Class 7 English Grammar Chapter 25 Letter Writing. Informal Letters, These are letters written to friends and relatives. We call them Personal Letters. A personal letter has six parts: The writer’s address, the date, the Salutation, the body, the Subscription and Signature. The most important point to remember is that in a personal letter the style is chatty or conversational. Phrases like ‘we are all well and hope the same about you’ etc. should be avoided. Formal letters are impersonal letters. All kinds of applications, letters to editors and business correspondence come under this category. The format of these letters differs from informal letters only on two points, i.e. under the date and before the salutation, one has to write the address of the person to whom the letter is addressed. Another point of difference is the subscription. You have to mention the subject of your application just after the salutations.

Dive into the world of letter writing with Chapter 25 of the Class 7 English Grammar curriculum. Letter writing, an essential communication tool, has two primary categories: Informal and Formal. The first type, Informal Letters, are affectionately addressed to friends and family, often referred to as Personal Letters. The anatomy of a personal letter encompasses six essential components: the writer’s address, date, salutation, the content or body, subscription, and a signature. The magic of personal letters lies in their conversational tone. However, clichéd phrases like ‘we are all well…’ are best avoided to maintain authenticity.

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Letter to Inform father about admission in a new school

House No. 207, Sec-25,
May 3, 20xx
Dear Father
I reached Rohini safely the day before yesterday morning after a pleasant journey. I am glad to tell you that I have been admitted in the school as well as into the boarding house. I am feeling rather lonely after leaving you all for the first time, but I hope I shall get over it soon.
This evening I shall buy the books that I need at present and shall make other necessary purchases. I hope the money you gave me will be sufficient to cover all the expenses.
With respect to mother and love to Riya and Aman,
Your loving son,
Rajendra VII

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Formal Letters, on the other hand, serve a different purpose. These are structured, impersonal letters catering to applications, business correspondences, or addressing the editor of a publication. Unlike informal letters, formal ones have distinct formatting rules. For instance, after writing the date, one needs to detail the recipient’s address. Post salutation, the letter’s subject becomes a crucial element, outlining the purpose or topic. Moreover, the subscription in formal letters varies, offering a more official tone.

In essence, letter writing, be it personal or professional, is a blend of art and science. The art lies in conveying emotions, facts, or requests succinctly, while the science is in adhering to the set formats, ensuring clarity and purpose. Embrace this chapter to refine your letter-writing skills, ensuring effective communication across varied contexts.

Letter to Postmaster – Complaint against Postman

Flat No.9 , Shri Ram Appt.
Sec. 3, Dwarka
New Delhi
2 February 20xx
The Chief Postmaster
General Post Office
Sec. 3 Dwarka
Dear Sir,
I am sorry to complain against the postman of our street. Sh. Mohan Lal is the postman of our beat. He is very careless. He does not do his duty well. He delivers the dak late. He never comes in time. He hands over the letters to the children playing in the streets. Sometimes he does not come at all. I have requested him many a time but all in vain.
Please direct him to work properly.
Yours faithfully,
Manpreet kaur

Letter to Friend – Inviting him during vacation

107, Rajdhani Park,
Nangloi, New Delhi.
11 April 20xx
Dear Roshan
Our summer vacation has begun. Now you are also free. I want you to spend a few days of your vacation with me. We shall enjoy very much. One of my uncles lives at Shimla. He lives in a big house. He is a doctor there. I hope you will come soon. We are leaving on Sunday next.
The climate of Shimla is very good. We shall go out for a morning walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. Apples are very cheap there. We will improve our health by eating apples and other fruit. We shall visit the Mall and Kufri. We shall visit Jakhoo also. You will like Shimla very much.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,

Letter to Father – Telling about your Annual Examination

H. No. 718, Vikash Puri
Block-F, New Delhi
13 March, 20xx
My Dear Father
Today is the luckiest day. Our annual examination is over. I have fared well in all the subjects. The English paper was easy. I hope to get 90 marks in this paper. The Science paper was a bit difficult. But I did all the questions. I hope to get distinction in Hindi and Mathematics. Drawing and Social Science are easy subjects.
I am sure to get good marks. I may win a scholarship. Ajit and Reena remember you very much.
With kind regards,
Yours affectionately,

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