, so teacher decided to make him sit a little longer.

How was Albert’s neighborhood?

Albert did not like the place where he lived. It wasn’t any kind of cleanliness. Good food was not even prepared or served there. It was a settlement of poor people where all the uncivilized people lived. Albert’s landlady used to beat her children a lot and her husband used to drink alcohol and beat his wife. All this bothered Albert very much. He wanted to get out of that place and live in a nicer place.

Was education system the only reason for Einstein to leave Germany?
Though he was most unhappy with Munich’s education system where he was forced to do parrot reading and he was interested in creative learning. The school management was neither interested in changing their pattern. The second major reason was his neighborhood where he lived. His landlady used to beat her children and she was beaten by her husband quite often. These voices bothered him a lot. The filth, poverty, and living in society of uncivilized people also caused Albert to leave Germany.

In which of his hobbies did Albert feel happy?

As we know, Albert had no interest in subjects like history. We can see from Patrick’s extract of ‘The Young Einstein’ that Albert was interested in subjects like Maths, Physics and Geology. In his spare time, he liked listening music and play the violin.

Who was Elsa? How was her relation with Albert Einstein?
Elsa was Albert’s cousin who lived in Berlin. She had come to Munich for a while when Albert told her about his school and the difficulties he was facing with studies. Elsa tried her best to study in Munich so that he could at least get a diploma. She had a very good relationship with Albert. She helped him the most after Yuri.

What was Yuri’s role in getting Albert a medical certificate?

Yuri was Albert’s only friend. Albert had shared every activity going on in his school with Yuri. Albert asks for a doctor from Yuri who can prescribe him of nervous breakdown so that he can get permanent or long leave from school. After thinking for some time, Yuri found a doctor who was familiar to him and could do this work of Albert. Yuri had convinced the doctor in advance that this work should be done for Albert without asking too many questions. This is how Yuri made his friend’s path easier in getting medical certificate.

What set Albert apart from the rest of the kids?
All the children studying in that school in Munich were the same who were studying with the traditional method. Even Albert’s cousin had no problem with parrot reading. But Albert wanted to do something creative apart from all this. His farsighted vision and different way of thinking gave him a different identity later on. He had the passion to tell the true meaning of education to his elders from a young age itself.

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