Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 MCQ Silk Road by Nick Middleton and the poem Father to Son by Elizabeth Jennings for CBSE 2024-25 session. Practice here with Multiple Choice Questions of class 11 English chapter 6 in the section of reading skills.

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What is the mental state of son?
[A] Delighted
[B] Thrill
[C] Joy
[D] Unhappy and despair
[D] Unhappy and despair


How does the author explain the morning when the author leaves for Mount Kailash?

[A]. Perfect blue sky
[B]. Pink clouds
[C]. Rose petals in air
[D]. Both [A] and [B]

Who gave warmer clothes to author?

[A]. Daniel
[B]. Lhamo
[C]. Tsetan
[D]. Ravu

Why Daniel declared author as ‘drokba’?

[A]. Because he was looking typical nomad of Tibet region after wearing warm clothes
[B]. Because he was starting journey to Mt Kailash
[C]. Because author was going to experience life like drokbas
[D]. Because he was having drokbas food since many days

Who among them knew the short cut for Mount Kailash?

[A]. Author
[B]. Tsetan
[C]. Daniel
[D]. Norbu

What does father now wants from his son?
[A] Permanent separation
[B] Healthy relation
[C] Eviction from property
[D] Help him in business
[B] Healthy relation

Has the father tried to fix the relationship yet?
[A] No
[B] Yes
[C] Little
[D] Not mentioned
[B] Yes

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 MCQ with Answers

Does the father want his son to move around in his own world?
[A] No
[B] Yes
[C] Little
[D] Not mentioned
[A] No


What is ‘kyang’?

[A]. Tibetan dogs
[B]. Wild ass
[C]. Rocky plains
[D]. Tents

Who waved after looking at author’s car?

[A]. Norbu
[B]. Kyang
[C]. Drokbas
[D]. All of them

Who is the ‘standing guard’ in rocky mountainous regions of Tibet?

[A]. Cafe owners
[B]. Kyang
[C]. Tibetan Mastiffs
[D]. Drokbas

What happened when 15 meters of snow came in front of the car?

[A]. They decided to contact govt authorities to clear the snow
[B]. They took the alternate route
[C]. They put the car on the snow
[D]. Tsetan and Daniel jump quickly and start clearing the snow

Why is the father angry with his son?
[A] He doesn’t listen to him
[B] Because son is going abroad against his will
[C] Because views of both do not match
[D] Because he is marrying against his will
[C] Because views of both do not match.

Why father son duos are not talking?
[A] Because of generation gap
[B] Because of illness
[C] Because they live in separate house
[D] Because they are separated since years
[A] Because of generation gap.

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 MCQ Explanation

Why does the father use ‘I’ in a line ‘The seed I spent or sown it’ where he was talking about communication gap?
[A] Blaming son for this trouble
[B] Blaming himself for this mess
[C] To acknowledge his role in communication gap
[D] All of the above
[C] To acknowledge his role in communication gap


At 5400meters above sea level, what relief did author get from gulps of water?

[A]. From headache
[B]. From fainting
[C]. With thirst
[D]. Both [A] and [C]

What did the author consume near dry salt lake?

[A]. Herbal tea
[B]. Normal tea in Hor
[C]. Noodles
[D]. Ayurvedic medicine

Till where Daniel accompany Tsetan and author in car?

[A]. Hor
[B]. Manasarovar
[C]. Lhasa
[D]. Darchen

Which place was awful and miserable to narrator?

[A]. Darchen
[B]. Manasarovar
[C]. Lhasa
[D]. Hor

Why was author relieved after meeting Norbu?
[A] Because he could speak Tibetan
[B] Because he could speak English
[C] Because he too was travelling to Mt Kailash
[D] Both [B] and [C]
[D] Both [B] and [C]

Whose idea was it to hire yaks for luggage?
[A] Tsetan
[B] Norbu
[C] Author
[D] Doctor at Darchen Medical College
[B] Norbu

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 Multiple Choice Questions

Who is the poet of ‘Father to Son’?
[A] Walt Whitman
[B] Elizabeth Jennings
[C] Shirley Toulson
[D] Ted Hughes
[B] Elizabeth Jennings


Which of the following river does not originate near Manasarovar?

[A]. Brahmaputra
[B]. Yamuna
[C]. Ganga
[D]. Indus

Who was Ekai Kawaguchi?

[A]. Hor café owner
[B]. First to climb Mt Kailash
[C]. Japanese monk
[D]. Fatty man who met author in cafe

Where does author spent his restless night?

[A]. Hor
[B]. Darchen
[C]. Ravu
[D]. Lhasa

What did the narrator get from Darchen Medical College?

[A]. Medicines
[B]. Information
[C]. Warmer clothes
[D]. Blessings

What was the religion of Norbu?
[A] Hindu
[B] Buddhist
[C] Jainism
[D] Sikhism
[B] Buddhist

Norbu worked at
[A] Chinese academy of forestry
[B] Chinese academy of Medical Science
[C] Chinese academy of Social Science
[D] Indian academy of neurosciences
[C] Chinese academy of Social Science

Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 6 Important MCQs

What is paraphernalia?

[A]. Religious books
[B]. Injections
[C]. Material
[D]. Warmer clothes

Who was more concerned with his business rather than author’s life?

[A]. Norbu
[B]. Tsetan
[C]. Daniel
[D]. Lhamo

What is ‘Gurla Mandhata’?

[A]. Chinese Miltary
[B]. Tibetan nomads
[C]. Animal breed
[D]. Mountain peak

Why there were no pilgrims along with author on his way to Mt Kailash?

[A]. He was going through a short cut
[B]. He reached there early
[C]. Because it was too cold at this time of the year
[D]. Because of security reasons

Tsetan said goodbye to author and left for
[A] Lhasa
[B] Hor
[C] Kashmir
[D] Manasarovar
[A] Lhasa

What was cavernous in narrator’s way to Mt Kailash?
[A] Tent
[B] Guest house
[C] Drokba’s houses
[D] Cafe in Darchen
[D] Cafe in Darchen

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