Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 MCQ the Browning Version by Terence Rattigan and the poem Childhood written by Markus Natten updated for CBSE session 2022-23. Class 11th Students practice here the English reading skills through chapter 6 Multiple Choice Questions.

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Who was Frank?

[A]. School master
[B]. Head master
[C]. Student
[D]. Sweeper

Who was Taplow?

[A]. Head master
[B]. Science master
[C]. Student
[D]. Security guard

Taplow was waiting in school for

[A]. Crocker-Harris
[B]. Frank
[C]. Millie
[D]. His father

In which field did Taplow want to make his career after cracking the results?

[A]. Arts
[B]. Commerce
[C]. Not sure
[D]. Science

The poet regrets the most for
[A] Lost of his childhood
[B] For adults being hypocrites
[C] Why he turned eleven so early
[D] Because hell and heaven does not exist
[A] Lost of his childhood.

What’s the meaning of the word ‘ceased’?
[A] End
[B] Start
[C] Continue
[D] Class
[A] End

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 MCQ with Answers


Frank finds all science students as

[A]. Brilliants
[B]. Slackers
[C]. Hapless
[D]. Depressed

Which book was Taplow reading?

[A]. Humanities
[B]. Geology
[C]. Physics
[D]. The Agamemnon

Whom does Taplow imitate during extra class?

[A]. Crocker-Harris
[B]. Frank
[C]. Millie
[D]. Aeschylus

What time did Crocker Harris call Taplow?

[A]. Six
[B]. Six thirty
[C]. Seven thirty
[D]. Six fifteen

With the passage of time what has vanished for the poet?
[A] Innocence
[B] Dreams of heaven
[C] School days
[D] True friendship
[A] Innocence

When does poet think his childhood was left behind?
[A] When he turned three
[B] When he turned nine
[C] When he turned eleven
[D] When he turned sixteen
[C] When he turned eleven.

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 MCQ Explanation


Who was Millie?

[A]. Frank’s girl friend
[B]. Crocker’s wife
[C]. Science teacher
[D]. School maid

Why was Taplow terrified at the sight of Millie?

[A]. She was an angry teacher
[B]. He was copying her husband when she entered the room
[C]. She didn’t like any kid in extra class
[D]. None of the above

What did Millie engage Taplow in?

[A]. To buy cosmetics for her
[B]. In golf
[C]. To get medicine from the shop
[D]. Cleaning the classroom

What was Millie carrying when she entered the classroom?

[A]. Results
[B]. Notebooks
[C]. Chalk and duster
[D]. Basket

What did the poet realize about adults?
[A] They are not what they seem to be
[B] They can take quick actions
[C] They are smartest organisms on earth
[D] They are biggest liars
[A] They are not what they seem to be.

Who is the poet of “Childhood”?
[A] Shirley Toulson
[B] Ted Hughes
[C] William Wordsworth
[D] Markus Natten
[D] Markus Natten.

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Questions

Where was Mr Crocker-Harris all this time?

[A]. At Library
[B]. In head master’s room
[C]. At doctor
[D]. At Bursar’s

What set Crocker-Harris apart from other teachers?

[A]. Being strict and disciplined in excess
[B]. Being ugly compared to others
[C]. Being short in stature
[D]. Being over-smart

Who was “Agamemnon”?

[A]. Browning Version’s author
[B]. Report card
[C]. King of Mycenae in Greek mythology
[D]. Egyptian King

How does Taplow react when Mr. Crocker – Harris cracked a joke in the class?

[A]. Smiled
[B]. Laughed
[C]. Cried
[D]. Stunned

Why do adults talk and preach of love but do not act lovingly?
[A] Because they have sharper mind
[B] Because they are mean
[C] Both [B] and [D]
[D] Because they are hypocrites
[C] Both [B] and [D]

In which book does Hell and Heaven does not appear to poet?
[A] Physics
[B] Geography
[C] History
[D] English
[B] Geography

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 Important MCQs

Why does Taplow want science as remove?

[A]. Because he was confused
[B]. Science was his favorite
[C]. He had no choice
[D]. None of the above

In which class does Taplow study in?

[A]. Lower fifth
[B]. Lower tenth
[C]. Higher fifth
[D]. Lower twelfth

Why did Taplow had to sit for extra classes on the last day of school?

[A]. Because he was on a day off last week
[B]. Because he was weak in studies
[C]. Because he wanted to concentrate on studies on solitude
[D]. Because his parents were not at home when he got off from school

How did Millie take Taplow into confidence?

[A]. She gives him the assurance of good results
[B]. She gets Taplow to talk to her husband
[C]. Nothing will be said to him if Crocker Harris arrives in his absence in extra class
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

How did Crocker-Harris sound?
[A] Inharmonious voice
[B] Throaty voice
[C] Unmelodious voice
[D] Unmusical voice
[B] Throaty voice

Where does poet find his childhood?
[A] In his childhood photo
[B] In school
[C] In infant’s face
[D] In mother’s face
[C] In infant’s face