Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 8 Important Questions of The Banyan Tree. All the long and short answer type questions are included here to prove a complete revision of 7th English. All the main and important questions are given with suitable answers. These extra questions are taken from NCERT Textbook only. Answers are written by subject expert of class 7 English. No doubt, these questions are very helpful to understand the whole chapter easily. Study all the questions once and get good marks in all of your school exams.

Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 8 Important Questions

Class: 6English
Chapter: 8Important Questions

6th English Chapter 8 Important Questions for 2024-25

Class 6 English Chapter 8 Extra Question answers are helpful to revise the whole chapter in less time. These questions are design in such a way that it covers the entire chapter. Student can prepare for school test and class assessment using these questions. All the answers are taken from NCERT Book for class 6 English Honeysuckle only.

6th Class English Chapter-8 Important Questions Set – 1

What does the author think of the banyan tree?

As per the author the house and grounds belonged to grandparents, but the magnificent old banyan tree was mine because Grandfather, at sixty-five, could no longer climb it.

How did the author pleased after seeing the tree?

Its spreading branches, which hung to the ground and took root again, forming a number of twisting passages, gave the author endless pleasure.

Where did the author live? How old the tree was?

The author lived at Dehradun. The tree was older than the house, older than Grandfather, as old as Dehra Dun itself.

Who was the author’s first friend?

The author’s first friend was a small grey squirrel. Arching his back and sniffing into the air, he seemed at first to resent my invasion of his privacy.

What does author give the squirrel to eat?

The author gave him pieces of cakes, biscuits and when he became friendly with author he grew quite bold and was soon taking morsels from hand.

What does squirrel friends and relatives think?

He was a very young squirrel, and his friends and relatives probably thought him foolish and headstrong for trusting a human.

In what season the banyan tree was the noisiest?

Answer: In the spring, when the banyan tree was full of small red figs, birds of all kinds would flock into its branches: the red-bottomed bulbul, cheerful and greedy; parrots, myna and crows squabbling with one another. During the fig season, the banyan tree was the noisiest place in the garden.

6th Class English Chapter-8 Important Questions Set – 2

Where the author did built the crude platform?

The author build the platform halfway up the tree, where he would spend the afternoons when it was not too hot.

What does author do on the tree?

He read there propping himself up against the tree with a cushion from the living room.

Which books author read on the tree?

The author read the Treasure Island, Huckleberry Finn and The Story of Dr Do little were some of the books that made up his banyan tree library.

What did author do when he did not like reading?

When he did not feel like reading, he could look down through the leaves at the world below. And on one particular afternoon he had a grandstand view of that classic of the Indian wilds, a fight between a mongoose and a cobra.

What was the author wanted to do to the approaching summer?

He was feeling drowsy himself, wondering if he should go to the pond and have a swim with Ramu and the buffaloes.

What did the cobra and the mongoose do, to show their readiness for the fight?

The cobra produced a hissing sound to challenge the mongoose to a fight. It raised three feet of its body off the ground. It spread its broad hood. The mongoose bushed its tail. The long hair on its back also stood up.

Describe the appearance of mongoose and the cobra?

Answer: When the cobra and the mongoose came face to face, the cobra knew only too well that the grey mongoose, three feet long, was a superb fighter, clever and aggressive. But the cobra, too, was a skilful and experienced fighter. He could move swiftly and strike with the speed of light; and the sacs behind his long sharp fangs were full of deadly poison. It was to be a battle of champions.

6th Class English Chapter-8 Important Questions Set – 3

Who were the other two spectators? What did they do?

In addition to the narrator, the two other onlookers of the fight were a myna and a wild crow. First of all they sat on the cactus plant to watch the outcome of the fight. In the end, they took part in the game. Both tried to pick up the cobra for their meal. The crow got bitten and died. The mongoose dragged the snake away into the bushes. The myna also flew away.

What mongooses are famous for and how do they kill snakes?

Mongooses are famous for being able to kill snakes without getting hurt themselves. Their reactions are so fast that they can dodge each time the snake strikes. They continually make a nuisance of themselves until, after a while, when the snake gets tired, they quickly dive in for the kill.

What happened to the crow in the end?

In the end, the crow got bitten by the cobra and it fell dead.

What did the myna do finally?

The myna flew to the ground, looked into the bushes, gave a shrill cry and flew away.

What trick did the mongoose apply to overpower and kill the cobra?

He first bit the snake twice on the back. When the cobra was tired, the mongoose caught it by the snout. He finally dragged the dead snake into the bushes.

Name the creatures lost their lives in the classic struggle between the cobra and the mongoose. Who were those victims?

Answer: The Cobra and the crow are the creatures lost their lives in the classic struggle between the cobra and the mongoose.

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