Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 23 Summary Writing. Summary writing is the stage next to comprehension. A summary means the gist or substance of a given passage in as few words as possible. Usually a summary is one third of the given passage in length. It should be brief and should contain almost all the important points of the paragraph.

In Chapter 23 of the Class 7 English Grammar curriculum, students embark on the journey to master the skill of Summary Writing. At its core, summary writing represents a higher level of comprehension, requiring the ability to distill the essence of a passage succinctly. A proficient summary captures the fundamental points of the original content, typically condensed to about one third of its length. This brevity is essential to ensure the retention of vital information without overwhelming details.

Class: 7English Grammar
Chapter: 23Summary Writing
Books:Textbook and Revision Book
Academic Year:2024-25

Features of a Good Summary

    • Accuracy
    • Clarity
    • Completeness
    • Compactness
    • Brevity

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Crafting an effective summary demands a keen understanding of the source material, allowing for a concise representation without sacrificing key points. This chapter aims to equip students with the tools and techniques to create summaries that accurately reflect the crux of the original passage. By mastering summary writing, students enhance their analytical skills and become more adept at sifting through information to pinpoint core ideas.

How to Write a Summary

    1. Read the passage carefully several times to get its central idea.
    2. Frame a suitable short title that should express the subject of the passage.
    3. Underline the main points stated in it.
    4. Then prepare a brief outline of the passage.
    5. The outline must be in your own words.
    6. Avoid the use of words and phrases used in the given passage.
    7. Now write a summary in a connected style.
    8. One word substitution is the best tool in summarizing a passage.
Write th Summary

A great part of Arabia is a desert with nothing but sand and rock. The sand is so hot by day that one cannot walk over it bare footed. Here and there are found springs of water that comes from deep down under the ground. These springs are few and far between. But wherever there is such a spring, green grass has grown over the land around it. Also, fig and palm trees have grown to make the place cool and shady. Such a place is called an
The people living in Arabia are called Arabs. They eat ripe sweet figs and dates that grow on palm trees. They have the finest horses in the world and they are very proud of them. Nay, an Arab loves his riding more than his family even.

Summary and Title

Arabia is a desert with sand too hot to walk over by day. At places are found oases with cool water, green grass and trees. The Arabs eat ripe fruits of these trees. They keep fine horses whom they love dearly and are also proud of them.
Title: Arabia and the Arabs.

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