NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Exercise Conic Sections in Hindi and English medium modified for session 2024-25. The solutions and explanation of misc. ex. 10 of 11th mathematics is revised as per the rationalised books issued by NCERT for academic year 2024-25.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Exercise

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Class: 11Mathematics
Chapter: 10Miscellaneous Exercise
Chapter Name:Conic Sections
Content:NCERT Exercise Solutions
Content Type:Text, Videos and Images
Medium:English and Hindi Medium

About Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Exercise

So far you have learned about the parabola, ellipse, hyperbolas, and their properties. This takes you closer to some of the most complex real-life applications of these concepts.

For example – Parabola concepts are being used as the reflectors or the radio waves receivers. Whereas, Ellipse gave us the calculation of the minimum and maximum distance between Earth’s rotation around the Sun. The above given two practical examples are enough to make you understand the gravity of knowledge you will get from chapter 10 from NCERT solutions for Maths class 11.

Miscellaneous Concepts and Examples

As we informed you about the real-life examples of parabola above similar to these, you will work in example 16 where you are supposed to find the length Latus Rectum point AB of a parabolic mirror if the distance vertex and depth are given. Once you make the figure you will do enough mental Maths that you will find the path to the solution is pretty short.

This makes the diagram crucial. In this example, you will find the diagram but in the examination, you cannot rely on the question’s diagram so make one approximate one with measure before solving the question.

Miscellaneous questions in Miscellaneous Exercise 10

There are three different examples that you have studied in the miscellaneous examples which provide you the idea how what the case study-based or word problem-based questions look like. In this section, you are presented with 8 questions and all of them are word problems which is important for you to understand. These questions are an expanded form of the concepts and questions you have studied before. The only difference is the earlier once are being asked directly and here questions are covered with words.

For instance – question number 1 is the same question that you have studied in example number 17 where given is focus and you had to find the Latus Rectum, but here you have to calculate the distance of focus on the parabola figure.

Important Questions in Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 Miscellaneous

There are only 8 questions in miscellaneous of 11th mathematics to solve. All eight questions are little bit tricky and important for school exams. The questions of miscellaneous exercise 10 are based on practice use of conic sections in daily life. There are questions based on day to day life experience.

First of all we have to convert it into suitable conic type and then solve using suitable formulae. Not only questions, but the examples of class 11 math chapter 10 miscellaneous are important for exams.

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Exercise in English Medium
NCERT Solutions Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Exercise revised and updated
Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 Miscellaneous Exercise
Class 11 Maths Chapter 10 Misc. Ex.
Last Edited: May 10, 2023