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Can you find illustrative examples of conflict drawn from Indian society? Discuss the causes that led to conflict in each instance.

The subsequent are some samples of conflicts that have occurred within the Indian society:
Caste-based conflict – This kind of conflict relies upon the institution of caste and it is led to violent clashes between the traditionally superior and inferior communities. Education has spread awareness about the oppression caused by this technique. However, a lot has to be done to eradicate the unfairness of caste.

The Kashmir conflict – India has officially stated that it believes that Kashmir is an integral a part of India. Pakistan says that Kashmir may be a disputed territory, whose final status must be determined by the people of Kashmir. China states that Aksai Chin could be a part of China. Certain Kashmiri independent groups believe that Kashmir should be independent of both, India and Pakistan.This was a territorial conflict.

The Godhra incident – On February 27, 2002 at Godhra city in the state of Gujarat, the Sabarmati train was forcibly stopped and attacked by an outsized Muslim mob. As a result, 58 Hindu pilgrims — mostly women, children and seniors, coming back from the Heavenly City of Ayodhya— were burned alive. The attack prompted retaliatory massacres against Muslims on an oversized scale, during which 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed.This conflict was supported religion.

The Kaveri river conflict – It’s a conflict between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the sharing of water of the river Kaveri. A dam was built over the portion of river that lies upstream in Karnataka, resulting in depletion of water resources for the farmers in state. A central tribunal, later, allotted more water to Tamil Nadu and allowed it to construct the Mettur dam likewise. This led to large scale riots in Karnataka. This conflict was supported sharing of resources.

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Write an essay based on examples to show how conflicts get resolved.

There are many conflicts in contemporary society based upon various factors, starting from social, economic and cultural. The type of resolution depends upon nature of the conflict. Local conflicts get resolved through the intervention of administration and enforcement agencies, just like the police. However, bigger conflicts that involve communities of individuals can’t be resolved during this way. Special provisions should be made for resolution of such conflicts.

Dialogue between the aggrieved parties is that the best suited way of sorting out the basic reason for the conflict. A successful example of dialogue as a mechanism of conflict resolution is that the Christian holy day agreement between Ireland and UK that led to reduction in violence in Ireland. However, in most cases, the leadership takes up rhetorical positions which create further dissatisfaction among people. Eventually, many conflicts tackle a violent form and cause great loss of life and property.

These include religious, ethnic and linguistic conflicts. Territorial and ideological disputes also result in wars. The Second warfare was a results of the conflict between territorial ambitions of European powers, while the conflict was an ideological battle. Such conflicts get resolved only if one amongst the parties become too weak to challenge the opposite one. as an example, the collapse of the USSR ensured the supremacy of the USA after the tip of conflict. The international organization is a corporation created to resolve conflicts, but its role has become increasingly limited within the present situation.

Ethnic conflicts and insurgencies have also taken place within the North-Eastern a part of India because of a mix of things. When there’s a movement regarding reservation by the backward classes, in the country, the govt. resolves the problems by making special provisions in the constitution. This was also in the recent case of Jan Lokpal Bill, when Anna Hazare started a ‘fast unto death’ to exert pressure on the govt. of India to enact a powerful anti-corruption legislation. Judicial action is additionally a remedy to resolve conflicts which are sensitive in nature. as an example, the Babri Masjid dispute at Ayodhya.

Imagine a society where there is no competition. Is it possible? If not, why not?

A society without competition isn’t possible. this is often because it’s an ambiguous idea, which is completely utopian in nature. Historically also, the concept of a society without competition, has failed miserably. Many societies adopted the ideology of socialism, which was based upon the principle of equality to any or all. However, socialism didn’t work because it was inconsistent with the basic principles of human behavior. It had been inherent in groups of people to compete, so as to survive. the expansion of civilization has tempered indiscriminate competition to some extent and it’s been the most difference between savages and civilized people. Technological advancements and innovations in human society have mostly taken place thanks to the urgency imposed by competition.

Furthermore, competition is that the dominant ideology of capitalism. the most idea here lies behind rational individuals in free competition within the marketplace, each competing member to earn the most profit.
For example, if there was no competition, there would be no difference between a student with the very best marks and a student with all-time low marks. Hence, the spirit of development would be lost.

Discuss whether modern society is really more competitive or conflict ridden than it used to be before?

Society was competitive even during the time of our previous generations. Though, the wants of that time were different, the urge striving to the most effective has always been an element of the society. As an example, fifty years ago, the worth of Rs. 100 would are up to the worth of Rs. 10,000 within the contemporary times. Hence, the competition at that point was to induce Rs. 100.

The urge to induce the most effective available resources of the time has always led to competition and consequently, conflicts. This has been visible in the exploration of the planet by European explorers in search of resources. This results the process of colonization of newly discovered lands. The opposite forms of conflicts were based upon locally unique phenomena. for instance, the class structure in India was one among the oldest sorts of division of labour.

Therefore, it may be concluded that society has never been free from conflicts and competition because there has always been a change within the nature of conflicts in several periods of a society consistent with the prevalent social, economic and cultural conditions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Sociology Chapter 1 Social Structure
Class 11 Sociology Chapter 1 Social Structure
NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Sociology Chapter 1 Question Answers