NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 10.3 Conic Sections in Hindi and English medium for CBSE and State board session 2024-25. Get here the rationalised syllabus based solutions of ex. 10.3 of class 11th mathematics updated for academic year 2024-25.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 10.3

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Chapter: 10Exercise: 10.3
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About Class 11 Maths Exercise 10.3

Since the conics are related to all the major geometrical shapes that are related to circles and semicircles, you will cover most of the unusual shapes here. One of the shapes is Ellipse. It is the formal name of the shapes we know as “oval” or “Oblong” shapes. An egg is the classical example of the oblong shape though the only difference is that the ellipse has all the sides uniform while the egg has only two uniform sides.

Some important features on Exercise 10.3

Do not rush the practice for sake of completing chapter 10 from the NCERT textbook solutions for Maths class 11. There are certain terms that you must master before you understand the concept from 10.3. Unlike parabola, you will study two focus and one center point, the Major axis, and the minor axis. Similarly, the semi, the minor axis is the part of the introduction.

But what is a more important concept here is the eccentricity from paragraph 10.3. Eccentricity is simply a ratio of the distance from one focus point to the vertex and the center of the ellipse to one of the focus points.

App for Class XI

Some standard equations in Exercise 10.3 Class 11

Standard equations of ellipse hold far more important than other definitions. It is among some of the concepts that it will take time and patience. A lot of students often rush the process of learning. However, this would not help them, reason being the concept requires deep study.

In the extended version of this topic, you will study higher classes too. There are 2 observation given which is important to read as this will bought changes post input of the formula under your sight.

Latus rectum of Ellipse in Exercise 10.3 of 11th Maths

Latus Rectum you have studied earlier for the parabola figures. As the ellipse holds almost all the features of a parabola or hyperbola features, in fact, some extra features make it pretty obvious that the latus rectum will also be there. The only difference that set it apart is that it has two Latus rectums whose endpoints are limited within the ellipse shape.

Example number 9 question directly about the Latus rectum that you have learned above. Which makes it obvious to practice first before attempting the first 9 questions from 11th mathematics exercise 10.3 from questions, 10 to 20 also contains some form or other form of calculation from the major and minor axis of the ellipse.

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