Class 9 Science Chapter 6 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Tissues. All the important questions of chapter 6 Tissues of grade 9th science are given here in the form of MCQs. These MCQ Objectives are helpful in the revision of chapter as well as clearing the concepts also. All the questions are confined to NCERT books only which are issued for academic session 2024-25.

Class 9 Science Chapter 6 MCQ Online Test

Class: 9Science
Chapter: 6Tissues
Contents:MCQ Online Tests with Answers

Class 9 Science Chapter 6 MCQ Test wiht Explanation

Class 9 Science Chapter 6 MCQ Online Test with explanation and answers. Clear your concepts and practice with these MCQs to get good score in school exams. There are questions from textbook as well as from NCERT Exemplar Books also.


Cork cells are made impervious to water and gases by the presence of

[A]. Cellulose
[B]. Lipids
[C]. Suberin
[D]. Lignin

Parenchyma cells are

[A]. Relatively unspecified and thin walled
[B]. Thick walled and specialized
[C]. Lignified
[D]. None of these

Which of the following does not lose their nucleus at maturity?

[A]. Companion cells
[B]. Red blood cells
[C]. Vessel
[D]. Sieve tube cells

Which of the following cells is found in the cartilaginous tissue of the body?

[A]. Mast cells
[B]. Basophils
[C]. Osteocytes
[D]. Chondrocytes

Bone matrix is rich in

[A]. Fluoride and calcium
[B]. Calcium and phosphorus
[C]. Calcium and potassium
[D]. Phosphorus and potassium

Meristematic tissues in plants are

[A]. Localized and permanent
[B]. Not limited to certain regions
[C]. Localized and dividing cells
[D]. Growing in volume

Intestine absorbs the digested food materials. What type of epithelial cells are responsible for that?

[A]. Stratified squamous epithelium
[B]. Columnar epithelium
[C]. Spindle fibers
[D]. Cuboidal epithelium

Girth of stem increases due to

[A]. Apical meristem
[B]. Lateral meristem
[C]. Intercalary meristem
[D]. Vertical meristem

Read the following sentences carefully, and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. Lignin is a complex polymer which acts as a cement and hardens cell wall.
[B]. The cell walls of parenchyma are greatly thickened of lignin.
[C]. Lignin makes the cell wall impermeable so important substances are unable to pass through it.
[D]. The high tensile strength means that it does not break easily on stretching.

In a science quiz competition, Nitu are asked a question where she had to choose the statement which was/were incorrect?

[A]. Lymph transports the nutrients that may have been filtered out of the blood capillaries back into the heart to be recirculated in the body.
[B]. Lymph is a colorless fluid that is filtered out of the blood capillaries and white blood cells are absent in it.
[C]. Lymph brings CO2 and nitrogenous waste from tissue fluid to blood.
[D]. None of the above
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