Class 7 Science Chapter 11 MCQ

Class 7 Science Chapter 11 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Transportation in Animals and Plants updated for session 2021-2022 CBSE and State board students. All the questions are taken form NCERT Textbook with answers and explanation are given with the questions.

Practice with these MCQs to clear your doubts and learn more about the chapter 11 of class 7 science. All the MCQ objective questions are important for examination point of view.

Class 7 Science Chapter 11 MCQ for 2021-2022

Class: 7Science
Chapter: 11Transportation in Animals and Plants
Contents: MCQ Objective with Explanaiton

MCQ Tests with Answers for Class 7 Science Chapter 11


Read the following sentences carefully, and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. The main transport system in human beings is the blood circulatory system.
[B]. The human circulatory system consists of the heart blood vessels and blood.
[C]. The blood circulatory system makes food, water and oxygen available to every parts of the body and helps in removing waste materials.
[D]. None of the above.

Consider the following statements and choose the correct one:

[A]. Blood is a red colored liquid which flows in blood vessels and circulates in our body.
[B]. Blood is red because it contains a red pigment called haemoglobin.
[C]. Blood consists of four components as plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.
[D]. All the above


Sopan appeared in class test but he confused to know the incorrect statement. Would you help him to know that?

[A]. White blood cells fight infection and protect us from disease.
[B]. White blood cells can eat up the germs like bacteria which cause disease.
[C]. White blood cells main chemicals known as antigens to fight against infection.
[D]. None of the above.

In a tall tree, which force is responsible for pulling water and minerals from the soil?

[A]. Gravitational force
[B]. Transportation force
[C]. Suction force
[D]. Conduction force


Recently, in a science class test, you are asked a question where you have to say whether the statements are correct or not?

[A]. A sheath of tissue called “pericardium” protects the heart.
[B]. The left side of heart is completely separated from its right side by means of a partition wall called “septum” which is made of a thick muscle.
[C]. The left side of heart act as one pump which pumps oxygenated blood into the whole body except the lungs.
[D]. None of the above.

In the last year board examination,Nitin were asked a question where he had to choose the statement which was/were incorrect? Will you be able to answer this question?

[A]. The greenish blue lines which we see just below the skin on our hands and legs are the veins.
[B]. Arteries have valves in them which allow the blood in them to flow in one direction which is only towards the heart.
[C]. The pulmonary vein carries oxygenated blood or rich in oxygen from lungs back to the heart.
[D]. None of the above

What prevents the backflow of blood inside the heart during contraction?

[A]. Thick muscular walls of ventricles
[B]. Valves
[C]. Thin walls of atria
[D]. All of the above

In a science quiz competition, Payel are asked a question where she had to choose the statement which was/were incorrect?

[A]. Veins normally carry deoxygenated blood or rich in carbon dioxide from the body organs.
[B]. Capillaries are the extremely thin blood vessels which connects arteries to veins.
[C]. Pulmonary vein carries oxygenated blood or rich in oxygen from the lungs to the heart.
[D]. None of the above


Varun is writing some statements, choose the correct statement and help him:

[A]. Aquatic animals excrete cell waste in gaseous forms ammonia which directly dissolved in water.
[B]. A tissue is a group of similar cells which work together to perform a particular function.
[C]. Those tissues which transport water, minerals and food to different parts of plant, are called vascular tissue.
[D]. All the above.

The filtering unit in the human excretory system is called:

[A]. Nephron
[B]. Neuron
[C]. Nephridia
[D]. Kidneyon

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