Class 6 Science Chapter 2 MCQ

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Class 6 Science Chapter 2 MCQ for 2021-22

Class: 6Science
Contents:Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ Tests

Class 6 Science Chapter 2 MCQ for School Exams

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Ingredients contain some components that are needed by our body. These components are called

[A]. Food
[B]. Nutrition
[C]. Nutrients
[D]. Vitamins

Egg yolk is rich in

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin

Boojho having difficulty in seeing things in dim light. The food component which may be lack in his diet is

[A]. Vitamin-A
[B]. Vitamin-B1
[C]. Calcium
[D]. Phosphorus

Spinach is a good source of

[A]. Iron
[B]. Calcium
[C]. Phosphorus
[D]. Sodium chloride

Mohan is 11 years old boy. He suffering from a condition called “obesity” because all the time, he takes a type of food

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin


A powdery substance or paste of food item is taken in a test tube and after that it was added a few drops of copper sulphate solution and then caustic soda solution. It was observed that the solution turned violet color after few minutes due to the presence of which component

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin

A small quantity of a food item taken and then it is wrapped in a piece of paper and crushed it. An oily patch showed on the paper. The food item contains

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin

Which pair of statements best describes a deficiency disease?

[A]. They are caused by germs. They are caused due to the lack of nutrients in our diet.
[B]. They are caused due to the lack of nutrients in our diet. They can be passed on to another person through contact.
[C]. They are caused due to the lack of nutrients in our diet. They can be prevented by taking a balanced diet.
[D]. They are caused by germs. They can be passed on to another person through contact.

Swollen glands in neck and mental disability found in adult as well as children. These are the symptoms of deficiency of a mineral

[A]. Iron
[B]. Iodine
[C]. Calcium
[D]. Magnesium

Iodine is used to test the presence of ________ in the food.

[A]. Starch
[B]. Proteins
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamins


_______helps to maintain a constant body temperature in our body.

[A]. Vitamins
[B]. Salt
[C]. Energy giving food
[D]. Water

A component which is needed for the growth and repair of our body is

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin

Which type of food pair, referred as Energy giving foods?

[A]. Carbohydrate, Fat
[B]. Carbohydrate, Protein
[C]. Protein, Fat
[D]. Vitamins, Minerals

We know that our body also prepares ___________ in the presence of Sunlight.

[A]. Vitamin- A
[B]. Vitamin- B
[C]. Vitamin- C
[D]. Vitamin – D

Which of the following nutrients is not present in milk?

[A]. Protein
[B]. Vitamin-C
[C]. Calcium
[D]. Vitamin-D


Fried food like samosa and poori, malai, rabdi and peda are enrich in

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin

Eating too much of fat rich foods may lead to a condition called

[A]. Beriberi
[B]. Scurvy
[C]. Goiter
[D]. Obesity

Which nutrient can be identified by using copper sulphate and caustic soda

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin

Which components is known as “Body building food”?

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin

Given below are the steps to the test the presence of proteins in a food item. I. Take a small quantity of the food item in a test tube add 10 drops of water to it and shake it. II. Make a paste or powder of food to be tested. III. Add 10 drops of caustic soda solution to the test tube and shake well. IV. Add 2 drops of copper sulphate solution to it. Which of the following is the correct sequence of the steps?

[A]. I, II, IV, III
[B]. II, I, IV, III
[C]. II, I, III, IV
[D]. IV, II, I, III


A component which gives much more energy as compared to the same amount of carbohydrates

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fats
[D]. Vitamin

A deficiency disease deals with lack of protein in children that the leads to stunt growth, discoloration of hair, patchy skin, thinning of legs or swollen stomach, may affect functioning of brain. Name of the disease is

[A]. Marasmus
[B]. Kwashiorkor
[C]. Rickets
[D]. Goiter

A condition caused by the excessive loss of water from the body called

[A]. Hallucinations
[B]. Scurvy
[C]. Dehydration
[D]. Beriberi

By enrich, which type of food is/are referred as “Protective food”?

[A]. Carbohydrate
[B]. Protein
[C]. Fat
[D]. Vitamin and minerals

Boojho fell ill and then he went to doctor. Doctor suggest to take vitamin tablets. As it

[A]. Protects against diseases
[B]. Helps, in increasing the height
[C]. Recover the weakness
[D]. Protects against illness

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Which section of Class 6 Science Chapter 2 is important for MCQ test?

There are many topics in which MCQs can be asked. As there are about MCQs compulsory in CBSE exams, so the chapter 3 is important for short answers questions and MCQs.

Is the topic Balance Diet important for MCQ from Class 6 Science Chapter 2?

Yes. It contains many conceptual questions, fill in the blanks, match the following and Multiple Choice Questions which are important for the terminal exams as well as school tests.

What type of MCQ contains Vitamins and Minerals topic of Class 6 Science Chapter 2?

Normally, the disease based on deficiency of Vitamins and minerals are asked in the form of MCQ.

How to practice for MCQ in Class 6 Science Chapter 2 topic Components of Food?

On Tiwari Academy website there are 100+ MCQ with answers and explanation for Class 6 Science Chapter 2 MCQ test. Prepare and solve your doubts here without any login or password.