NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.1 Mathematical Reasoning in Hindi and English Medium updated for session 2022-2023. All the questions of class 11th Maths ex. 14.1 are solved with the help of video.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.1

Class: 11Mathematics
Chapter: 14Exercise: 14.1
Topic:Mathematical Reasoning
Content:Text and Videos Solutions
Medium:Hindi and English Medium

About Mathematical Reasoning in Class 11 Maths

This is the easiest chapter of the mathematics in class 11th and here you will learn mathematical reasoning. Reasoning is was a major part of the curriculum since elementary school. The more advance you study mathematics the better your reasoning ability will be.

It is a process of comparison between what is given as information and what we know to get the outcome. After all, this quality of reasoning makes us superior species because it is an intrinsic ability to reason for all the things around us. Still, there are some aspects and factors that need to be fulfilled to obtain a proper reasonable result.

About Exercise 14.1 in Class 11 Maths

In mathematical language, the skill can be improved by studying various information and comparing methods to obtain the outcome. Now, in mathematical language – there are two types of reasoning skills that you can work with. These are Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.

In the previous class, you must have studied inductive reasoning and the fact and features to improve and apply them to daily life. In Maths chapter 14 of Class 11 NCERT, you will study deductive mathematical reasoning skills.

What is a Statement?

For the students who want to know what is deductive reasoning is all about the then the answer will so long, In brief it is explained as an applied logic where a series of premises is used to conclude. If you dive deep into the concept of reasoning you will find the first part of learning is a statement.

Well, Statement means different in mathematical language. In English, anything that you say to answer or command can be considered a statement. In Maths, if you answers any question in yes or no, then it is considered as Statement.

Recognizing a statement in 11th Maths Exercise 14.1

In mathematical reasoning, the sentence that doesn’t sound ambiguous will be considered a statement. For example – Tomato is a fruit, Mathematics is the most logical subject. Now, for the first sentence, not all the people going to have the same opinion which is why it is ambiguous. However, the second sentence will be accepted by all the people.

This makes it a statement. CBSE Maths Exercise number 14.1 have two questions in 1st there is some statement given. There you must classify which one is the true statement. Of course, you may take help from examples. This will guide you on how you will be able to get an answer.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.1