Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11 MCQ and Important Questions of Marketing updated for new session 2024-25 CBSE and State board. All the important questions in class 12 Business Studies chapter 11 are given here to provide an ample practice in MCQ and extra questions. Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11 Solutions.

Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11 MCQ


Which of the following is a feature of marketing process?

[A]. Developing an exchange mechanism
[B]. Creating a market offering
[C]. Satisfying needs and wants of the consumers
[D]. All of the above

The term ‘market’ may be understood in which of the following contexts?

[A]. Geographical area covered
[B]. Quantity of goods transacted
[C]. Type of buyers
[D]. All of the above

Aqua pure Ltd has decided to launch a new range of water bottles which can purify water by coming into contact with bottle material. It decided to name it as Puraa. The marketing function describe is

[A]. Labelling
[B]. Promotions
[C]. Branding
[D]. Selling

Sikander is a wholesaler of food rice. He categorises his stock of rice into different groups on the basis of their quality and fixes up the prices accordingly. Identify the type of marketing function .

[A]. Physical distribution
[B]. Branding
[C]. Standardisation and grading
[D]. Storage

Market and Seller

Market refers to a place where the buyers and sellers conduct buying and selling activities. In other words, the market means a place where buyers and sellers gather to enter into transaction involving the exchange of goods and services. Now a days business can be conducted on telephone, through mail, internet etc.

In modern marketing sense the term market refers to a set of actual and potential buyers of a product or service. If a customer is the seeker of satisfaction the marketer is the provider of satisfaction. Marketer can be a person or an organisation who makes available the products or services and offers them to the customer with an intention of satisfying the customer needs and wants.


friends Ltd has decided to launch packaged food. The company has decided to offer it for sale within the range ₹50 to ₹150 per pack. Identify the related function of marketing being mentioned in the given case.

[A]. Branding
[B]. Pricing
[C]. Packaging
[D]. Labelling

Growmore company has launched attractive colourful bags of different sizes for school going children. The marketing philosophy adopted is

[A]. Societal marketing concept
[B]. Production concept
[C]. Product concept
[D]. Marketing concept

Which of the following cab be marketed?

[A]. Kotak bank Ltd persuading people to open account with them.
[B]. J & K tourism persuading people to visit state for tourism.
[C]. Red cross society persuading people to donate blood.
[D]. All of the above.

Fun Ltd has decided to market its products through the usual network of manufacturer- wholesaler- retailer –consumer. Identify the number of channels of distribution.

[A]. 1
[B]. 2
[C]. 3
[D]. 4

Terms of Marketing

A state of felt deprivation or feeling of being deprived of something is called need. Culturally defined object that is potential satisfier of need is want. Identify needs and fulfil them is the job of a marketer. Complete offer for a product of service is a way to create a market offering. Greatest benefit or value for the money is customer value. Exchange of products/services for money/for something of value to them is known as Exchange mechanism.


Getting finished products made in accordance with specifications is ……… function of marketing.

[A]. Promotions
[B]. Distribution
[C]. Standardisation
[D]. Assembly

Hari Limited sells its products through the company approved retailers. Identify the functions of being adopted by the company.

[A]. Physical distribution
[B]. Promotion
[C]. Advertisement
[D]. None of the Above

[A]. Personal
[B]. Non – personal
[C]. Direct
[D]. Indirect

For items like gold, the best suitable channel of distribution is

[A]. 0
[B]. 1
[C]. 2
[D]. Both [b] and [c]

Process of Marketing Management

    • Choosing a target market.
    • Creating demand and attracting more customers in target market.
    • Creating superior value.

Under which of the following situations, a company may not be able to provide good quality of customer service

[A]. When it maintains low level of inventory
[B]. When it maintains high level of inventory
[C]. When it owns large number of warehouses
[D]. Both [b] and [c]

Within a year of its incorporation, Care Limited has created a positive reputation about itself and its products in the eyes of general public. Identify the component of promotion mixing described above.

[A]. Personal selling
[B]. Advertising
[C]. Public relation
[D]. Sales promotion

……….. mix is considered the most important because it brings revenue to the organization.

[A]. Product
[B]. Price
[C]. Place
[D]. Promotion

In order to get feedback about its new product launch, Bakshi Limited conducted an online survey through short questionnaire. Identify the marketing function being mentioned

[A]. Product designing and development
[B]. Packaging
[C]. Product planning
[D]. Gathering and analyzing market information
Functions of Marketing/Marketing activities
    1. Marketing research.
    2. Marketing planning.
    3. Product designing and development.
    4. Standardisation and Grading.
    5. Packaging and Labelling.
    6. Branding.
    7. Pricing of products.
    8. Customer support service.
    9. Promotion.
    10. Physical distribution.
    11. Transportation.
    12. Storage and Warehousing.

In order to improve upon its competitive edge, Aquafine Limited has changed the design to satisfy demand of the customers. The marketing function mentioned is

[A]. Physical distribution
[B]. Customer support services
[C]. Promotion
[D]. Product designing and development

Rahul’s business is being adversely affected due to the delay in delivery on account of poor weather conditions. Identify the marketing function which can help him to overcome this problem.

[A]. Warehousing
[B]. Physical distribution
[C]. Standardisation
[D]. Transportation

Babu sent his brother to the market to buy a pack of Blue lays. Identify the function of packaging being described in the above statement.

[A]. Product identification
[B]. Protection of product
[C]. Promotion of product
[D]. Both [a] and [c]

Under which of the following situations is a company not likely to fix a lower price for its product?

[A]. When the demand for the product is low.
[B]. When the competition has introduced a substitute product
[C]. If the demand for a product is inelastic
[D]. When the company wants to attain market share leadership
Qualities of a Good Brand Name

1. Simple and Short.
2. Easily Pronounceable.
3. Suggestive.
4. Distinctive.

What are the most important sub-topics for preparing MCQs in marketing management which is chapter 11 of class 12th business studies?

The elements of marketing mix i.e. product-mix, place-mix, price-mix and promotion-mix is the most important topic followed by functions of marketing.

What should be done if it seems that more than one option is correct in the MCQs given?

Usually the answer to such question is given in the following manner:
1. Both B and C 2. All of the above.
However, if the question is erroneously set, marks will be awarded for the same.

What is the importance of practising MCQs in Board Classes?

It should be remembered that education is a continuous process. The topics that you are learning now will be repeated in the first or second semester in graduation. So, learning never goes a waste it will enhancing your knowledge.