Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 22 Dialogue Writing. A dialogue is a piece of writing in the form of a conversation or talk. A good dialogue has the features like it is natural and brisk, it is logical – one idea flows into another. Its tone depends upon the people who are talking. A student, for instance, is supposed to be respectful if he or she is talking to a teacher. Some times it has touches of hum our and wit. It is lively, It has no dull moments.

Grade 7 English Grammar Chapter 22 Dialogue Writing

Class: 7English Grammar
Chapter: 22Dialogue Writing

A dialogue with the shopkeeper

Ravi: Do you sell Flex shoes?
Shopkeeper: Yes, sir, what size do you want? And what colour is your choice?
Ravi: I want size six. And as far as colour, I have a liking for a brown one.
Shopkeeper: Here is your choice.
Ravi: But the left shoe is a bit tight. The other one fits quite well.
Shopkeeper: Al right, you may try another pair.
Ravi: Yes, it fits fairly well. What price is this pair?
Shopkeeper: Just eight hundred rupees.
Ravi: Al right. Please pack it up.

A dialogue between the host and the guest

Guest: Good evening, Rohit.
Rohit: Good evening, Ajit. How are you? Now, do sit down. You must be tired.
Ajit: Oh. I feel quite drained out. [ I’m quite washed out/worn out].
Mohit: Shall I make tea, Ajit? You want hot water, don’t you?
Ajit: No, thank you, aunty.
Mohit: Have just a little more, won’t you? Don’t stand on ceremony.
Rohit: Bye-bye. See you again.

A dialogue about the weather

Mayank: Good Morning, Manoj. How are you?
Manoj: Thank you! I’m all right, but the heat! Oh, it is simply terrible!
Mayank: True! I haven’t been able to do any work this afternoon. It was so close that one could hardly breathe.
Manoj: I had the fan going the whole day, and yet felt restless. When would the monsoon break?
Mayank: There are no signs of it yet in Delhi, but I have just read in today’s paper that it has burst in Mumbai, and that there was a shower.
Amit: It will take some days to reach here, and till then we must put up with heat somehow.
Mayank: But the nights are not so bad. I, at least, manage to get good sleep under the fan. Come, let’s have a cold drink.

Amit: Thanks. It is so kind of you.
Mayank: What would you like to have – Pepsi cola or fruity?
Amit: Pepsi cola would do.
Mayank: Good bye, I must be off now.
Amit: Good bye. Thank you for the refreshing drink.

Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 22
Class 7 English Grammar Dialogue Writing
7th English Grammar Chapter 22 Dialogue Writing
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