Class 6 Science Chapter 1 MCQ

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions of Food: Where does it come from? Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Extra questions provide an ample practice for the class test or school terminal exams, updated for academic session 2021-22.

There are more than 10 sets of questions for practice. Every time there will be new sets of questions for MCQ tests. Doing frequently tests, help to understand the concepts more clearly.

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 MCQ for 2021-2022

Class: 6Science
Contents:Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Tests

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 MCQ Tests Practice

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 MCQ Tests are given below based on Chapter 1 of Standard 6 Science. There are total ten questions in each set containing more than 12 sets and 125 questions all together. There will be a new sets of questions for test every attempt. All the MCQs are prepared from NCERT Books of grade 6 Science.


Animals which eat both plants and animals, called

[A]. Herbivores
[B]. Carrion feeder
[C]. Carnivores
[D]. Omnivores

Food is essential for all living organisms because

[A]. It provides energy
[B]. It helps in growth and repair cells
[C]. It protects our body from various diseases
[D]. All of these

Humans mostly eat the seeds

[A]. Rice, Pulses
[B]. Mustard, Peanuts
[C]. Wheat, Soya-bean
[D]. All of these

Which part of an onion plant do we eat?

[A]. Root and leaves
[B]. Stem and flower
[C]. Stem and leaves
[D]. Root, stem and fruit

Which of the following has different eating habits compared with the others?

[A]. Elephant
[B]. Cow
[C]. Dog
[D]. Giraffe


The part of the banana plant not used as food is

[A]. Flower
[B]. Fruit
[C]. Stem
[D]. Root

Beans, grams, urad dal are rich in

[A]. Spices
[B]. Ingredients
[C]. Nourishments
[D]. Proteins

Both seeds and leaves of this plant are edible. Select from the following.

[A]. Potato
[B]. Cabbage
[C]. Radish
[D]. Mustard

Which of the following are the sources of milk for human beings?

[A]. Cow and Horse
[B]. Cow and Sheep
[C]. Sheep and Horse
[D]. Horse and Ox

Animals which eat other animals, called

[A]. Carrion feeder
[B]. Insectivorous
[C]. Carnivores
[D]. Omnivores


Honeybees suck this from flower

[A]. Honey
[B]. Nectar
[C]. Enzymes
[D]. All of these

Grasses, shrubs, trees are called, producers because they make

[A]. Water
[B]. Minerals
[C]. Carbon di oxide
[D]. Food

Materials required to prepare a food item are called

[A]. Nutrients
[B]. Ingredients
[C]. Nourishments
[D]. Minerals

Which of the following living organisms uses sunlight to make its food?

[A]. Cat
[B]. Frog
[C]. Snake
[D]. Coconut tree

Read each set of terms and identify the odd one.

[A]. Cow, milk, butter
[B]. Hen, meat, egg
[C]. Goat, milk, meat
[D]. Plant, vegetable, butter, milk


The substance from which the food is made are called

[A]. Dietary fiber
[B]. Water
[C]. Soil
[D]. Ingredients

Paheli puts some seeds in water and left them overnight. Next day, she removes the water and tied the seeds in a wet cloth. The next day, Paheli saw some white structure. What was that?

[A]. Roots
[B]. Flowers
[C]. Stems
[D]. Leaves

Ingredients are needed to prepare an “Omelet”:

[A]. Egg, onion, oil
[B]. Egg, oil
[C]. Egg, salt
[D]. Egg, onion, chilies (as spices), oil and salt

Meat of ……………… is known as Chevon or Mutton.

[A]. Chicken
[B]. Cow
[C]. Deer
[D]. Goat

Which of the following stems are edible?

[A]. Onion, potato, garlic
[B]. Carrot, ginger, onion
[C]. Carrot, radish, pumpkin
[D]. Ginger, onion, potato


Ingredients are needed to prepare Idli

[A]. Rice
[B]. Urad dal
[C]. Salt, water
[D]. All of these

Boiled seeds fail to sprout because

[A]. Boiling creates lack of oxygen
[B]. Boiling kills germs
[C]. Boiling damages certain enzymes
[D]. All of these

Beehive is

[A]. A place where bees live
[B]. Sweet juices of flowers
[C]. Another name of nectar
[D]. Another name of honey

Soya bean oil is obtained from which part of the plant?

[A]. Stem
[B]. Fruit
[C]. Seed
[D]. Root

Can you suggest the example of spices which we get from plants?

[A]. Cinnamon, Cardamom
[B]. Clove, Chili
[C]. Pepper, cumin
[D]. All the above

There are 100+ questions divided into 15 sets prepared from NCERT Books class 6 Science Chapter 1 Food: Where does it come from? Frequently doing these questions help to score well in the exams. It is advised to attempt more and more tests to clear your concepts. NCERT Solutions are given in Hindi and English Medium for all subjects for free use or download.

Are MCQs from Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Important?

There may me one or more than one MCQ from Class 6 Science chapter 1 selected in Question paper of Science. Now MCQ are important part of examination since 2021-2022 academic session. The first terminal exam of class 6 Science will be based on only MCQs.

Which section in Class 6 Science Chapter 1 is important for MCQ test?

All the sections are equally important for test or school exams but Food Materials and Sources topic is most important as per the Multiple Choice Questions concern.

Is Plant Parts as Food from Chapter 1 of Class 6 Science important for MCQs?

Not only Plant Parts as Food but Animal products as food also important for MCQs as well as descriptive questions.

How to prepare for MCQs tests in Class 6 Science chapter 1?

There are about more than 100 MCQ given on this page related to Class 6 Science Chapter 1. You can practice here on Tiwari Academy MCQ platform.

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