NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 11.2 Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry in Hindi and English prepared for session 2024-25. Get the revised solutions of ex. 11.2 class 11 Maths based on rationalised NCERT books for academic session 2024-25.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 11.2

Class: 11Mathematics
Chapter: 11Exercise: 11.2
Topic Name:Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
Content Type:Text and Videos Format
Medium:Hindi and English medium

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About the Concepts of Exercise 11.2 in 11th Standard

At the outset we would suggest students to master coordinate geometry (as well as other aspects of mathematics) in class 11, before venturing into higher aspects in class 12th. Three-dimensional geometry is one subject which is to be studied even in class 12.

Among the slightly difficult topics in class 12, 3 D geometry is one of the branches which is to be learnt painstakingly. Questions are of exercise 11.2 are based on distance finding and similar applications.

Examples of Exercise 11.2 in Class 11 Maths

In exercise 11.2 there are 4 examples and you will be taught to find out distance between two points in a three-dimensional system. This is an extension of distance formula in a 2 dimensional coordinate system. The distance formula can be extended to find out the distance of any point P, from its origin. The example number 4 from NCERT textbook for class 11 Maths helps you to know how to prove the given three points are collinear.

Important Questions of Class 11 Maths Exercise 11.2

Example 5 helps us to know how to prove that the points given are that are of right angled triangle. In the exercise 11.2 there are only five question and our suggestion is that you solve all these question or refer to our website Tiwari Academy. Question number 5 of exercise 11.2 is slightly difficult and we are required to find out the equation of the set of points P. the sum of whose distance is equal to a particular number.

How to master in Exercise 11.2 of 11th Maths

Students desiring to master the subject are advised to learn the derivations wherever possible – not only in three dimensional geometry but elsewhere in algebra, trigonometry so that even if they forget the formula they can still derive it of their own.

Recall that in all such derivations the most important property which is used is the Pythagoras theorem. The trigonometric formulae are not only important for this exercise but the other chapters also.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 11 Exercise 11.2 in English Medium
Class 11 Maths Chapter 11 Exercise 11.2
Class 11 Maths Exercise 11.2
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