Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 19 Vocabulary. Study carefully how verbs are formed from Nouns and Adjectives, and how Nouns are formed form verbs and Adjectives. Vocabulary is helpful in word building and increasing word power. In this chapter, we will learn so many words with Homophones, Homonyms, Synonyms, Antonyms, Diminutives, Proverbs, Sounds of objects, Cries of animals, Words denoting groups, Idiomatic comparisons, etc.

Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 19 Vocabulary Word Building

Class: 7English Grammar
Chapter: 19Vocabulary
Adjective NounVerb
agreeable agreement agree
attentive attention attend
believable belief believe
bright brightness brighten
beautiful beauty beautify
broad breadth broaden


Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but with a different meaning. Examples are bark of a dag and bark of a true. There could be two or many more words having the same spelling and pronunciation but with different meanings.

Accede agree He did not accede to my request.
Exceed be greater than The precis should not exceed 60 words.
Altar place of offering Put your offerings on the altar.
Alter change I can’t alter my programme.
Birth coming to life Today is my son’s birth-day.
Berth sleeping place in train I have booked two berths.


Synonyms are words that look different in form but are similar in sense or meaning.

Battle Three important battles were fought at Panipat.
Fight The Hindus and the Muslims often fight for nothing.
War A third word war will destroy every thing.
Famous India is famous for her fine silk.
Notorious He is a notorious criminal.
Notable Tiwari Academy is a notable website.

Antonyms are words opposite in meaning.

bearable unbearable
comfortable uncomfortable
ashamed unashamed
expected unexpected
conscious unconcious

Certain words or formed from other nouns to express smallness, affection or contempt. Such words are called Diminutives.

Words Diminutives
cat kitten
cock chicken
duck duckling
dear darling
cigar cigarette
maid maiden
pack packet

A proverb is a short and wise saying with a deep meaning it is a kind of advice or warning. It. presents a truth or some bits of useful wisdom. It is generally based on common sense or practical experience.

    1. As the king so are the subject.
    2. After death the doctor.
    3. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
    4. A cry in the wilderness.
    5. Black takes no other hue.
    6. Birds of a feather flock together.
    7. Charity begins at home.
    8. Diamond cuts diamond.
    9. Excess of everything is bad.
    10. An empty vessel makes much noise.

Sound is something that we can hear. Different bodies make different kinds of sounds.

Object Sound
Shoes creak
Rivers murmur
Doors bang
Water ripples
Bells ring
Hood clatters
Cries of Creatures

Cry is a loud sound without words that expresses a strong feeling.

Creature Cry
Apes gibber
Foxes yell
Donkeys bray
Calves bleat
Horses neigh
Cocks crow
Hawks scream
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