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What are the main problems of national integration in India?

The issues of India are linguistic identity, regionalism, demand for separate states and terrorism etc. Create hindrances within the way of national integration. These problems usually causes strikes, riots and mutual fights which have posed a severe threat to national unity and integration.

Why is sociology a distinct subject compared with all other subjects?
Sociology could be a subject with which everyone knows something about society. Other subjects are learnt reception, school or elsewhere through instructions but much of us with growth in years because it appears to be acquired naturally or automatically.

What are the basic functions of a society?

Sociologists and social anthropologists have adopted the term function from biological sciences where it’s been used sure organic processes necessary for the upkeep of the organisms. Basic functions necessary for continuity and survival of any society are:

    • Recruitment of members
    • Socialisation
    • Production and distribution of products and services and preservation of order.

What do you understand by social structure?
A society consists of

    1. Males and females, adults and youngsters, various occupational and non-secular groups and more.
    2. The interrelationship between various that of oldsters and kids and between various groups.
    3. Finally, all the parts of the society are put together and system are interrelated and complementary concepts.
Why is the social map provided to us in childhood by the deluding socialisation essential?

Social maps are provided by our parent siblings, relatives and neighbour. It’s going to be specific and partial. It provides us only with sense or unlearnt or perceivable knowledge which can or might not be real.
A proper use and application of reflexivity is important for drawing different kinds of maps. It’s sociological perspective that teaches us the procedure of drawing social maps, wholesome and exclusive.

What’s Self-reflexivity?
Sociology can show us what we glance prefer to others. It can teach us the way to study ourselves from outside, so to talk. It’s called Self-reflexivity or sometimes just Reflexivity.

What’s community identity? Discuss its characteristics.

Community that has us the language and cultural values through which we comprehend the planet. it’s supported birth and belongings and never on some kind of acquired qualification or accomplishment. Birth based identity is named inscriptive because this doesn’t involve any choice on a part of the individual’s concerned. It’s actually worthless and discriminating. These inscriptive identities are very hard to shake off because no matter our efforts to disown them, others may still identify us by those very markers of belonging.
Such inscriptive identity is that the most deterrent to self-realisation. Expanding and overlapping circles of community ties i.e. family, kinship, caste, ethnicity, language, region or religion give intending to our world and provides us sense of identity, of who we are.

Sociology can help us to map the links and connections between personal troubles and social issues. Discuss.
Wright Mills a famous American Sociologist has mentioned, Sociology can help us to map the links and connections between personal troubles and social issues. As far as personal troubles are concerned Mills means the forms of individual worries, problems or concerns that everybody has.

What is chapter 1 of sociology for class 12 is all about?

Class 12 sociology chapter 1 is a non-evaluative topic according to CBSE syllabus for the year 2023. However, to understand the subject we should study this topic to understand the social issues like- generation gap, colonialism, Nationalism, pluralistic society, diversity, values of Indian society, principles of Indian democracy.

What are the main topics to study in chapter 1 of class 12 Sociology?

The chapter 1 of class 12 sociology deals with contributions of social reforms, emergence of middle class. It teaches self- reflexivity and social mapping (One’s location in the society). Also tells the different types of groups, casteism and gender inequality.

What kind of questions were asked in chapter 1 of class 12 Sociology?

Usually, Important terms like – social structure, social mapping, reflexivity and short answer questions used to be asked in chapter 1 of class 12 sociology.

Class 12 Sociology Chapter 1 Introducing Indian Society
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Sociology Chapter 1
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