Class 7 Science Chapter 17 MCQ

Class 7 Science Chapter 17 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Forests: Our Lifeline with explanation and answers of each questions updated for academic session 2021-2022. All the MCQ tests are prepared from latest NCERT Textbooks based on new CBSE Syllabus.

These MCQ online tests are important for school unit test as well as terminal or final exams. Class 7 science chapter 17 MCQs cover all the concepts of the chapter.

Class 7 Science Chapter 17 MCQ for 2021-2022

Class: 7Science
Chapter: 17Forests: Our Lifeline
Contents: MCQ Online Tests With Answers

MCQ Tests with Answers for Class 7 Science Chapter 17


Which of the following serve as green lungs?

[A]. Green pigment of the plants
[B]. Forests
[C]. Kitchen Gardens
[D]. Greenhouses gases

Consider the following statements and choose the correct one:

[A]. A forest is a large area of land covered mainly with trees and other plants.
[B]. Due to different climates and soils, there are various types of trees and other plants found in various forests.
[C]. The forest floor provides favorable conditions for seeds to germinate into seedlings and saplings.
[D]. All the above.

Pick the option which gives the names of a tree and animal respectively from the following:

[A]. Semal and hornbill
[B]. Sal and khair
[C]. Chinkara and blue bull
[D]. Neem and palash

Boojho is doing his homework which is given by his teacher. Would you help him to choose the correct sentences?

[A]. The green plants provide food to all the animals in the forest, directly or indirectly.
[B]. The decomposers play a very important role in sustaining the forest.
[C]. Bacteria and fungi are non-green organisms which can not make their own food.
[D]. All the above.


Which of the following is not a scavenger?

[A]. Crow
[B]. Jackal
[C]. Lion
[D]. Vulture

In a quiz competition, you are asked a question where you have to choose the statement which is/ are correct?

[A]. The various components of a forest are interdependent on one another.
[B]. An ecosystem is a self-sufficient unit of living things and non-living environment needing only the input of sunlight energy for its functioning
[C]. If we remove all the snakes from a forest then all the food chains in which snakes take part will be broken or affected.
[D]. All the above.


In a science quiz competition, Payel are asked a question where she had to choose the statement which was/were incorrect?

[A]. The branchy part of a tree above the stem is known as the crown of the tree.
[B]. The layer of vegetation in a forest which is just below the canopy is called under story.
[C]. The uppermost branches and leaves of tall trees which act like a roof over the forest ground is called canopy.
[D]. None of the above.

Which of the following do not help the flowering plants of a forest in pollination?

[A]. Honeybees
[B]. Butterflies
[C]. Kingfishers
[D]. Antelopes

Boojho appeared in class test but he confused to know the correct statement. Would you help him to know that?

[A]. Forests are cut down to obtain wood for making paper.
[B]. Forests are cut down to clear land for cultivation of crops in agriculture.
[C]. Forests are cut down to clear land for the construction of roads, houses, industries and dams etc.
[D]. All the above.

Puja is writing some statements but she confused to know whether the statements are correct or not? If you know the answer to this question, then tell her:

[A]. Forests prevent soil erosion and floods and hence help in the conservation of soil.
[B]. Forests help in maintain water cycle in nature and hence bring sufficient rain.
[C]. Forests also maintain the balance between carbon di oxide and oxygen in the atmosphere.
[D]. None of the above.

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