Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 8 Important Questions of A Game of Chance and poem Vocation. Practice here with extra questions answers taken from NCERT Book. These class 6 English extra question answers cover the entire chapter from NCERT Book. These are useful for the preparation of school tests and class assessments. Students can get good marks just by reading once or twice these important extra questions and answers. The set of practice questions includes short as well as long answers type questions.

Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 8 Important Questions

Class: 6English
Chapter: 8Important Questions

6th English Chapter 8 Important Questions for 2022-2023

Class 6 English Chapter 8 Important Extra Questions with answers are given below for the preparation of chapter during the school exams. Questions are confined to Latest NCERT Books only and answers are prepared by the subject experts.

6th Class English Chapter-8 Important Questions Set – 1

On what occasion the fair was held?

The fair was held on the occasion of Eid every year, which lasted for many days.

What items were available at the fair?

Tradesmen from far and wide came to the fair with all kinds of good to sell. One could buy anything from a small pin to a big buffalo.

Who take the Rasheed to the fair?

His uncle took him to the fair with his brother.

What instructions were given by uncle?

Uncle warned him neither to buy anything nor to go too far out while he was away.

Why do you think Rasheed’s uncle asked him not to buy anything in his absence?

Uncle warned Rasheed not to buy anything in his absence because the shop¬keepers could cheat him and take away his money.

Why do you think Rasheed’s uncle asked him not to buy anything in his absence?

The shopkeeper was neither young nor old. He was a middle-aged man. He seemed neither too smart nor too lazy. He wanted everybody to try their luck.

What was the rule of the game to be played at lucky shop?

Answer: There were discs on the table with numbers from one to ten facing down. All you had to do was to pay50 paisa, pick up any six discs, add up the numbers on the discs and find the total. The article marked with that number was yours.

6th Class English Chapter-8 Important Questions Set – 2

What did the old man win at that shop?

When the old man got six discs at the price of 50 paisa. He added up the numbers on them and found the total was 15. He was given the article marked15, which was a beautiful clock.

How did the old man get pleased?

When the old man won the clock, he was not happy because he didn’t want the clock. Then the shopkeeper obliged him by buying it back for 15 rupees. The old man went away very pleased.

How the little boy older than Rasheed did tried his luck?

First, he got a comb worth 25 paise. The shopkeeper bought the comb from the boy for 25 paisa. The boy tried his luck again. He now got a fountain-pen worth three rupees. Then he tried a third time and got a wrist watch worth 25 rupees. When he tried again he got a table lamp worth more than 10 rupees. The boy was happy and went away with a smile and a good deal of cash.

Was Rasheed want to try his luck too?

Yes, he wanted to try his luck too. He looked at Bhaiya. He also encouraged him, then he paid 50paise and took six discs.

What did the Rasheed win at the first play?

His luck was not too good, he got two pencils at first chance. The shopkeeper bought them from him for 25paise. He tried again.

What happened second time when the Rasheed plays?

This time he got a bottle of ink, also of little value. The shopkeeper bought that too for 25 paisa. He took chance for the third time.

What happened next when Rasheed keeps playing after second chance?

Answer: He had hopes of winning a big prize and continued to try his luck again and again, paying 50 paisa each time. But every time he got a trifle. At last he was left with only 25paise. Again the shopkeeper showed his kindness. He said you could either play once more with 25 paise or settle the account then and there. He played again and the last 25 paise also disappeared.

6th Class English Chapter-8 Important Questions Set – 3

What were the people reactions?

People were looking at him. Some were laughing at his bad luck, but none showed any sympathy. Bhaiya and I went to the place where Uncle had left us and waited for him to return.

Why was Rasheed upset? What was the uncle’s reaction when bhaiya told him all about?

Rasheed was upset because he didn’t win anything big as he expected. When bhaiya told him all about uncle was neither angry nor sad. He smiled and patted Rasheed.

What uncle did to make Rasheed’s mood good again?

He took Rasheed to a shop and bought him a beautiful umbrella, biscuits and sweets and some other little gifts. Then they returned home.

What did uncle told Rasheed while returning home? What did Rasheed reply?

While returning home uncle told him that the Lucky Shop man had made a fool of him. Rasheed replied No, Uncle, “it was just his bad luck.”

Why was Rasheed not believing his uncle?

He was not believing his uncle because he saw an old man getting a clock and a boy getting two or three costly things.

How did uncle make Rasheed understand that shopkeeper had fooled him?

Answer: Uncle said it was not his bad luck, the little boy and the old man were all friends of the shopkeeper. They were playing tricks to tempt you to try your luck. They wanted your money and they got it.

Note: Important Questions of Poem Vocation are given below.

6th Class English Chapter-8 Important Questions Set – 4

Who is the speaker in the poem? Who are the people the speaker meets? What are they doing?

The speaker is a child. The speaker meets a hawker, a gardener and a watchman. They are doing their job- Hawker is selling bangles, Gardener is planting plants and watchman is walking in the streets.

How does the street lamp stand?

The streets lamp stands like a one –eyed giant.

Who gives company to the watchman?

The watchman’s Shadow alone gives him company.

Who does the child meet every day in the lane?

The child meets a hawker every day in the lane.

When does the child go to bed?

The child goes to bed as soon as it is dark in the evening.

What does he see through the open window?

He sees the night watchman through the open window.

What is the common point between a gardener and a watchman?

Freedom is the common point between a gardener and a watchman.

When the watchman did comes on duty?

Watchman comes on duty when the child sleeps.

Why street did was lonely?

The street was lonely because all were asleep.

What wishes does the child in the poem make? Why does the child want to be hawker, a gardener, or a watchman?

Answer: The child wishes to become a hawker so that he may go about freely. He wants to be a gardener so that nobody would scold him for spoiling his clothes. He finally wants to be watchman so as to walk freely in the street. The child wishes to enjoy a restriction free life.

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