Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 4 Important Questions Landscape of the Soul by Nathalie Trouveroy and poem the Voice of the Rain by Walt Whitman for CBSE 2022-23. Students of class 11 English can get Extra Questions and practice assignment questions in chapter 4 with MCQs revision.

What wish did the Tang Emperor Xuanzong express to Daozi? What happened after making that painting?

Wu Daozi was a famous painter in China in the eighth century. One day the emperor asked him to make a beautiful painting for the palace wall. Painter Wu creates beautiful paintings with great diligence. The emperor looked at the painting for a long time. He admired the beautiful scenery painted by Wu Daozi.

He found forests, high mountains, waterfalls, clouds floating in the vast sky, people on hilly roads and birds flying. Wu Daozi asked the emperor to see the cave in the painting where the spirit lived. The painter clapped his hands. The cave was opened and the painter entered. But the door was closed behind him. The picture disappeared from the wall. The artist was not seen after that.

What is the story of Quinten Metsys, famous in Europe?

In the fifteenth century there lived the blacksmith Quinten Metsys, who fell in love with the painter’s daughter. But his claim was dismissed due to his lack of standing. One day he secretly entered the painter’s studio and painted a fly on the empty canvas spread there. The painter took it seriously and tried to flip it. He was very impressed with the blacksmith’s skill.

The painter was shocked and this eventually led him to give his consent to his daughter’s marriage to him. Quentin was able to marry the painter’s daughter because he learned the art of painting from the painter. He went to Antwerp and in 1491 entered the painters’ guild, which made him abandon his former occupation and become a blacksmith. The story of Quinten Metsys illustrates the illusion of reality created by European painting.

How are the Emperor and Wu Daozi represented in Chinese stories?

There is a good old story about the painter Wu Daozi, who lived in the eighth century. Emperor Xuanzong summoned him to paint the walls of the palace. He painted murals that showed the rich natural scenery of the valley, containing an amazing variety of flora and fauna and including caves at the foot of the mountain. He told the emperor that it was not just what the emperor could see, Wu Daozi created this image in such a way that a spirit lived in the cave.

Then he clapped his hands and entered the cave, inviting the king to follow him. The painter entered the cave, but the entrance was closed behind him, and before the startled emperor could move or speak, the painting disappeared from the wall. It is said to be the last Wu Daozi painting commissioned by Tang Emperor Xuanzong.

What are the two voices in the poem? How does rain tell his story to poet?

The poet’s and rain’s voices are heard in this poem. Rain tells the poet that it rises in the form of vapor and turns into thick black clouds in sky. And then it falls back to the ground in form of rain. In this way this journey starts from earth and ends on earth. According to Rain, she quenches the thirst of everyone on earth. It also helps in formation of new samplings.

Does rain complain to poet that its value is not recognized?
No, rain does not make any such complaint. It is happy with its life cycle. It serves a heavenly purpose of washing away the layers of dust and helps the seeds to sprout again. It makes all earthly things pure, fertile and beautiful. It doesn’t bother whether its services are heeded or not.

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