NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 3 How Much Can You Carry updated for CBSE Session 2024-25 to download in PDF. Chapter 3 of NCERT Solutions, “How Much Can You Carry?” Will introduce the students to the concept of weight. Solutions include some small hacks that your child can use to find out the weight of various things that he uses in his daily activities. You can easily download these solutions from Tiwari Academy’s website or app.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 3

How Much Can You Carry?

Do you think we humans are the only clear living being in this world just because we can work and take help from animals and animals are innocent and does what we wish for if we love them and feed them?
Well if your answer is yes, then this story will change your mind about animals. We consider the most innocent animal is donkey but here the case is different.
I suggest reading the story to find out how the cunning donkey tricked the human.

Animals who Help Us

A student looks around the society or their neighboring areas to look for such animals which are innocent than a donkey, who helps us in our day to day works and students can make a list of such animals.
For example, I can name one animal which we consider and holy, innocent, and helps humans in their day-to-day life work. Guessed it?

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Cow!! Yes, if your answer was this it is right it helps us and pulls the cart full of crops and also works on the farm and gives us tasty milk. In return, we take care of her and feed them and love them. Do you have other such names?

Heavier and Lighter

The story is not just finished here there are other stories too available in the chapter such as the boy named Raju who wants to play on a See-Saw where he wants others to join them but Raju is heavier than his friend he called sop he asked more to come and he learned an important lesson there. Do you want to know about the lesson he learned then do not skip the story of Raju!
Do you think you can name some other object such as it is which you can use while playing like Raju?

For example, leaning backward can make you heavier and can make you feel heavier and it is a small trick you can play. There are some of the special puzzles that you might get in this chapter.

What new is available to learn in chapter 3 of class 2nd Maths NCERT book for children?

Math always tried to make children learn something new and chapter 3 is also trying to do the same thing. Here you will be able to learn about weight.

Q2. What is much interesting about chapter 3rd from class 2nd Math book?

Chapter 3 from class 2nd maths begins with small story riddles that one has to solve to get the interesting answer and not only that the entire chapter has some new fund riddles that require one to solve and that part is interesting.

Do you think the class 2nd maths chapter 3 can be done by children all by themselves?

Math is the subject that requires help to understand because here children will learn something new, unlike some literature. So children might need help from teachers, guardians, or parents.

Class 2 Maths Chapter 3 NCERT Solutions
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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 3
NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 3 in English Medium
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Last Edited: March 7, 2024