Class 6 Science Chapter 2 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Sorting Materials into Groups are given below. These MCQs are prepared for session 2023-24 by the expert teachers following the latest NCERT Book 2023-24. The set of 20 papers containing 10 questions each are given below. This sets of MCQ tests provide a perfect practice for the school test or exams.

Class 6 Science Chapter 2 MCQ with Answers

Class: 6Science
Topic:Sorting Materials into Groups
Contents:Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ Tests
Mode of Content:Online Text format
Academic Session:CBSE 2023-24

Class 6 Science Chapter 2 MCQ Tests

Class 6 Science Chapter 2 MCQ tests are given below. There are total of 25 tests containing 5 questions each test. To be confident in Class 6 Science Chapter 2, one must do these tests and improve his knowledge. At the end of the test, Start a New Test button is given for new test. Anyone can give many tests as per requirement, there is not any specific limit for these tests.


Copper metal is a

[A]. Good conductor of heat
[B]. Highly magnetic material
[C]. Translucent material
[D]. Ornamental material

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

[A]. Dividing materials into groups make it convenient to study their properties
[B]. Materials are grouped together on the basis of only similarities
[C]. Different types of materials have different properties
[D]. Objects around us made up of a variety of materials

Which of the following does not belong to the group?

[A]. Ink
[B]. Milk
[C]. Honey
[D]. Oil

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

[A]. Some materials are shiny in appearance and some are dull
[B]. Some materials are rough and some are smooth
[C]. Some materials are hard whereas some others are soft
[D]. Some stone are transparent while some glasses are opaque

Which pair of substance among the following would float in a tumbler half-filled with water?

[A]. Cotton thread, thermocol
[B]. Feather, plastic ball
[C]. Pin, oil drops
[D]. Rubber band, coin

Which of the materials will you identify as transparent?

[A]. Magnifying glass, Mirror
[B]. Magnifying glass, Stainless steel plate
[C]. Magnifying glass, Glass tumbler
[D]. Stainless steel plate, Glass tumbler

Which of the following will float on water?

[A]. Mud piece
[B]. Cotton
[C]. Wood piece
[D]. Metal

Shopkeeper usually prefer to keep the materials in

[A]. Translucent container
[B]. Opaque container
[C]. Transparent container
[D]. Wooden rack

Which among the following are commonly used for making a safety pin?

[A]. Wood and glass
[B]. Plastic and glass
[C]. Leather and plastic
[D]. Steel and plastic

Which of the statements is incorrect?

[A]. Oil and water are immiscible
[B]. Ice is lighter than water
[C]. Petrol and spirit are combustible
[D]. None of the above

Strongest intermolecular force of attraction founds in

[A]. Gaseous
[B]. Solids
[C]. Liquids
[D]. Plasma

Materials through which objects can be seen, but not clearly are known as

[A]. Transparent
[B]. Opaque
[C]. Translucent
[D]. Optical

Our palm is a example of

[A]. Opaque
[B]. Transparent
[C]. Translucent
[D]. Semi translucent

Which of the following materials is not lustrous?

[A]. Gold
[B]. Silver
[C]. Wood
[D]. Diamond

In which of the statement is incorrect?

[A]. Vinegar dissolves in water
[B]. Sand settles down in water
[C]. A piece of wood floats on water
[D]. Chalk dissolves in water

Given below are the names of some objects, pick out the odd ones

[A]. Salt
[B]. Sand
[C]. Copper sulphate
[D]. Sugar

Boojho asked a question to Paheli that which of the following is a good conductor of heat? Would you help her?

[A]. Wood
[B]. Glass
[C]. Graphite
[D]. Rubber

Find the odd-one out from the followings

[A]. Tawa
[B]. Spade
[C]. Pressure cooker
[D]. Eraser

Paheli asked a question to Boojho, that name the property of substances which allows the heat to pass through it?

[A]. Lustre
[B]. Conductor
[C]. Opaque
[D]. Insulator

Why clay is used for making pots and bricks?

[A]. Malleability
[B]. Opaque
[C]. Non-conductor
[D]. Solubility

In generally, we have seen iron rods present in windows. Because of which properties of metal, we use it?

[A]. Opaque
[B]. Lustre
[C]. Good conductor of heat and electricity
[D]. Hard and Strong

Which type of the following materials is used for making the front glass (windscreen) of a car?

[A]. Transparent
[B]. Translucent
[C]. Opaque
[D]. All of these

Which of the following is correct about pure water?

[A]. It is good conductor of electricity
[B]. It is a bad conductor of electricity
[C]. It is a semi-conductor of electricity
[D]. It behaves like superconductor

Boojho wants to know the name of the instrument, which is used to measure the density of liquids?

[A]. Hydrometer
[B]. Barometer
[C]. Hygrometer
[D]. Ammeter

Which of the following statements is not true?

[A]. Materials are grouped for convenience
[B]. Materials are grouped to study their properties
[C]. Materials are grouped for fun
[D]. Materials are grouped according to their uses

Multiple Choice Questions are now compulsory in class test, FA and final Exams. It also provide a good understanding the concepts of chapter. So, more and more these MCQs to be confident in chapter 2 of Class 6 Science. If you find any mistake, take a screen shot or not down the questions and report us. This will help all the users whoever will do the test in coming days. If you need any other help or you have any suggestion, please contact us via message or call or WhatsApp.

How do I prepare MCQ in chapter 2 of Class 6 Science?

First of all just read chapter 2 from Science NCERT Book. Try to understand the meaning of all the keywords. After complete reading, now do all exercises questions given at the end of the chapter. At the end, try these MCQs.

How many MCQs are sufficient for the practice of Class 6 Science Chapter 2?

At least 20 MCQs should be done for practicing each chapter in Class 6 Science.

Is Class 6 Science Chapter 2 important as per MCQ point of view?

MCQs are selected randomly by teachers during the preparation of questions papers. So, it may come from any chapter.

Can End exercise questions be asked as MCQ in Class 6 Science Chapter 2?

It depends on question, whether it is short or long. Short questions, fill in the blanks, true false may come in the form of MCQ.

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