Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 4 Important Questions the Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role by Nani Palkhivala prepared for new session 2024-25. Students of Class 11 CBSE and State board can take the benefits of English Chapter 4 Extra Questions getting the extra revision questions in Reading Skills section.

How can industry play its part in maintaining a blue planet?

There are many ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector, including energy efficiency, fuel switching, combined heat and power generation, use of renewable energy and more efficient use and recycling of materials. Industry contributes more than one-third of global direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

Some industries, including iron and steel production, cement, chemicals and aluminum, are major contributors to climate change due to their high energy demand. Industry should focus on technologies and interventions that are at the peak of cost-effectiveness. Energy efficiency standards and labeling are one solution to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Why did the author call the Earth as “Patient or Ailing Planet”?

Author says that earth has its own metabolic needs and vital processes which need to be respected and preserved. The earth’s vital signs show declining health because we have ruined the way the earth was given to humans. About hundred years ago, 49% of world land was covered with forests which have come down to 32% now. The forests are called the lung of the earth and if we do trouble with the lungs, then we are going to get hit hard.

Air pollution causes over 6.5 million deaths each year globally, and this number is increasing. This is a direct impact of going against the environment on us. Therefore, it is quite appropriate for the author to call Earth as the ailing planet, because Earth is sick, so the people living here are also getting unwell fast. Soil and rivers are polluted because of chemicals. Oceans are being polluted because of plastic and air pollution is being polluted by factories and vehicles.

Do you think that Zambia’s zoo has been successful in making people aware?

This is a very good message and which has been successful in making people aware. This message has been transmitted through digital medium across the world. Inside that cage, there is no animal but a mirror where one sees one’s own reflection. This notice signifies that our planet faces the most potential threat from mankind rather from any other animal. The man is solely responsible for all the deterioration in environment and depletion of natural resources.

Because man has caused a lot of damage to the earth for material pleasures, right from the start of human civilization. And today the situation has become so bad that the clouds of holocaust are hovering over the earth which must have been away from humans for nearly several million years. Animals are blamed for any damage because they do not have brains like humans but unfortunately we, humans are biggest animal to bring the earth to this condition.

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