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NCERT Solutions Class 9 English Moments Chapter 1

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The love in Family

The story begins with the scene of a little boy’s childhood. He visits to the village festival time. Like all the other kids in their childhood. The boy is also looking for the toys. The boy ran to his father with all the love and laughter he gathered there. Leaving his father, the boy went to the toy shop. The father couldn’t break the line and follow, but he called him. Even though the boy was not much old, but his legs followed the command. He went to his father and pleaded with his father. To buy him that toy as he could suppress his desire. To put his hands on to that told, Father dropped the angry glance on him. Like a tyrant withered big-eyed and then mother came with all her calmness and tenderness saving the son. She asked him to look at what is laid before his eyes. All the yellow mustard flower that covers the horizon and long till his eyes can see. Pale like melting gold for miles and miles of even land.

Play with Nature

The bunch of butterflies is hovering above the flowers. Looking for the flower sweetness. Then the violet wings of dragonflies are roaming in the fields. Along with all the black bees who are in dire search of nectar and making the lands more beautiful. For the kid and the explanation from the mother making him forget the toy in the shop. And the angry red eyes of his father the boy ran to the field. To catch them, but they went away flapping their wings into the air. Mom gave him the cautionary calls. But the boy “Come, child, come, come on to the footpath.” Abiding the parents call the child went to mother on the footpath. And started to walk with them lost in admiring. The playful worm on the footpath the kid ran to them again leaving his parents behind. And looking for more and more. Parents called him again while sitting on the broken walk-in shade to join them. But the kid was around the wild caper around the Banyan tree. A shower of wild flowers fell on him making him happier. Parents could hear the joyous scream “The dove! The dove!” To get to the child parents took the narrow street which is going through the mustard fields.

Little wants of Life

While walking amidst the mustard field. The boy could see the many paths leading different directions. Full or throngs creating the whirlpool of the fair, Witnessing. The sweet’s seller in the path screaming “jalebi, rasagulla, Gulab-Jaman burfi.” The kid whispered to his mother that he wants burfi. While controlling watering mouth. knowing that his parents will not hear the plea. And might think that he is being greedy he walked away without waiting for the response from them. As passing by near the flower seller. he saw the stall full of garlands of Gulmohar flower. And looking at the beautiful flowers and fascinated by them. Kid murmured again, “I want that garland.” but knowing that he will not get the garland as parents might say there are not worth the price. Not waiting for a response from his parents. The kids walked away and saw the man holding Balloons of colours blue red yellow. And looking at them, He wants to possess all of them. But knowing that parents would respond. That he is too old to play with them. The kid didn’t ask for them to and reached near. The snake charmer impressed child went to see the charmer making the coiled snake came out with the music. And then he precedes farther and saw the roundabout in full swings. And then asked the parents that “I want to go there. In the roundabout” but there was no reply. And when the kid turned to see parents they weren’t there at all.

The Greatest Want Among All

Suddenly scared kid started sobbing finding. The way back to where he came from. He tried to find his mother and father. And then cried aloud from his real dried throat out of fear. His entire face went red-hot and teary. Entire to find his mother, Father. The kid went here and there not knowing. Where is going his turban came out and clothes got dirty in the mud. Soon one man heard his cry among so many legs and went to him. The stranger went to the kid and picking him up. And asked if he wants to ride roundabouts. But a thousand shrills came out of his throat crying even louder demanding “I want my Mother, Father.”

To soothe the crying child, the man took him to snake charmer. And asked to listen to the nice music. But this time the kid put a finger in his ears and refused balloon. The man took him to the balloon man asked the kid persuasively. if he would like a rainbow-colored balloon. But the kid refused to even look at them. And kept sobbing and asking “I want my mother, I want my Father.” But the good man tried to make the child happy. Asked he want the Garland of beautiful Gulmohar around his neck. To humour the kid up the guy tried to gift the kid sweets from the same sweet shop. But this time kid turned his face and kept asking “I want my Mother, I want my Father.”

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Moments Chapter 1
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 1
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 1 Hindi Translation
9 English Moments Chapter 1 Hindi Translation
Class 9 English Moments Chapter 1 Translation
Class 9 English Supplementary Chapter 1 Hindi Translation
Class 9 English Chapter 1 Hindi Translation
Class 9 English Hindi Translation
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