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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold Unit 6

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Summary of a poem “Mr. Nobody”

In this poem, there is a little man named Mr. Nobody. The poet believes that Mr. Nobody is the cause of every mischief done in everyone’s house. The poet also tells that no one ever saw this little man (Mr. Nobody). But the poet is sure that Mr. Nobody is the only mischief-maker.

Class 2 English Marigold Chapter 5 (Mr. Nobody) Question and Answers

Are there any new words in the poem “Mr. Nobody”?

Yes, there are new words in the poem “Mr. Nobody”
1. Quiet
2. Mischief
3. Everybody
4. Agree
5. Nobody

Who is Mr. Nobody in the poem “Mr. Nobody”?

Mr. Nobody is a small man who is a mischief-maker in everybody’s house.

Has anyone ever seen him?

No, no one has ever seen him.

Is there a Mr. Nobody in your house?

No, there is no ‘Mr. Nobody’ in my house.

Have you ever done something naughty?

Yes, Many times I have done something naughty.

What did you do?

I broke the glass jug two times.

What did you say?

I accepted my fault and said sorry to my parents.

Rhyming Words
WordRhyming Word
mouse house
see bee
fat cat

Question: Fill in the blanks with a, e, i, o, u.
1. he__d,
2. __ rms,
3. l____gs,
4. dr ____ ss,
5. h________r

1. a
2. a
3. e
4. e
5. a, i

Add ‘no’, ‘some’ and ‘every’ to the word body to make new words.

1. Nobody
2. Somebody
3. Everybody

Summary of the story “Curlylocks and the Three Bears”

This is the story about a girl named Curlylocks and the three bears. One day curlylocks went into a forest near her house. In the forest, curlylocks saw a small cottage. She went inside the cottage. A Bear family lived in that cottage. No bear was there at that time in the cottage. There curlylocks saw three bowls of porridge on the table. All the bowls were of different sizes.

She tasted the porridge of all bowls but finished the tiny bowl of porridge. After eating, when she went into the bedroom she saw the three beds of different sizes. She slept on the tiny bed. Suddenly the Bear family came back to their cottage. They found that their food and beds were touched by someone. The bear family was surprised to saw a girl sleeping on the tiny bed. Curlylocks woke up shocked and ran away quickly from the cottage.

Class 2 English Marigold Chapter 5 (Curlylocks) Question and Answers

Find out new words from the story “Curlylocks and the three bears”

The new words are:
1. Curly
2. Cottage
3. Bowl
4. Porridge
5. Hungry

Make sentences using the words curly, and Hungry

1. Her hair was curly.
2. He was hungry.

Who lived in the cottage in the forest?

A bear family (Papa bear, Mama bear, Baby bear) lived in the cottage in the forest.

What did Curlylocks see on the table?

Curlylocks saw three bowls (of different sizes) of porridge on the table.

Why did she eat up all the porridge from Baby Bear’s bowl?

Curlylocks ate up all the porridge from the baby bear’s bowl because the porridge of the papa bear’s bowl was too hot, and the porridge of the mama bear’s bowl was too cold. Only the porridge of the baby bear’s bowl was just right (neither too hot nor too cold).

Whose bed did Curlylocks sleep in and why?

Curlylocks slept in the baby bear’s bed because the bed of the papa bear was too hard, and the bed of the mama bear was too soft. Only the bed of the baby bear was just right (neither too hard nor too soft).

Have you ever seen a forest? What did you see there?

Yes, I have seen the forest. I saw different-different trees there.

Make sentences with sea and see, tail and tales.

1. The sea is blue.
2. I can see you.
3. His tail is very small.
4. My mother told me the interesting tale of a fairy.

The Words Tell about Curlylocks and Related Sentences
BigHer house is very big.
StrongI am very strong.
FatHe is very fat.
LazyBears are very lazy.
BrownMy shoes are brown in color.
HairyBears are very hairy.
HeavyThis bag is very heavy.
MoodyMy aunt is very moody.

Unit 6 (Marigold) of class 2nd English was very good, easy, and interesting. Students learn many things from this unit. Many skills like listening skills, learning skills, speaking skills, etc develop from this unit. Students enjoy doing this unit a lot. The poem and story in this unit are very interesting.

What is this poem unit 6 chapter 1 from class 2nd Marigold is all about?

The poem is all about lies children say when they do some mischief in poetic form.

Is this poem unit 6 chapter 1 from class 2nd Marigold easy to understand?

The poem’s language is easy to understand but to make children know about who is Mr. Nobody can be a daunting task as they might come up with any question. Once they understand Mr. Nobody it will be easy and fun.

The Poem unit 6chapter 1 from class 2nd Marigold is easy to cover in one day?

The poem can be read in one day but it could take more than one day to understand as children need answers to make this poem their favorite.

What does the story unit 6 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold tell us about the curly locks?

The story tells about the girl who went into the jungle and inside the cottage where three bears lived (Papa bear, Momma bear, and little bear). The girl was hungry so she and the porridge and then slept in the bed. When she saw the bear came she was surprised to see the and ran away.

How was the story unit 6 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold?

I think the story is interesting and children will like it as it is about a little curly hair girl. I think one should read the story to their children as a bedtime story too.

What’s your thought about the language used in the story unit 6 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold?

The language of story is easy but the author tried to introduce new words to the kids like curly locks. But the new words are given below with the meaning.

What do you think is the hidden message in the story unit 6 chapter 2 from class 2nd Marigold?

I think the hidden message in the story is one should never enter someone’s house without asking permission to eat their food or sleep on their bed.

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