Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6 MCQ and Important Questions of Staffing including answers and explanation of each question for session 2024-25. All the multiple choice questions and extra questions are helpful to prepare chapter 6 in Class 12 Business Studies. Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6 Solutions.

Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 6 MCQ


The first step in staffing is

[A]. Recruitment
[B]. Selection
[C]. Manpower planning
[D]. Tests

Staffing is a continuous process. This statement is

[A]. Partially true
[B]. True
[C]. False
[D]. None of the above.

Recruitment is a positive step whereas selection is a negative process. This statement is

[A]. Partially true
[B]. True
[C]. False
[D]. None of the above

Staffing is not a part of management because there is no role of any manager. This statement is

[A]. Partially true
[B]. True
[C]. False
[D]. None of the above

Importance of Staffing

    1. Proper staffing helps in discovering and obtaining competent personnel for various jobs.
    2. Proper staffing ensures higher performance by putting right person on the right job.
    3. Proper staffing ensures continuous survival and growth of the enterprise through succession planning for managers.
    4. It prevents underutilization of personnel and high labour costs by avoiding over-staffing. It also avoids disruption of work by indicating in advance the shortages of personnel.
    5. Improves Job Satisfaction.

Staffing is important because of which reason?

[A]. Complicated behavior of workers.
[B]. Constant arrival and departure of managers and workers in the organization.
[C]. Facing competition in these days.
[D]. All of the above.

Which of the following is not related to selection process?

[A]. Test
[B]. Interviews
[C]. Reference check
[D]. Delegation

Which of the following is internal source of recruitment?

[A]. Campus recruitment
[B]. Contractual Hiring
[C]. Advertisement
[D]. Transfers

Which of the following methods is least expensive of recruitment methods?

[A]. Casual callers
[B]. Advertising
[C]. Hiring consultants
[D]. Campus Recruitment

Process of Staffing

    • 1. Estimating Manpower Requirement
    • 2. Recruitment
    • 3. Selection
    • 4. Placement and Orientation
    • 5. Training and Development
    • 6. Performance Appraisal

The process of familiarizing the new employees with job assigned to them?

[A]. Interview
[B]. Selection
[C]. Induction/Orientation
[D]. Reference check

……. Means assigning specific responsibility to an individual.

[A]. Recruitment
[B]. Selection
[C]. Placement
[D]. Induction

Which test is helpful in assessing the candidate’s capacity for learning new skills?

[A]. Intelligence
[B]. Trade
[C]. Personality
[D]. Aptitude

Which among the following comes last?

[A]. Recruitment
[B]. Selection
[C]. Performance appraisal
[D]. Training

Advantages of Internal Sources Recruitment

(1) Employees are motivated to improve their performance.
(2) No wastage of time on the employee training and development.
(3) Filling of jobs internally is cheaper.
(4) Internal recruitment also simplifies the process of selection and placement.


One of the disadvantage of internal source of recruitment?

[A]. Costly
[B]. Time taking
[C]. Lack of fresh blood
[D]. All of the above

The process of attracting job seekers to build a pool of qualify job applicants

[A]. Recruitment
[B]. Selection
[C]. Induction
[D]. Development

Training is beneficial to

[A]. Workers
[B]. Organisation
[C]. Both [a] and [b]
[D]. Society

Human resource management is a term …….. than staffing.

[A]. Broader
[B]. Narrower
[C]. Similar
[D]. Same
Advantages of External Sources

1. Qualified Personnel
2. Wider Choice
3. Fresh Talent
4. Competitive Spirit


…….. is the vertical shifting of employees.

[A]. Promotion
[B]. Demotion
[C]. Suspension
[D]. Both [a] and [b]

Which of the following is true?

[A]. Training is for workers, development is for managers.
[B]. Training is elementary in nature.
[C]. Development seeks to develop higher abilities of managers.
[D]. All of the above.

Which of the following is an example of online training?

[A]. Apprenticeship program
[B]. Job rotation
[C]. Vestibule training
[D]. Both [a] and [b]

Which is not a feature of ‘off the job training’?

[A]. It is time consuming
[B]. It is suitable for technical job
[C]. Employees are trained away from place of work.
[D]. It involves learning before earning.
Training of Staff

Training is the act of increasing the knowledge. Technical skills and abilities of an employee for doing a particular job efficiently and effectively. Both existing employees and new employees get acquainted with their jobs and this increases their current job related skills.

What are the important matters to be thorough in chapter 6 business studies class 12th before attempting MCQ?

The process of staffing and selection, types of training methods, types of incentives etc. are the sub-topics to be revised before attempting MCQs.

Do we need to understand the entire chapter before attempting MCQs?

That would be better. However, It is always advised to read and understand the entire syllabus to score good marks in any subject—particularly the summary of each chapter.

In how much time should we solve 20 MCQs.

Usually, 20 MCQs should take about 20 minutes to be answered. However, if you are thorough with the subject, it could take just 10 minutes.