NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 3

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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 3

Subject:English – Beehive
Chapter 3:The Little Girl

9th English Beehive Chapter 3 Question – Answers

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Passages for Comprehension

In the evening when he came home she stood near the staircase and heard his loud voice in the hall. “Bring my tea into the drawing-room… Hasn’t the paper come yet? Mother, go and see if my paper’s out there — and bring me my slippers.”
1. What was his first essentiality after entering the room?
2. When did hi return the house?
3. What do these lines show about the person mentioned above?

One day, when she was kept indoors with a cold, her grandmother told her that father’s birthday was next week, and suggested she should make him a pin-cushion for a gift out of a beautiful piece of yellow silk.
1. What did she suggest Kezia?
2. What did Kezia’s grandmother tell her?
3. Why did Kezia mad a pin-cushion?

“Oh, a butcher — a knife — I want Grannie.” He blew out the candle, bent down and caught up the child in his arms, carrying her along the passage to the big bedroom. A newspaper was on the bed. He put away the paper, then carefully tucked up the child. He lay down beside her. Half asleep still, still with the butcher’s smile all about her it seemed, she crept close to him, snuggled her head under his arm, held tightly to his shirt.
1. What was uttered by the little girl?
2. How did he help the little girl?
3. How did Kezia do then with the father?

Suggested Answers of Passages

Answers for Passage I:
1. He asked to have a cup of tea into the drawing room.
2. He returned in the evening.
3. These lines show that he commanded in the house.

Answers for Passage II:
1. The grandmother suggested her to make a pin-cushion for her father’s birthday gift.
2. Kezia’s grandmother told her that her father’s birthday would in the following week.
3. She mad a pin-cushion for her father’s birthday.

Answers for Passage III:
1. The little girl uttered – a butcher – a knife. She was fearful and demanded Grannie.
2. He caught up the child in his arms and took her in his room.
3. Kezia put her head under his arm and held his shirt tightly.

Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 3 – Important Questions

Why was Kezia afraid of her father?

Kezia was afraid of her father because he was big and hefty with his hands and neck, especially his mouth when his yawned. He was also very rude.

Who were the people in Kezia’s family?

There were five members in the family. The father of Kezia, his wife, daughter, grandmother and cook Alice.

What was Kezia’s father’s routine (i) before going to his office? (ii) after coming back from his office? (iii) on Sundays?

(i) Before going to office he came into Kezia’s room and gave her a casual goodbye kiss. (ii) After coming back home he would have his boots taken off. He demanded his tea, slippers and paper. (iii) On Sundays he stretched on the sofa, covered his face with a handkerchief and went to sleep.

In what ways did Kezia’s grandmother encourage her to get to know her father better?

Kezia’s grandmother encouraged her by sending her down to the drawing room to have “a nice chat with her mother and father” on Sunday afternoons.

Kezia’s efforts to please her father resulted in displeasing him very much. How did this happen?

Kezia tried to please her father by going to him, after he returned to home, to take care of her father’s boots. But she ended up irritating her father by stuttering while she spoke. Also when grandma told Kezia that it was her father’s birthday next week, she decided to surprise him with a nice present. She, laboriously stitched three sides of a yellow silk cloth to make him a pin cushion. Unknowingly she stuffed the cushion with her father’s great speech. This infuriated her father even more and she got a beating with the ruler.

Kezia decides that there are “different kinds of fathers”. What kind of father was Mr Macdonald, and how was he different from Kezia’s father?

Mr. Macdonalds was a gentle & loving father who spent quality time with his children. Kezia had seen him play ‘tag’ with his five young children. The father had the baby ‘Mao’, on his shoulders, two girls hanging on to his coats pockets, ran around the flowers beds, shaking with laughter. All of them laughed the whole time. It was then she decided, that there were different types of fathers. Kezia’s father was very different from Mr. Macdonald. Her was father was very strict and firm. He wanted Kezia to be able to make correct decisions and often taught her lessons. His ways were harsh but he loved and cared for his daughter very much. He worked very hard so as to become successful and to be able to fulfil his family’s needs and was too tired to play with Kezia like Mr. Macdonald played with his children.

How does Kezia begin to see her father as a human being who needs her sympathy?

When Kezia had a horrible nightmare, she was awakens to see her father her bedside. He carried her to his room and tucked her into his bed. He also asked her to rub her feet against his foot to keep them warm. Her father was very tired and fell asleep before Kezia did. This was when Kezia realised that he too was a human. Even though he big like a giant, had no one to look after him. He also needed some sympathy & love. Finally, Kezia realised that her father had a huge heart & loved her very much & worked hard for her.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 3 The little girl
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