Class 6 Science Chapter 10 MCQ

Class 6 Science Chapter 10 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Motion and Measurement of Distances. All the questions are taken from NCERT Textbooks only which is issued for academic session 2020-2021.

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Class 6 Science Chapter 10 MCQ Online Tests for 2020-2021

Class: 6Science
Chapter: 10Motion and Measurement of Distances
Contents:MCQ Online Tests with Answer

Class 6 Science Chapter 10 MCQ Test with Answers


The distance between Delhi and Mumbai is usually expressed in units of:

[A]. Decameter
[B]. Meter
[C]. Centimeter
[D]. Kilometer

Priya is writing some statements, choose the correct statement and help him:

[A]. if an object moves fairly fast, then its movement or motion cannot be observed easily.
[B]. if an object moves very slowly, then it becomes very easy to observe its movement immediately.
[C]. When an object is stationary it is said to be stationary motion.
[D]. None of the above.


Read the following sentences carefully, and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. When an object moves along a straight-line path it is called rectilinear motion.
[B]. The movement of a bullet fired from a gun is an example of rectilinear motion.
[C]. The motion of a sprinter (or short distance runner) running on a straight track is also rectilinear motion.
[D]. Rectilinear motion may not take place in a fixed direction.

Bikash is doing his homework which is given by his teacher. Would you help him to choose the correct sentences?

[A]. When an object moves along a circular path, it is called circular motion.
[B]. The movement of artificial satellites around the earth is also circular motion.
[C]. The movement of earth around the sun is also an example of circular motion.
[D]. All the above.


Which of the following type of motion are possessed by a football rolling on the ground?

[A]. Rotational motion and Rectilinear motion
[B]. Rectilinear motion and Circular motion
[C]. Rotational motion and Circular motion
[D]. Rectilinear motion and Periodic motion

Which of the following modes of transport is not based on the invention of wheel?

[A]. Bullock cart
[B]. Boat
[C]. Bicycle
[D]. Bus


The girth of a tree can be measured by using a:

[A]. Plastic ruler
[B]. Meter scale
[C]. Meter rod
[D]. Measuring tape

Three students measure the length of a corridor and reported their measurement. The values of their measurement with different. What could be the correct reason:

[A]. Their scales of measurement may not be standard or they may be using different scales of measurement.
[B]. The length of the scale may not be proper, i.e., the length of scale may be shorter than the length they want to measure.
[C]. There may be some errors in the skill which they are using or they may not be using the correct method of observing the scale.
[D]. All the above.


Which of the following statement is or are correct?

[A]. Measurement is a process of comparing an object with standard unit of measurement.
[B]. Hand-span, fore-arm length and footstep cannot be used as standard units of measurement.
[C]. Unit of measurement which has a fixed value which does not change from person to person or place to place.
[D]. All the above.

Read the following sentences carefully, and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. A car moving in a straight line is an example of a linear motion.
[B]. Motion of blades of fan is an example of circular motion.
[C]. Rotation of earth on its axis is an example of rotatory motion.
[D]. None of the above.
What do you mean by “one oscillation”, “vibratory motion” and “random motion”?

One complete cycle from the point of release to the other extreme and back to the initial point is called one oscillation. A very fast back and forth motion is called vibratory motion. When a body moves in different direction and does not have a fixed path, it is called random motion.

How many types of motion is exhibited by the earth moving around the sun?

The earth moves around the sun, so it has circular motion. The earth repeats its motion around the sun after regular intervals of time after one year. So, it has periodic motion and the earth rotates on its axis, so it has also rotational motion. Thus, the earth has three types of motion at the same time, circular motion, periodic motion and rotational motion.

Can you write, one differences between “circular motion” and “rotational motion”.

The difference between circular motion and rotational motion is that in circular motion an object as a whole travel along a circular path but in rotational motion, the object spins on its axis.

How many types of motion exhibited by the sewing machine?

The sewing machine has a wheel which rotates on its axle. So, the wheel of a sewing machine shows rotational motion. The sewing machine has also a needle which moves up and down continuously. The needle of sewing machine undergoes a periodic motion. Thus, a sewing machine exhibits two types of motion at the same time, rotational motion as well as periodic motion.

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