NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.2 Mathematical Reasoning in English and Hindi Medium for session 2022-2023.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.2

Class: 11Mathematics
Chapter: 14Exercise: 14.1
Topic Name:Mathematical Reasoning
Content:NCERT Exercise Solutions
Medium:Hindi and English Medium

Statements in 11th Maths Exercise 14.2

So far you have understood what the statement is and how you can recognize statements. In the second part of the chapter 14 NCERT Maths for class 11, you will study how to make a statement. This somehow sounds like English, but every statement contains some laws and reasoning behind it.

This is being discussed in the book “The law of thought” that is published in 1854 by English mathematician “George Boole”. As per the study of statements, the first step is learning to prove that statement is not true which is termed the negation of the statement.

Negation of statement in Exercise 14.2

Negation of statement is also known as denial of the statement in other words. In deductive reasoning, our focus is to shorten the sentence while keeping the original meaning the same. For instance – Everyone in Tamilnadu speaks Tamil. That is a statement.

Denial of the sentence will be – This is not true that everyone speaks Tamil in Tamilnadu or not everyone speaks Tamil in Tamilnadu. If you see the second denial sentence also kept the same meaning as the first one, but it shortens the dialogue. Similarly, you can make it shorter.

Compound Statements in Class 11 Maths Ex. 14.2

Going with the definition of the “Negation” which states that if p is a statement, then negation of the p will be considered as a statement. The reason is, every sentence is a statement as long as it is not ambiguous. Taking into account example number 3 in 11th Maths NCERT, there is 4 statement that is been tasked to convert into denial phrase/statement by using the given definition.

When you joint these statements with linking words/ transitional words you will be able to join two ideas that express the relationship of two different statements. This type of statement is called a “Compound statement”.

Examples of Exercise 14.2 in Class 11 Maths

Definition 2 is stating the same information that you have studied just by now, but what matters the most the example 4 of Mathematics 11th. It is easy in demonstration all the statements, where you will be asked to recognize compound statements. Once you recognize them, you have to divide them into two parts and write them with constants indicating p and q.

In advanced English grammar, you must have studied severance where two words join together to make one. Compounding is somewhat the same. Exercise 14.2 only contains 3 questions which are divided into various parts. Most of the questions are about the negation statements and compound statements.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.2